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The Golden Age Of Tourism: How Ravi Rajapaksha Created His Travel Empire.

Rajapaksha is a well-known Sri Lankan digital nomad and travel influencer.

The Golden Age Of Tourism: How Ravi Rajapaksha Created His Travel Empire.
The Golden Age Of Tourism: How Ravi Rajapaksha Created His Travel Empire. -

Digital nomad and travel entrepreneur Ravi Rajapaksha is a man wearing many hats. Rajapaksha is the successful founder and CEO of a popular Sri Lankan travel company, SriLanka Elephant Safari. Sri Lanka Elephant Safari is a premier elephant safari tour service. Tourists love this service by operating in the three main national parks, Kaudula, Minneriya and HuruluEco Park. It is one of the most popular travel tour services in Sri Lanka today.
Rajapaksha was inspired to found this company due to his love for travel and appreciation of the picturesque natural beauty of his home country, Sri Lanka. Ravi grew up surrounded by tourism, as his hometown of Kandalama is a popular tourist hotspot. Growing up here meant his passion for the travel and tourism industry skyrocketed, and he used this passion for pursuing his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He explored the country and began to work as a tour guide. He learned how to network in this industry and made invaluable connections. His experience within this industry inspired his entrepreneurial pursuits. Rajapaksha states, “While working, I noticed the opportunities and strengths of expanding my carrier into many different fields.” He saw there was a lack of tailored elephant tour services in Sri Lanka and started Sri Lanka Elephant Safari to target this niche.

Sri Lanka Elephant Safari is recognized as one of the most popular tourism services operating in Sri Lanka. His first entrepreneurial pursuit, this venture, allowed him to share his wealth of tourism expertise with tourists from around the world. Each of his tours showcases the incredible landscape in these national parks, including wetlands, grasslands, forest patches and exotic animals. Guests have the opportunity to stop at scenic photography spots and enjoy the knowledge shared by Ravi throughout the tour.

His love for travel doesn’t just stop there. Rajapaksha is a well-known Sri Lankan digital nomad and travel influencer. His Instagram journey started with him exploring social media to popularise Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions. He worked hard to build up his social media profile, and it’s unsurprising, given his family background as a businessman, that he is a successful digital entrepreneur.

With over 50,000 Instagram followers, Rajapaksha shares pictures of his global travel with his followers. He has shared beautiful snaps of many of his adventures and following international love seeing his posts.

Ravi has created a variety of popular Instagram filters that travel influencers love. His filters have received a global reach, reaching over 10 million people on release in a mere matter of days. Designed to make travel pictures and landscapes look even more beautiful, these filters are a great success and loved by many in the travel-sphere.

Rajpaksha is especially known for his Sri Lanka travels and beautiful photography of Sri Lanka’s natural landscape. He has shared many exciting travel videos with his followers and receives a lot of engagement from his posts.

Rajapaksha is a digital entrepreneur and marketing specialist who shares his Instagram growth knowledge with many young influencers, entrepreneurs and start-ups. His latest venture, Nextenco, is a premier digital marketing company that offers social and digital media management, growth and optimization advice to clients. He has worked with many high profile clients and is celebrated for his unique social media growth tactics that guarantee results.

Driven and ambitious, Rajapaksha is truly making waves in the digital entrepreneurial world. He has been featured in many high-profile publications and is also a published author. He credits his success to his resilience and his ability to overcome the many barriers, obstacles and challenges he had to face along the way. Rajapaksha had to go against the mould when pursuing a digital career.

“I always had a target and a vision. I committed and dedicated my time and chased after my dreams. Finally, I achieved what I wanted in life.” Ravi Rajapaksha. Ravi is a successful entrepreneur, writer, marketer, digital nomad and travel influencer. His dedication to hard work and commitment to following his dreams has allowed him to complete many of his life goals before the age of 25.

Ravi Rajapaksha is truly a travel influencer, entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketing nomad to be inspired by in 2021. His incredible drive and work ethic have allowed him to achieve many goals. Follow Ravi on Instagram now to keep up with his travels.


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