June 20, 2021
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Siddhartha Taneja: The Real-Life Hero In The Covid-19 Global Pandemic Era

Helping many families in dire need of medical aid and bringing about a positive change.

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Siddhartha Taneja: The Real-Life Hero In The Covid-19 Global Pandemic Era
Siddhartha Taneja
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Siddhartha Taneja: The Real-Life Hero In The Covid-19 Global Pandemic Era

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on each and every country existing on the world map. All the countries have to face the brunt of this deadly virus, there has been no escaping from it. The global economy has fallen badly too because of it, there are umpteen number of resources that have fallen short and not in adequate quantity to help reach the people in need. If the US, Brazil, Spain and Italy had face bad days due to the Covid-19 situation, India has not been able to cope up as well due to the pre and post effects of the first wave of Covid-19. The second wave of Covid-19 in India starting from March 2021 and the country is still not on the recovery stage. With tremendous number of active cases increasing, the government officials too have not been able to reach to every citizen who has different needs for survival. There have been many cases where there is shortage of Covid medicines, oxygen concentrators and life-saving Remdesivir injections across the country.

In these unprecedented, uncertain, and challenging times, there have been some pure souls who have come up to help the needy and make them feel that someone cares for them too. There is a quote saying that “Charity begins at home” and for one such amazing individual who proudly says that “India is my Home” is Siddhartha Taneja. This young upcoming entrepreneur has left no stone unturned in reaching out and helping thousands of people in many ways. He is one of the unsung heroes who is making every effort count to reach and supply necessary medical aids to the needy.

Siddhartha, who is also a travel influencer and is extremely active on many social media platforms, has urged his followers, fans, friends, and family to unite in this noble cause and help all those who are currently suffering from the pandemic. Siddhartha has been highly instrumental in helping about 25 families who were fighting hard to survival. Whether it is their medical needs or food on the table or bringing about more awareness for the families, Siddhartha has been able to help them solve all of it.

Siddhartha, blessed with a golden heart, has come forward to help the affected people in these tough times and sets a true example which proves that humanity is still alive. People like Siddhartha who go beyond the line of duty has been the reason for many people’s lives and happiness. Many families in need have reached out to him for Covid medicines, oxygen concentrators, Remdesivir injections and many more things. Siddhartha has been trying to help in whichever way he can and to maximum extent to which he can reach.

Kudos to Siddhartha Taneja for bringing about a positive change in these people’s lives. We hope that selfless souls like him grow in abundance to help more and more people across the country.

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