Monday, Mar 20, 2023

MyLoanCare Collaborates With MoneyTap, EarlySalary, And PaySense For Instant Small Ticket Personal Loans

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MyLoanCare Collaborates With MoneyTap, EarlySalary, And PaySense For Instant Small Ticket Personal Loans

Availing Personal Loans is now more Instant and Simple at MyLoanCare. Here’s how:

Picture a typical youngster today who just landed a promising job in the corporate world with still many dreams to live, be it travel, marriage, or buying expensive gadgets—little patience to save or get into the typical process of getting a personal loan.

MyLoanCare understands the needs of its young customer base and has collaborated with three leading app-based lenders MoneyTap, EarlySalary, and Paysense, all in sync with our vision of bringing convenience, transparency, and speed to the way people borrow money in India.

Instant Personal Loan Applications are Bringing Down the Wall!

The Covid times have rapidly pushed banks to shift to lenders with "Applications (or Apps)" from lenders with 'Buildings'. Despite a promising career growth ahead, many youngsters fail to get the funds required, with their applications getting rejected on criteria such as limited credit history (popularly known as New to Credit), salary below bank criteria, lower than the required minimum work experience, or even because they are staying in Paying Guest accommodation with their friends.

This is where Instant Mobile Applications are a boon with their easy processes and meeting requirements of eligibility criteria, and minimal basic online documentation. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection, an app installed, some basic documents to get the funds transferred to your bank account in no time. You also get a credit line that allows you to pay only when you need to spend. No lock-in period or prepayment penalty makes it a bargain deal for borrowers looking for flexibility in managing their EMIs.  

 Why should you choose for Personal Loans? is a leading online loans marketplace, which has facilitated millions of customers' research and chooses the right option for availing a loan. The platform uses advanced algorithms to identify the eligible loan offers for any borrower as well the chances of getting a loan from a particular lender. So early on in the process, when you apply for a personal loan, you get to know if you should go for a bank, NBFC, or an app-based lender. Suggestions are based on your profile, such as age, work experience, income level, residence type, the urgency of the fund's requirement, availability of documents that are matched with the policy requirements of banks to throw up the best-suited offer for you. 

The process to get a loan is simple:

  • Apply for a loan at MyLoanCare's website
  • Check and choose from the loan offers you are eligible for
  • Proceed to complete the rest of the journey online or in-app
  • Get free assistance from our loan advisors 
  • if you face any issues
  • Get loan application approved and funds disbursed with a few minutes to a few hours 

About (MyLoanCare Ventures Pvt Ltd) is India's leading online loans marketplace that uses technology to change the way people borrow money in India, making it more transparent, simple, and convenient. The platform actively promotes the concepts of research & comparison and active loan management to minimize the EMI burden for an average borrower. It offers home loan, personal loan, gold loan, business loan, mortgage loan, loan against property, credit cards, car loan, two-wheeler loan, fixed deposits, and savings account from more than 30+ banks and has been consistently rated at 4.5/5 by thousands of customers for its customer-oriented, bank neutral approach. Every minute, six customers apply for or compare loans online at and at any time, 2500-3,000 people are actively researching loans online with us.