June 23, 2021
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This Festive Season, Make Your Merc!

Don’t let the pandemic stress you out; stretch your limbs, take a seat, start the engine…look at the hard times roll away in your rearview. “Unlock” your aspiration and desire. Stir it with a Merc. The way to welcome this festive season.

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This Festive Season, Make Your Merc!
This Festive Season, Make Your Merc!

Mercedes Benz: the very name conjures up visions of glamour and luxury, of success and preferment. Furthermore, entire generations have been brought up in awe of its great reputation, bolstered by its ubiquity in film and culture. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, sang Janis Joplin in 1970: coupe or convertible, it was a legendary automobile then; its luster is undiminished still.  Not just glamour, Mercedes Benz, through its records of safety and concern for the absolute driving—and riding—comfort for customers, has remained a global brand universally recognised for its dependability. The three-pointed star logo stands for just that.

The “Unlock Celebration” campaign aims at reviving consumer interest by unlocking new journeys around the festive season and bringing back the experience and leisure of luxury motoring for aspiring customers. It thus inspires customers to new beginnings, to unlock their aspirations, and realise their desire to own their cherished Mercedes. With this Mercedes-Benz adds more reasons to celebrate with some of the most customized financial solutions of owning a Mercedes-Benz with easy EMI and comprehensive cost of ownership options.


India’s largest luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz’s unique customer campaign, ‘Unlock Celebration with Mercedes-Benz’, has thus reanimated the auto market.

‘Unlock Celebrations aims at connecting with customer sentiments and inspiring them to unlock themselves, explore new journeys, new experiences and recreate the moments of excitement of owning a new Mercedes-Benz. It has been rolled-out across markets starting first week of September and will last until the festive season.

Starting the campaign, Martin Schwenk, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, said, “Customers are at the center of all our activities and it remains our endeavour to listen to their wishes and aspirations and keep them excited with our products and brand offerings. The essence of the ‘Unlock with Mercedes-Benz’ campaign is to revive customer sentiment by inspiring them to unlock their desires, aspirations and their dreams; enabling them to undertake new journeys, new roads and discover new adventures with a Mercedes. We introduce this campaign which the aim of unlocking these aspects of a customers’ aspiration, which they have been missing out. This campaign will assist customers with financial and ownership solutions as well, which have been curated specifically to ‘Unlock’ desires and aspirations. We are confident that the campaign will present a compelling choice for aspiring customers to drive home a select range of Mercedes-Benz models this festive season.”

“As markets gradually unlock with the onset of the festive season, this is also the time when customers want to celebrate, and we are optimistic this in-turn will drive market sentiments. At Mercedes-Benz India, we are unlocking across markets, following all the social distancing protocols, and adhering to all safety and sanitization measures,” said Mr Schwenk. “We are confident ‘Unlock with Mercedes-Benz’ will enable the aspirants to pursue their aspirations and unlock their dream of owning a Mercedes, which remains the most luxurious, safe, laden with intuitive and connected technology. With ‘Unlock with Mercedes-Benz’ a Mercedes remains the next best place away from home,” he added.

When the world’s most recognisable luxury carmaker reacts to a world crisis, adding layers of the latest protection technology for esteemed customers, and then invites them to share in the legendary smoothness and clean-lined design through friendly purchase models, it creates a cachet others can’t simply catch up with.

Some customer benefits associated with ‘Unlock Celebration with Mercedes-Benz’ campaign:

C-Class: EMI starting 39,999 | ROI @ 7.99% | New Star in 3 years | Complimentary first year insurance

E-Class: EMI starting 49,999 | ROI @ 7.99% | New Star in 3 years | Complimentary first year insurance

GLC: EMI starting 44,444 | ROI @ 7.99% | New Star in 3 years | Complimentary first year insurance

Key connected safety features for customers: Health and fitness are top of everyone’s mind today. Bring on the experience of healthy lifestyle with Fit & Healthy features for you. It understands, motivates and guides to keep you in the prime of your health while you are on the wheels. Get set and take your driving experience with a car that cares.

A 24X7 Breakdown Management: If a driver has a vehicle issue mid-trip, a button on the overhead control unit will connect him/her to a Roadside Assistance agent. The vehicle's exact location and status will be transmitted to the agent, who will then dispatch Roadside Assistance. Information from the driver and from the vehicle's diagnostics technology will allow the service agent(s) to arrive at the correct location fully prepared to either repair or tow the vehicle.

Emergency Call Services: The Mercedes-Benz Emergency Response Centre, operated by Bosch, can be reached either (1) by pressing the ‘SOS’ button in the vehicle, or (2) automatically, when the vehicle's collision sensors have detected a serious accident. In both cases, vehicle data--eg location, direction of travel and number of passengers, etc.--is transferred to Bosch, allowing Response Centre agents to help the customer quickly and efficiently. Rescue measures are initiated immediately after an accident to expedite the deployment of Roadside Assistance and to allow injured drivers/passengers to be treated as quickly as possible.

Information Call and Me Call Services: With the touch of a button in the vehicle, any general or ‘Mercedes me’ connect-related inquiries may be directed to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre. ‘Mercedes me’ connect-capable vehicles will be equipped with either a "me call" button or an iCall and Wrench button. These call buttons will route the driver to the appropriate call center, whether it's Roadside Assistance or Mmc Support.

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