October 25, 2020
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Relevance Of Daily Horoscope-In Present Times

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Relevance Of Daily Horoscope-In Present Times
Dr. Vinay Bajrangi
PhD Vedic astrologer
Relevance Of Daily Horoscope-In Present Times


How True Is Daily Horoscope?

The daily horoscope or ‘today’s horoscope” interests even the non-believers in astrology, and therefore it finds a place in almost all the media platforms. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, an eminent Vedic astrologer, was in conversation with outlook to explain the significance of ‘daily horoscopes’. Here are the excerpts:

Does Daily Horoscopes really work?

Dr.Bajrangi: ‘Daily Horoscope’ or ‘today’s horoscope’ works if one looks for a little entertainment, inspiration, and something to talk about in family or friends. But ‘Daily horoscope’ will not work if one wants help in seeking directions for making a life decision. Daily horoscope offers a broad guideline for planning the activities of the day. Similarly, the weekly horoscope or the monthly horoscope provides a general guideline for preparing the week and month activities, respectively. 

What is the difference between a horoscope and daily horoscope?

Dr.Bajrangi: Horoscope or Kundli is your birth chart, which shows the positioning of the planets on the time, day, and place you were born. In contrast, a daily horoscope is a prediction based on the relative position of Moon at a particular day to the Moon’s positioning in your birth sign. We try to comprehend the predictions based on the position of just one planet in a daily horoscope, and therefore it is so generalized.

There is confusion in Moon and Sun Sign in ‘daily horoscope’. Should we follow Moon sign or Sun-sign in ‘today’s horoscope’?

Dr.Bajrangi: The westerners use the Sun sign analogy, whereas Indian astrology (Vedic astrology) lays its stress on the moon sign. Now, Sun remains in an astrological sign for a month, making all born in that month of the same sign, whereas Moon remains in an astrological sign for roughly two and a half days. Therefore, the number of people of the same moon sign will be far less. An astrological sign is further subdivided into two and a quarter Nakshatra. Thus, in Vedic astrology, a person is categorized by first his moon sign and then the Nakshatra. It is therefore recommended to see your daily horoscope, which is based on the moon sign.

What is then my zodiac sign, is it the Moon sign or the Sun sign?

Dr.Bajrangi: As per Vedic astrology, you have a Lagna (Ascendant), Moon sign (Chandra Rashi), Sun Sign (Surya Rashi), and so on. Whereas in western astrology they deal with only the Zodiac sign, which is the Sun sign. And the Sun sign as per Vedic astrology could be different than the Sun Sign as per western astrology, which is due to the revolving and the fixed zodiac. 

Love horoscope, career horoscope, and the ‘horoscope today’ are, therefore, all generalized predictions?

Dr.Bajrangi: Yes. Love horoscopes are based on the motion of Venus and Moon; Career horoscopes are based on the motion of Saturn and Moon, whereas ‘horoscope today’ is based on just one planet that is Moon. This makes them very generalized.

What is the significance of the birth date, time, and place in the horoscope/ birth chart?

Dr.Bajrangi: Date of birth gives the idea of the positions of the revolving planets, time of birth gives the idea of the rising sign or the ascendant/Lagna, and the place of birth gives the exact degrees of the ascendant, descendant and the Midheaven(MC). This helps in constructing the full horoscope or the birth chart.

What if one does not know his time, date, and place of birth? Can he still benefit from the daily horoscope or weekly horoscope?

Dr.Bajrangi: Yes, if someone is unsure of his birth details, he can still benefit from the daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, or the monthly horoscope. The first letter of the name gives a clue of the Nakshatra and thus to the Rashi (Moon Sign). If someone still has some confusion, he can come over to my website, www.vinaybajrangi.com, and find his Rashi free.

What to do if someone does not have exact birth details?

Dr.Bajrangi: This is achieved through Birth time rectification in astrology. As it is a pain taking process based on unique astrology tools, it should be handled through a maestro only.

What is birth time rectification? Can we get the correct birth timings from it?

Dr. Bajrangi: Those who are unsure of either their birth time or the date of birth can get their exact timings through birth time rectification. Although there are different methods to achieve it, rectification is best achieved by using various methods like Bhrigu, Parashari, Krishnamoorthy, and Nadis in tandem. Through this technique, the birth time is rectified close to one minute, and thus one gets the correct horoscope.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi a famous Vedic Astrologer in India based in Delhi NCR can be contacted on www.vinaybajrangi.com or office phone nos 9278665588/ 9278555588. Next in this series will on “importance of business astrology’.

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