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Siddhaguru And Self-Realization - An Intuitive Connection

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Siddhaguru And Self-Realization - An Intuitive Connection

One cannot attain self-realization without a Siddhaguru. This is the principle of creation. A Siddhaguru knows God and can show the surest way to reach God.

Siddhaguru, who advocates self-realization as a way of life

What is Self-Realization?

It is oneness with God, unity with him. To defeat your mind is self-realization. The seeker experiences the state of his true self. It is a Siddhaguru grace on his disciple for his unconditional love and passion for connecting with self. It is knowing the truth of yourself with the helping hand of Siddhaguru. A self-realized man’s bliss is independent of anything. For instance, a practical explanation about an elephant easier to comprehend than a theoretical description: to say that this beatitude is neither comparable nor described.

 What is the role of a Siddhaguru in a seeker’s self-realization?

 One cannot attain self-realization without a Siddhaguru. This is the principle of creation. A Siddhaguru knows God and can show the surest way to reach God. He is the voice of God who accorded the powers to him. To have a view of the sky enveloped by clouds, we need air; to have a view of the illusion enveloped God, we need a Siddhaguru. Such is my experience.

 How can I get to know my self-realization experience?

Everyone knows that meditation is the surest way to reach God. A seeker should cross four states during meditation. Sleep state, darkness with no consciousness., Divine consciousness with external consciousness and self-realization. Post-self-realization, the seeker should try for an uninterrupted connection with his true self. Your Guru bears witness to your experience, as you can achieve nothing without his grace.

 How self-realization helps a man?

A self-realized man is the ocean of intuitive cognizance, the voice of God’s treasury. No matter the deed he performs always has an uninterrupted identification of self.

Is Self-realization hard to get? How to attain it with no hardships in my path?

Submit yourself to a Siddhaguru, be loyal to him, have unconditional love for him. As the difficulties you see on the way to self-fulfilment can only be eliminated by him. To say, these hurdles become opportunities under his shelter.

 Is marriage a major obstacle to self-realization?

 This is just an illusion. There is no connection with self-realization. A person possessing purity of mind, well-qualified for Siddhaguru’s grace, and has a passion to see God is eligible for attaining self-realization. No matter, he is a monk or married or unmarried.

People believe God is within us. Why do I need a guru to identify him??

God is within us. But to see him, we need a Siddhaguru. We need a mirror to see our own eyes that see everything. Alike, to see God, you need a Siddhaguru.  He acts as a mirror in the way to achieve God.

 Can I attain Self-Realization without observing meditation?

Is it possible for you to fly to the USA without boarding a flight? The same is the case of Self-realization. No Meditation, No Realization.

 Shall a liberated and realized man be reincarnated again?

 No way. Because of an unbroken connection with self, his destiny gets destroyed. A drunken man loses his actuality and behaves otherwise in that state. The same is the case with a person who attained self. A self-realized man being overcome, his mind always remains in the state of a beatitude that is independent of everything.

 What causes people’s passion for self-realization?

Their karmic impressions trigger their search for a Siddhaguru, their service toward him, and their qualification for self-realization.

 Is it possible for a Self-realized man to proclaim his experience? 

 Yes, he must. This is not to deceive the world. We all have our true nature in common. A self-realized man is here to tell others about their true nature.

 How a Siddhaguru aids one’s quest for self-realization?

A path of self-realization begins only when a Siddhaguru enters one’s life. Without him, it is impossible to follow the path of self-realization.

 How a Self-Realized man fulfil his desires?

 There are two types of self-realization: temporary and permanent. In the former, the mind appreciates its desires without being connected to them. Because of the mind’s defeat and destruction, the latter has no awareness of that satisfaction.

 What are the qualities of a Self-realized man or a Siddhaguru?

A Siddhaguru’s attributes are Sat-Chit-Ananda. The word ‘Sat’ is a Sanskrit word that meaning ‘eternal truth.’ ‘Existence of Infinite Consciousness’ is ‘Chit’, and ‘Ananda’ is ‘everlasting pleasure.’ Sachidananda is the eternal entity that exists as an endless consciousness with everlasting happiness.

 When did you attain self-realization?

 I attained Self-realization on June 29, 1995, thanks to the grace of my immediate Guru, Mata Sri Poornananda Giri Yogini and Paramaguru Shirdi Sai Baba. It happened in the Goddess Kanaka Durga Temple in Budhavarpeta, Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district.