May 18, 2021
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Spirituality For Leadership And Success

This dynamic book series presents mystic lessons for today’s tough times!

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Spirituality For Leadership And Success
Spirituality For Leadership And Success

The brilliant 5-book series by mystic philosopher Pranay Gupta and Fingerprint Publishing offers a new paradigm for life and leadership success, especially during “tough times”. Author Pranay’s brilliant insights on living and leading with true success are especially apt in the context of today’s global and personal challenges. The mystic lessons within “Spirituality for Leadership & Success” bridge the ancient-most wisdom with deep learnings for contemporary existence.

In the face of severe crisis situations such as the onslaught of Covid, it has become imperative to develop a new vision of what true success really is, and that is what the series does. The books have been gaining a dedicated following due to their fresh and clear approach to a timeless, universal subject.

Pranay’s writing is very original and practical, yet retains the charming profundity of Indian spiritual philosophy. Pranayis represented on this series by Anuj Bahri of Red Ink Literary Agency, and the team’s latest series of 20 more books (“Greatest Spiritual Wisdom”) is also being published by reputed publishers Shikha Sabharwal and Gaurav Sabharwal at Fingerprint!

Here are excerpts from the 5 books of the featured series:

“HINDUISM: Spirituality For Leadership & Success”

• True success is determined by the quantum of joy (sukha) and peace (shanti) you generate within yourself

• Don’t hold on to pain or past failures. Each moment is a fresh opportunity to adapt and evolve.

• We are part of the divine fabric of the cosmos. We reflect its bliss and are embodiments of it: ‘anandaswarupa’ / ‘sukhswarupa’.

• Wisdom is in non-egoism. It enables one to lead with clarity, inspiration, inner harmony, real courage, and vitality.

• The simplicity of a calm temperament allows one to function freely, without blocking one’s innermost energies.

• Letting go of fear is key. Assume the attitude of the mystic warrior, going boldly yet serenely into things, as Krishna advises!

“GITA: Spirituality For Leadership & Success”

• The taste of the Divine is in fearlessness

• Internalization and self-knowledge are the bedrock of the Gita’s leadership and success lessons

• Feeling oneself to be unlimited in soul (atman) is Krishna’s prime teaching to Arjun. It enables Arjun to become relaxed, yet intensely powerful, in the fulfilment of his ‘dharma’ or spiritual duty as a warrior and leader.

• To live in fear is to betray the Divine that exists within you.

• The most fulfilling things in life are intangible: gratefulness, compassion, devotion, wonder, quietness, meditativeness.

• Krishna advises great calm amidst great dynamic change.

“BUDDHA: Spirituality For Leadership & Success”

• Action born of inner coolness has great power

• Look at your work as an opportunity to radiate and resonate good karma: that is the higher meaning of being a real leader and truly successful human being.

• The way of the Buddha is not in thought (chinta), it is in awareness (chetana).

• There are no limits to consciousness, just as there are no limits to love

• Buddha’s influence is far-reaching and profound. For example, Steve Jobs (a practising Buddhist) built Apple Inc while being powerfully influenced by Zen aesthetics, which are offshoots of Buddha’s most profound teachings.

• Position can be lost, but not inner power

• Wisdom is transcendental to the mind

• Harmony begins with an inner state

• Buddhism is about making people develop a vast, universal, cosmic point of view

• Nothing can bring contentment apart from the realization that your only real treasure is within you

• Detach yourself slightly from worries and problems: that’s the way the true light of your inner treasure can shine bright, making you respond to all of life’s challenges with grace and depth.

“VEDANTA: Spirituality For Leadership & Success”

• Vedanta is eventually about the meditative attitude, the intuitive oneness with all things

• Total action comes through surrender (atma-samarpan)

• Real strength is the strength of the human spirit, and that is ageless. It is deep within you.

• Be natural and spontaneous. This quality is at the very heart of the true Vedantin.

• All great action is born of the meditative, intuitive state

• You reflect the Absolute or the Supreme form in miniature within you. Hence, never doubt yourself when faced with life challenges!

“VIVEKANANDA: Spirituality For Leadership & Success”

• There are 3 essential power principles for leaders that Swami Vivekananda can teach us. The first is courage. The second is faith. And the third is strength.

• You are a child of a wondrous cosmos, born to carry out something unique! Never doubt that.

• At the very root and core of Swami Vivekananda’s teaching is to have the courage to walk alone.

• The mightier warrior is in a higher state of consciousness

• Quieten your mind. Then all the highest qualities within you find expression.

• Take All Work as Play (Leela)!

Summary: These books have great appeal to readers due to their depth, simplicity, directness and stellar insightfulness. Delving deep into mystic truth, the books offer pearls of wisdom that can be imbibed and implemented with relative ease in our own lives. The books have been doing very well online and offline, occupying prime shelf space at airports and stores, alongside world bestsellers on spirituality.

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