Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Ravi Ranjan Kumar: The Rising Beat Artist Of Patna

Ravi is all about expanding his horizons. He is an influencer and has garnered over 160k followers on Instagram and 20k on Facebook.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar

 Ravi Ranjan Kumar, 19, from the city of Patna, is a master of all trades without any dull moments. He is the region's leading Businessman and has a passion for music and social media. He is an influencer and has garnered over 160k followers on Instagram and 20k on Facebook. He is active on social media sites to stay connected with his followers and fans.

He is also a beat artist and has worked on hits like Flavours of Patna, Trap Beat and Libra Tune.

Alongside music Ravi also runs a firm - Grow Experts, where he works with brands and big names to set up digital promotion structures, adwords, and public relations campaigns.

Ravi says, "I love making music for the sake of my art. I love my business for the sake of knowledge. I love being an influencer because it helps me stay connected with people. I am not looking for fame or money, I have a heart set on many things, and I'm doing my best to do everything I want when I have time. I want to explore and grow, and I am doing exactly that.".

Speaking of the difficulties that he has faced, Ravi commented, "I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have gotten and the support given to me. And I love everything I do, but yes, sometimes it can get tiring. Getting tired doesn't mean that I want to quit. Sometimes I need time to re-energise, and that's okay. Every machine needs to be switched off once in a while.".

He approaches all his ventures with determination and commitment, which helps him overcome all obstacles that might come up in the way. With this approach, he has been able to find success in business, social media, and music and continues to grow every day.

Ravi is all about expanding his horizons. When we asked about his plans, he declined to reveal much about his upcoming projects, opting to shroud them in secrecy - but he did tell us to stay tuned because some of his best work is on the way.