Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023

The Iconic Bloomberg Finance Lab Arrives At Woxsen University, Hyderabad

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The Iconic Bloomberg Finance Lab Arrives At Woxsen University, Hyderabad

Technology has revolutionized the practice of finance, and educational entities cannot ignore it anymore. The impetus is on offering an early immersion in the field of Finance with the use of latest technology and data, where students put theory into practice from the word go.

Woxsen University, with its exclusive MBA & BBA (Financial Services) will unleash the power of technology & information through the Iconic Bloomberg Finance Lab. The real-world experience that students will garner, will confer an unmatched advantage in both business & finance. With 20 Bloomberg terminals and a theatre style seating, Woxsen University’s Bloomberg Finance Lab is amongst the largest in India.

Vishal Khurma

CEO, Woxsen University

Vishal Khurma, CEO, Woxsen University highlights the academic excellence being driven through the  curriculum-integration done with the exclusive Bloomberg Finance Lab for both UG & PG Programs.

Please tell us about the newly launched Bloomberg Finance Lab at Woxsen University?

The Bloomberg Terminal is a modern image of Financial Markets. World’s most influential leaders and decision makers use Bloomberg Terminal for their day-to-day capital market analysis, benchmarking, research & financial modeling based decision making.

Across the globe, there are over 15,000 Management Schools, out of which approximately 5,000 schools are present in India alone. The irony here is that only 11 B-Schools offer Bloomberg Finance Lab facilities to its students.

Amongst the largest in India, Woxsen’s Bloomberg Finance Lab addresses this lack of infrastructure, while putting special focus on providing real-time skills to the Financial Service Aspirants. Bringing. In the exclusivity is the curriculum-integration, that opens a range of aspects for students to work on: economic research, technical analysis, company / sector specific fundamental analysis, portfolio management, risk management etc. to name a few.

Bloomberg Financial Lab has a global recognition of being a valuable tool in the hands of Finance Students and established Professionals.

First-off the Bloomberg-Integrated Curriculum, that is designed exclusively in collaboration with Bloomberg Finance Lab and the same will be delivered through Bloomberg Terminals.
Second, through this suite, students will acquire Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) in a whole range of Financial Services like Capital Markets, Equity Research, Bond Markets, Commodity Markets, Equity Markets, and various products like Indices and Linkages, Futures, Options and Swaps.

Thirdly, Students will have access to Real-time Global Market Data. Given the volatile nature of the markets, predicting market trends in nearly impossible, but with the help of Bloomberg Terminal, Woxsen students will have the ability to track and analyze data across the globe and extrapolate future trends using cutting-edge Technical Analytical tools.

How will the Finance Lab aid in the Advancement of a Management Student’s Career?

Through countless dialogue and interactions with corporates, we have identified that rapid advancements in Fintech aren’t captured in the curriculum available today, which has yielded to increased gap in skillset, and therefore the élite jobs in Finance still remain inaccessible.
With Bloomberg Finance Lab, Woxsen Students will have an edge to compete in the real-world. Equipped with targeted skillset, Woxsen students will be able to foray into lastest of job roles & brilliant careers in finance like Investment Banking, Brokerage Services, Wealth Management and more.

Another Exclusive advantage that Woxsen University students will have is the Bloomberg Talent Search (BTS) Feature, through which Woxsen students will have an exclusive access to upload their resume and connect with over 3 lac global recruiters.

Lastly, could you please tell us about the new infrastructure additions in Woxsen University?

Built to offer New-age learning experience Woxsen University’s 200 acre campus speaks of the architectural brilliance. We are extremely estatic about the new addition to Woxsen University’s elaborate campus, which is the state-of the-art Library. Built on an area of 70,000 Sq.ft, this facility will provide students access to over 10,000 books and journals and 33000+ online resources. Woxsen’s Mega Sports Complex which is amogst the best in South Asia will be launched in the coming months.

Apart from the academic infrastructure, one must visit the campus to explore the Rise Café, the new Faculty Lounge, Loft-Huddle Room & Career Connect – Centre for Career Services.