Friday, Aug 12, 2022
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Romesh Shah Tirelessly Working Towards Making A Difference

Hailing from Visnagar, a well-known city in Gujrat, Romesh Shah is a leading voice, demanding help for the weaker members of society who could not make their living on their own.

Romesh Shah, Social Activist

As the world wrestled with unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, responsible social activists came in the way to serve the nation with their continued leadership for the country and the community. It has been said that people can create magical changes by shifting their energy from fighting the old to building the new: new demands relentless efforts, revolutionary thoughts, and a helping attitude. Thus, there are only a few who can make a difference by taking small steps. When the world was going through a major crisis, Romesh Shah became the leading light for people who held their hands and promised to heal patients and sufferers from ceaseless pain. With such revolutionary decision-makers, the world is in the right hands and going for the right motive.

 Shah becomes the leading light in times of emergency

 Hailing from Visnagar, a well-known city in Gujrat, Romesh Shah is a leading voice, demanding help for the weaker members of society who could not make their living on their own. Over the past few months, there have been heart-wrenching stories about struggles for hospital beds, sanitary masks, life-saving drugs, oxygen cylinders, food scarcity, and proper hygiene measures. And, amidst all the chaos, Romesh stepped out of his comfort zone to help the ones in need. He answered the urgent call of help during the second wave. He provided all the mandatory assistance to the covid-sufferers to heal the country from life-threatening diseases.

 Personal health and hygiene is the first-line defence for Covid-19. Thus, protecting the people from pandemics, Romesh introduced abundant sanitary masks, free sanitization kits, and valuable seminars on the importance of personal hygiene. Prominent social activist Romesh also provided food and shelter to several needy people and further arranged hospital beds and medical kits free of cost for their healthy lifestyle. Apart from this, Shah also distributed an exceedingly large number of oxygen cylinders among the patients to alleviate the pain & suffering that they go through. Romesh Shah considers him to be a born social activist as he believes he is destined to help people and bring an enormous amount of peace to the prospering society

 Leading the way with sheer courage and undoubted bravery

 Romesh Shah, an emerging social activist, says, “Although the pandemic has been affecting people on an enormous scale. From taking their loved ones to deteriorating the basic lifestyle. Covid pandemic has changed everything.” Shah feels “Covid helped people to encounter true companionships, build relations that they were ignoring before and create a true and real bond with their inner self”. Romesh Shah is a heart-warming personality who is making the world a better place to live with his kinder approach. Shah believes, “Nothing could change the reality, but your thoughts can surely give you immense strength to deal with the bitter truth of life”.

 Romesh Shah is that daring personality who, with his fearless character & selfless persona, is constantly fighting to change the world. Social activists have always been the epitome of strength, intelligence, and courage. They know how to walk the difficult stages of life with extreme ease & comfort. Social activist Romesh Shah plays a significant role in changing several social evils with his purity and bravery. Serving as the shining beacon of hope, Shah has showcased exemplary devotion in serving the nation.