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Priya Kapur’s Ethical Brand, The Glocal Trunk Presents A Brilliant Bond Between Glamour & Conscience

Priya has been a dynamic aesthetician who is respected in the elite circles of Mumbai as a wonderful hair and makeup designer.

Priya Kapur’s Ethical Brand, The Glocal Trunk Presents A Brilliant Bond Between Glamour & Conscience
Priya Kapur’s Ethical Brand, The Glocal Trunk Presents A Brilliant Bond Between Glamour & Conscience -

What are the two things in a woman’s life that she wants to be perfect all the time? Jewellery and makeup, of course! And it has taken a brilliant woman entrepreneur to notice that and launch not one but two great endeavours, which cater mainly to the WOMAN of TODAY, who wants to look the best every day.

The woman is Priya Kapur, and her two ventures are – Priya Kapur – Makeup & Hair (PKMH) (launched in 2005) and The Glocal Trunk (TGT) (launched in 2016). Priya hails from the fashion & glamour hub of India – Mumbai – and while she is the Founder of PKMH, for TGT, she is a Co-founder. Priya’s training in High Definition, Airbrush Makeup, and intricate hairstyles drives PKMH as the popular place for women looking for that perfect bridal makeover. As for the TGT, Priya’s online retail platform selling vast collections of leading brands in fashion jewelry, her childhood passion for accessories led her to create an online place for the consumers to enjoy a “glocal flea market” shopping vibe.

The fact that The Glocal Trunk has its finger right on the pulse of their customer base is evident from two new collections – 1. Shaadi & Festive Select Collection, and 2. Stock Clearance Sale with up to 70% off. After all, which woman worth her salt could say no to a bargain!

Priya has been a dynamic aesthetician who is respected in the elite circles of Mumbai as a wonderful hair and makeup designer. She has styled some of the biggest magazines, events and fashion shows across India. But that is not all that Priya holds dear to herself. She is also an author of a brilliant concept called the “Bridal Diaries”, a practical manual for the bride-to-be. That is because Priya believes that the best bride is a stress-free bride.

Here is a tete-a-tete with this amazing career woman, as she spills the beans on what it takes to cater to woman’s most elegant needs –

Q - When did you discover your love for jewelry?
Ans – I have always loved accessories ever since I was a child. For me, jewelry and makeup and hair are an extension of my passion for beauty and fashion. But I wanted to share this love for accessories and makeup with other women too. Thus, I chose to get into this field and introduce a blend of high-end, affordable fashion jewelry to discerning Indian women.

Q - What is the best thing you like about your job?
Ans –I love curating jewelry pieces and brainstorming with my team for new collections regularly. Since I cater to a niche and a wider audience, which ranges from III-Tier cities to the world, I have to be on my toes about what I am offering my customers through a beautiful online shopping experience. I like to be challenged every single day at work.

Q - How would you describe your collections?
Ans – I would describe TGT Collections as ‘Eclectic’, which, by the way, is also my favourite word! We have several collections on our website ranging from specific occasions to general clearance sales. We offer our customers a handsome bargain so that they can take home pieces, which shall last a lifetime!

Q - How would you describe your style of jewelry?
Ans – Though I like to dress according to the occasion and prefer pieces ranging from understated to full-on bling, jewelry is a part of my personality even in daily life.

Q - Where do you find your curating inspiration?
Ans – Everywhere! Whether it is the ongoing trends in global fashion, a local festival, seasons, fashion hubs across the world, or certain celebrities with extraordinary panache! My inspiration comes from everywhere, even from our loyal customers!

Q - How can consumers make more ethical choices in jewelry?
Ans – TGT is a platform meant to encourage women entrepreneurs, skilled labour, and especially able adults. Our special outreach platform, TGT Growth Buys, intends to acquire handmade accessories made specifically by talented women artisans and differently-abled individuals. We also encourage human empowerment and growth through our association with artisans directly and through social development organisations like Trishul, Advitya, Mann (Center for Individuals with Special Needs), and ReSource (A brand supported by Srujna Charitable Trust).

Q - What are the challenges of selling online jewelry in a traditional market like India?
Ans – Jewelry is a very personal experience, both in purchase and consumption. People prefer to try on pieces before making a decision. On our website, we sell online multiple brands of jewelry and owing to the wide and eclectic range of collections we offer, we’ve got a certain style for everyone. To top that, the quality of our products and the competitive prices that we offer are also instrumental in attracting discerning buyers.

Q - How has COVID-19 changed your business outlook vis-a-vis market sustainability?
Ans – Thankfully, we seem to have left the worse behind us. The markets are inching back towards the pre-Covid position. And even though the world has taken to online shopping like a fish to water, there is still a hesitant stratum of customers who think nothing could beat walking into a shop and buying products after proper, personal scrutiny. Our next challenge at TGT is to convince this stratum to crossover by making them realise the comfort of online shopping, especially with the wide range of jewelry pieces we have to offer and their available prices.


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