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Manoj Agarwal’s Quest To Inculcate New-Age Work Ethics Into Indian Real Estate

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Manoj Agarwal’s Quest To Inculcate New-Age Work Ethics Into Indian Real Estate

Agarwal Estates, since 2012, is a ‘one stop, all solution real estate services’ partner to its patrons.

Manoj Agarwal

The stark difference in work ethics between the Indian and the American real estate sectors inspired US citizen and techie, Manoj Agarwal, to launch Agarwal Estates – which began as a rental advisory service and has now bloomed into a full-stack real estate firm. Co-Founder-CEO Manoj Agarwal seeks to establish an efficient and transparent service in India, where his clients are able to take intelligent and informed decisions related to real estate investments. With transparency as its core value and with the help of a professionally managed process driven approach, Agarwal Estates has not only established a reputation of a professional organization but also has won the trust of its investors. Agarwal Estates was established in 2012 and now, 9 years later, it is a “One Stop, All Solution – real estate services” partner to its patrons. Talking about his vision for the company, Manoj says, “Our ethics, processes, services and employees, or the extended family as he likes to call them, contribute towards Agarwal Estates achieving the common vision and long-term missions. We believe in providing value to our customers for every single paisa charged.”

From Organised MNCs to Rugged Indian Real Estate

For the past 20 years, Manoj has worked with top MNCs like CISCO, Dell, HP among others and has led highly professional teams along the way. He has worked with real estate consultants across the world and thus holds authority over various markets in this sector. In 2008, he moved back to India and in 2012 he was able to translate his personal experience with the Indian real estate market into a new-age company. Manoj began this company with the mission “to change the perception of real estate services in India with an aim to redefine trust in the Indian real estate market.” To achieve that, put forth are his three prime objectives:

- Completely transparent services with no hidden agenda

- KEY (Knowledge Empowers You) series: Empowering customers with knowledge, to help them make informed decisions

- A process-driven approach that is proven to produce repeatable and predictable outcomes that offer customers complete visibility

Brilliant Track Record

Set in motion with the aim to revolutionise the real estate services in India, Agarwal Estates offers high-quality services in the following areas in residential and commercial real estate:

  • Holistic commercial real estate investments, with fractional ownership as the new concept in this category
  • Buy/sell/rent properties (both residential & commercial)
  • Property and tenant management
  • Home Loans
  • Home décor & interiors

The absence of any hidden costs, mark-ups or last-minute surprises makes Agarwal Estates one of the most sought-after entities in its domain. Agarwal Estates has earned the trust of their clients and has achieved 4.9-star rating on Facebook and 100+ recommendations on LinkedIn. Regarding the company’s aversion towards active marketing, Manoj clarifies, “We have focused on delighting our customers who then become advocates of our services. Over time, we have witnessed that they do not just provide references but also strongly recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We believe this as an act of appreciation towards our quality of service and our undying focus on ethics and transparency.”

Agarwal Estates has passed through different phases of growth; the first one saw Manoj establishing a core team and work culture along with his wife, co-founder and the sole proprietor, Prema Agarwal. Being an avid learner himself, Manoj ensures that all employees are being given company sponsored life coaching sessions through ICF Certified life coaches to manage their professional and personal lives in a better way. Moreover, he invests a considerable amount of time, money and effort towards developing their employees by providing soft skills trainings for an enduring and deep-rooted ethical and professional behaviour.

The latest inclusion of Manoj and Prema’s daughter, Pragya Agarwal, into the team as Chief Belief Officer has brought the fresh wave of young leadership and innovative practices into the organisation. As Pragya says, “I envision the company to be tech-enabled with an efficient process flow, which gives the best customer experience and at the same time makes it easier for the employees to handle multiple accounts”.

Along with Pragya’s childhood friend Khyati Mehta, the two have accomplished many tasks together, such as ISO 9001:2015 Certification, enabling of eSignatures, setting up and on boarding of CRM systems. In the future course of action, while the results remain encouraging, the company is looking to create a solid foundation for a sustainable and organic growth. An experienced hand and a partner with Agarwal Estates, Pawan Sharma states, “After witnessing Manoj in his journey to change the perception of real Estate in India, I felt morally compelled to support him in his mission.”

Supported well by this team, Manoj is confident that Agarwal Estates will not only be able to consolidate its position as a reliable growth partner amongst its clients but also would be able to successfully encash on the growth opportunity in the developing real estate sector in India.. It is with this confidence that Agarwal Estates is working its way into this New Year or as the dynamic CEO puts it, “The best is yet to come!”