Monday, May 16, 2022

Navneet Maheshwari of AGM Investment on How to Get the Most Out of Stock Market

Mr. Navneet also shared his journey and secrets for everyone who wishes to make it big in the market.

Navneet Maheshwari of AGM Investment on How to Get the Most Out of Stock Market

Mr Navneet Maheshwari has been in the game of financial products for quite a time now. He started his career in stock trading and now owns and runs his financial consultancy and coaching service by the name of AGM Investment. He has aced his skill of trading stocks after many ups and downs as he opened up with us and shared how he mastered one of the most valuable skills one can have in this day and age.

Mr. Navneet said, “Money gives you the liberty. Moreover, it is a tool of change. You can do so much good for your society with the Money that you make. When I started trading stocks, I thought I knew enough to exit the market with my profits. But soon, I realised that stock trading is just like any other skill. It needs proper know-how of the market, patience and time to master the skill.”

AGM Investment teaches more than 20 strategies specialised for Equity, Nifty, Bank Nifty and Future & Options to his students. It has helped people break their chains and embrace financial freedom. Mr. Navneet also shared his journey and secrets for everyone who wishes to make it big in the market.

AGM Investment’s stock trading coaching has proved to be a game-changer for many people. So we asked Navneet Maheshwari’s advice for young people who are starting their journey in the stock market, and to which he answered, “We have seen many people making it successful in stock trading who dedicated a good amount of time in learning about the stock market at the beginning including myself. So, it will be beneficial for a trader to start with paper trading for some months and be good at it.

There are many such stock market simulators available for practising the skills. Learn to study the chart, patterns, indicators, etc. and slowly start investing small capital (Rs 5,000 maximum) in practising in the live market before starting your full-time career in stock trading.”

Just like Warren Buffet’s popular quote, “Never bet against America”, Mr. Navneet also believes in the Indian economy and encourages people for investing in it. Mr. Navneet wishes more & more people to come and benefit from investing in the stock market and is working towards the same goal through his mentorship. AGM Investment has a bucket of 1500+ clients from 12 different countries and has delivered an accuracy of 90%+ since making AGM Investment a global venture for more than a year.

“One who is not taking the risk is missing out on so much Money. Even if you do not want to trade stocks, you can still be part of this market. You could start with mutual funds and study the individual stocks of companies carefully. Invest in the products that you are going to use in future. This is how you will learn to pick on trends and make profits in future. Nothing gives more return than a carefully studied and invested stock in the long term.” Mr. Navneet said.

Mr. Navneet has many accolades to his name. He has been selected as one of the best 10 financial advisors in India by Insights Success Magazine and was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award 2021 by the Indian Achievers Forum and many others.
I hope his advice will be taken seriously by the readers and will be received actively. This 27-year-old entrepreneur is an asset to our nation, and his journey from a stock trader will surely be celebrated.