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Role of Mars in astrology: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Role of Mars in astrology: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Mars, known as red planet, represents aggressiveness & thus, by all significations, people generally misunderstand Mars as a bad planet. Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, the leading Vedic astrologer of India, has been shedding light on the different Vedic astrology areas and has been trying to show us all the methods through which various significations of life can be positively influenced by astrology. In this issue, Dr.Bajrangi divulged many finer astrological details on the fierce planet Mars (Mangal).

Question: Mars is considered to be a fierce planet. What is the significance of Mars in astrology?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Every planet, including Mars, has two types of nature: its intrinsic nature and nature based on the lordship. Now, the intrinsic nature of Mars is fierce or, to say, malefic, and if it also has a lordship of malefic house, then it's nature can turn very malefic. But on the contrary, if the Lordship of Mars is of a benefic house, it can be a boon provider for the native. 

Question: What happens if Mars is weak?

DVB: It all depends on the lordship of Mars. A benefic planet has to be strong, and a malefic planet has to be weak. If by lordship Mars is a benefic planet but has gone weak, it may not be of any help to the native; similarly, if lordship of Mars is malefic and has a strong influence on the horoscope, it can create havoc for the native.

Question: How can we reduce the malefic effects of Mangal?

DVB: We can best do it through karma corrections. Due to its presence in a particular house, Mars tries to modify that house's significations for the worse. The severity of Mars can be best understood by an experienced horoscope reader who can guide the karma corrections. Now say a malefic Mars is placed in the Lagna or ascendant. This can make the native impulsive, abusive, and short-tempered. This malefic Mars has three aspects(Drishti), one on the fourth house, the second on the seventh house, and the third on the eighth house. The fourth aspect shall create turmoil in his household peace; the seventh aspect shall spoil the spouse's relationship, and the eighth house shall make the native short-lived. If the native changes his nature to a mellower side, all the significations described above, will change for the good. The free- will available with all of us makes these beautiful changes, and resultantly things start changing. 

Question: How to strengthen Mars?

DVB: You need to strengthen a weak Mars only when this planet is supportive or benefic as per the horoscope. The ways to strengthen are many, like reciting the mantra for Mars, putting on a gem for Mars, or praying to Lord Hanumanji. Among the other potent ways to strengthen a weak mar is to weaken the planets that cast a weakening effect on Mars. E.g., If Ketu has engulfed Mars and made it weak, the best way is to weaken the Ketu by which it will release its grip from Mars, thereby freeing it to act on its own. 

But the need to strengthen a weak Mars arises only when the planet is benefic in the horoscope. I have often seen people performing mindless rituals to strengthen their weak Mars, not knowing that its effect on the horoscope is malefic. 


Question: What is the best remedy for Mars/Mangal?

DVB: first of all, it is essential to understand the type of lordship Mars has in the horoscope. If Mars is weak but beneficial, putting on a gem or doing the 'Sampooran Mangal Vidhi' could prove beneficial. But if Mars is a strong malefic in the horoscope, then donating for Mars, doing Homa (fire sacrifice ritual), or reciting Hanuman Chalisa could be of immense use. 

Karma correction to alter the effect of Mars is the eventual goal. A negative Mars gives a lousy temperament, whereas a weak benefic Mars can give mindless spontaneity. 

Question: How long Mangal Dosha remains in our life?

DVB: It can last for a lifetime, but as per the astrological scriptures, Mansagari, the effect of negative mars wanes away at the age of 28. This does not mean that Mars deactivates at this age but means that Mars starts to channel its energy. 

To be precise, Mangal Dosha lasts forever, but the energy after twenty-eight is not random but is streamlined. 

Question: How to know if a person is Manglik?

DVB: First of all, no classical literature on astrology has the mention of Manglik Dosha. The term Manglik is no more than a hundred years old, but it frightens even the non-believers.  

Manglik Dosha is a yoga formed only by the placement of one planet. Any Yoga formed by a single planet is practically no Yoga because it is bound to get influenced by the other eight planets. Therefore, being a Manglik should not be that important. 

Now coming on to the Dosha, the placement of Mars in the Lagna, second house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house, or the twelfth house gives rise to this modern-day Manglik Dosha. The presence of Mars in Lagna gives bad temper; the presence of Mars in the second house can make the native foul-mouthed. The presence of Mars in the fourth makes the native a loner; mars in the seventh house make the native incapable of efficiently handling the married life. The presence of Mars in the eighth house makes the native lose his/her spouse early, and mars in the twelfth house make the native obsessed with bed pleasures.  

But these significations are all general and are greatly influenced by other planets in the vicinity. 


Question: What are Mars's effects on marriage?

DVB: All the above houses where Mars forms the Manglik Dosha are related to marriage. Therefore, Mangal Dosha casts if shadow on the married life more than anything else. But before labeling anyone Manglik, it is better to examine Manglik Dosha's potency from a learned astrologer critically. Most of the people who think that they are Manglik are, in fact, non-Mangliks. Many who visit me with a prejudice that they are Manglik become flabbergasted to know that they are not, in-fact. They had been living this long under a strange misconception. 

Question: Can a Manglik marry a non-manglik?

DVB: Nothing much. To my experience, ninety-nine percent who think they are Manglik is factually non-Mangliks. Moreover, there has been a constant rise in the marriage age in both the sexes. Today marrying at thirty is considered cool. And as explained above, the potency of the Manglik effect, if any, gets neutralized by then.

To my experience, Mangal or Mars has been labeled an extremist by most astrologers, but Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu have more to do in spoiling a marriage. So, feel free to marry any Manglik. You will have a blessed married life unless your planets do not play a spoilsport. 

Question: What is the role of Mars in married life?

DVB: Through my numerous articles, I have stressed the necessity of having a systematic matching of charts before solemnizing a marriage. Systematic matching of charts is the art of counterbalancing the ill effects of marriage spoiling planets of one horoscope with the horoscope the positive planets of the other horoscope. Gone are the days when a Manglik needed a Manglik to get married; nowadays, the married couple should encash the benefits of one of the partners being Manglik. 

Everyone needs to understand that many marriages break even after a Manglik marries a Manglik. On the contrary, many couples lead a happy married life even after one of the partners being a Manglik. 


Question: Can we overcome effects of Mars/Mangal after marriage?

DVB: There are many rituals for appeasing or counterbalancing the adverse effects of Mars. They range from appeasing Hanumanji by donating, reciting the Mantras, Hanuman Chalisa, etc., or putting on a gem. But the eventual effect that one wants from doing these rituals is to channelize the negative energy of Mars, and it should not play heavily on temperament, etc.  

But, be sure of the ritual that has to be performed. There is no constant or standard ritual for all the Doshas. The remedial measure depends upon the specific placement of the planets in a horoscope, and therefore, it is essential to get the horoscope examined by an experienced astrologer. 

Question: Does Mangal Dosha get canceled in a second marriage? 

DVB: How can the placement of planets vanish when the native decides to marry for the second time. On the contrary, the marriage spoiling yoga stand activated in the horoscope of the person who opts for a second marriage. 

So, it is necessary to marry after due verification of the horoscope if the native has to marry the second or the third time. 

Question: Is being Manglik bad?

DVB: Mars is the planet that imparts energy, power, strength, and kingship. How can a person with these qualities be bad? So, it is utterly flawed to assume that being Manglik is bad or unlucky. 

In fact, I discourage people who blame planets than introspecting into their flawed karmas & then run towards performing rituals when the face miseries.


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