July 21, 2021
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Shivaditya Barjatya – His Traveling Experiences, Quest To Be A Changemaker For Local Indian Brands, His Learnings, And More

Mr. Shivaditya Barjatya is a digital marketer, content creator, entertainer, and influencer marketer.

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Shivaditya Barjatya – His Traveling Experiences, Quest To Be A Changemaker For Local Indian Brands, His Learnings, And More
Shivaditya Barjatya – His Traveling Experiences, Quest To Be A Changemaker For Local Indian Brands, His Learnings, And More

Interviewer – Mr. Barjatya. Tell us something about yourself, and what is your earliest memory of travelling?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – Glad to be doing this; I am a digital marketer, content creator, and influencer marketer. Jaipur was the first travel trip which I remember that I went with my parents and that too because it is quite famous with the title of 'Pink City' in Rajasthan, India and it has always been close to my heart, and it was my father's favourite too. We saw the scenic beauty of Nahargarh Fort and Nahargarh Bawdi, which are quite famous.

Interviewer – What is it about travelling that excites you the most? How you, in your opinion, explore different places and discover them?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – Travelling helps me in knowing more about myself as well as about the outer world. It is a pathway of discovery and exploration for me to meet new people, get to know about their lifestyle, unfold their culture and traditions, food, and customs. I have a very strong belief that each person has a different meaning associated with travelling and what it means to them.

Interviewer – Would you define yourself as a man with a strong desire to travel/wanderlust? When did this love for travelling begun?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – I consider my excitement for exploring and discovering new places I inherited from my father because he loved travelling and exploring. My childhood was completely about listening to new places, which I never heard of at the early age of six. Labelling myself as 'Wanderluster' is not my thing, but I believe in discovering new places and exploring as much as possible. Travelling helps you get out of that comfort zone and teaches so many things about life that you can only learn by experiencing things. New people, new places, and traditions help people broaden the horizon, which shaped my personality in many ways.

Interviewer – What are your plans related to travelling and re-discovering it?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – I believe that curiosity has always been the driving force behind me pushing my boundary to travel and discover new places more. I have always been someone who does not believe in following the norms but creating my path by my unapologetic and brave choices. I do not have a goal to visit places frequently visited and are quite famous or popular. But what allures me more is going places which are not explored that much and are non – conventional because that way I can learn more about their culture and civilization, people have lots of things to share about their traditions and customs. I believe that there is a lot to explore still, and I am on my way to do so.

Interviewer – India is said to be the land of culture. Travelling experience in India must have taught you a lot. What would be your takeaway from this?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – I observed the diversity which people and the culture have to offer in India, the way people live and their lifestyle, their food, and cuisine, how they treat you, everything differs from place to place thus it stands true for India, to be a land of cultural heritage. What excites me the most is that in India you can get everything, there is the plateau, plains, hills and mountains, deserts but as compared to other countries, one has to travel different - different countries may be to cover it all; thus I am always looking forward to travelling more domestically so that I can have the taste of it all.

Interviewer – Are you also looking forward as a changemaker for the domestic and local brands in India?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – I believe in bringing out a change which is the need of the hour, in my opinion. I think that people's perspective of travelling domestically is not something they look forward to, and the reason behind that could be international tourism being promoted more. Thus they leave India behind them. I also believe that the local Indian brands and the local industry have a lot to offer too.

Interviewer – Since there is a lot more competition between international brands and the local Indian brands, how do you see Indian brands emerging? Is there a challenge? What would be your closing note to the readers?

SHIVADITYA BARJATYA – I believe that the challenge to every competition is what strives to give a fight; that is what brings domestic brands to respect that they've taken this fight head-on. With the outstanding growth that we saw about local Indian brands, I see it deemed fit that consumers to the Indian market should lean towards local brands more than what we've seen over the past years and hope for a better tomorrow.

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