Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Staying Proactive Helps Kalpins – Marketing Solutions Stay Relevant

Kalpins is a digital marketing agency that was established in 2015 with a view to addressing the marketing needs of all kinds from a single platform.

Kalpins, a digital marketing agency operating out of Pune, addresses the marketing needs of all kinds from a single platform.

Businesses in general are under constant pressure to stay in the loop of events to stay updated and adapt to the changing market and customer inclination trends. A lack of adherence to the ongoing changes relegates a business to its downfall.

Stay ahead of change

Sonu Sukumaran, co-founder and director of Kalpins states, “Kalpins - Marketing Solutions believes in not just staying updated but anticipating the future changes in the market trends. We are of the opinion that staying ahead of the changes helps us figure out the possible challenges that may accompany those shifts. Once we have a pretty good idea of what is to come, we can have clarity about how it may affect our clients’ sales and ROI prospects and consequently our business too.”

Kalpins is a digital marketing agency operating out of Pune. It was established in 2015 with a view to addressing the marketing needs of all kinds from a single platform. It is run by a group of professionals with expertise in the various domains of digital marketing. Their leadership team is expressly committed to providing exceptional value for their services to accelerate their clients’ sales and ROI.

Being proactive

“Kalpins prides itself on its proactive approach in managing its clients’ growth. We have a skilled team of professionals who are experts at leveraging data analytics to help us anticipate and identify possible amends we may need to make based on their projections of future market and customer trends. This not just helps us anticipate the possibilities but also warn our clients in advance, giving them enough margin of time to prepare for the same. We have noticed how our existing clients have positively reacted to our dedication, which invariably adds to the motivation of our already enthusiastic team,” reveals Gaurav Bhagat, the head of operations, Kalpins.

Kalpins runs multi-platform digital campaigns that best suits their client requirements and also ensures that they don’t have to run to different vendors to avail the different services under the umbrella of digital marketing. Being a one-stop solution platform, Kalpins makes the marketing journey of their clients very comfortable and effective. It gives their clients more room to focus on other aspects of their business. The various digital services offered by Kalpins are Digital Branding, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Services through the medium of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

“Each platform demands a different approach and hence, every future trend projection signifies a need for focus on each of those marketing platforms. Business owners may find it cumbersome to stay on top of it all in the midst of attending to the many other important aspects of their business. Kalpins endeavors to unburden its clients from all the marketing-related tasks and takes upon itself the exhaustive process of providing holistic end-to-end marketing support and campaign. Even the upcoming shifts in marketing need not concern our clients as long as we manage their marketing goals” adds Sukumaran.

Kalpins perseveres to leverage advanced marketing techniques by staying updated and constantly innovating strategies and content to stay relevant in the market for the benefit of their clients and themselves too.

Gaurav affirms, “It is our promise to always keep our eyes focused on our clients’ goals and achieve them no matter the situation. We are proud to validate our promise from our recent client experience during the pandemic. Our company has generated tremendous sales and ROI for our clients even in these uncertain times, 10X growth in business, to be specific. Kalpins has and will always strive to act proactively and influence our client’s customers through our effective and ROI-focused marketing campaigns.”

Owing to its profitable business approach, Kalpins has already created a market for its digital marketing services across the United States, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. And it is no surprise that they are also planning to spread their operations across other continents.