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Limoverse – A Star To Rise In The Metaverse Horizon Built On Blockchain

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Limoverse – A Star To Rise In The Metaverse Horizon Built On Blockchain

Sajeev Nair, Co-founder – “through Google or YouTube, we are only able to get generic information, through Limoverse, we would be able to get Genetic Information based Personalized Practical Wisdom.”

Sajeev Nair, Limoverse

Sajeev Nair, Co-founder – “through Google or YouTube, we are only able to get generic information, through Limoverse, we would be able to get Genetic Information based Personalized Practical Wisdom.”

The Metaverse market is expected to touch $41.62 Billion by 2026. Coined by science fiction author Neal Stephenson in 1994, the term ‘Metaverse’ has become a buzzword in the industry. Limoverse is a pioneer in this universe rooted in health and wellness. Conceptualised by renowned wellness evangelist and peak performance strategist Sajeev Nair, Limoverse is getting the new generation touch through Sajeev Nair, the co-founder and entrepreneur.

1) There is a lot of hype and hoopla regarding metaverse and the infinite possibilities. How do you view it as a young entrepreneur venturing into the arena?

I am only as old as the internet in India. I have heard from my father and the renowned biohacker Sajeev Nair regarding people standing in the queue in front of internet cafes. With outdated thinking, some of the people used to say – the internet is all about chatting & cheating for youth, and it will fade away.

Where have we reached now ?. People’s lives are saved through internet consultation. Hon’ble courts are conducting hearings through the digital medium. Governments worldwide are evolving into E-Governance. Would we have survived the Covid pandemic socially without cyberspace?

Let me tell you very candidly – “Metaverse is the New Internet.”

2) That’s a very interesting buzzword, Sajeev. If metaverse is the new internet, what is Limoverse then?

Limoverse is a creative intervention and technological updation in the metaverse of health and wellness. I want to articulate it as “Limo as an idea is as beautiful as a verse, as layered as wellness Universe”.

To make it more factual and detail-oriented, I would say that it is a groundbreaking immersive digitally enhanced experience, enabled by virtual and augmented reality, energised by gamification and empowered by blockchain technology.

3) Could you explain the practical aspects and uses of Limoverse?

We may be familiar with news of people in their late ’30s or ’40s who do regular workouts and exercises suffer cardiac arrest or other fatal illnesses. This is because many of us don’t realise that ‘One man’s food can be another man’s poison and one man’s workout can lead to another man’s breakdown. If we had done the genetic analysis of those people earlier, we could have prevented their deaths by suggesting alternate lifestyles.

Inspired by our EPLIMO (Epigenetic lifestyle modification) solution, a person can enter into Limoverse and connect to expert coaches who give personalised lifestyle mentoring by accessing the genetic data.

Imagine how wonderful it can be when the expert coach in Limoverse will guide you with customised, individualised and nuanced diet plans and exercise regimes. The impact will be faster and stabler too.

Remember that through Google or Youtube, we can only get generic information, but through Limoverse, we can get highly personalised lifestyle information based on genetic and metabolic analysis.

4) How do transactions happen in Limoverse?

This is the fascinating aspect of Limoverse. We will have Limo Tokens. They are Utility Tokens to be used within Limoverse. One can earn Limos by becoming a part of the Limoverse and has enough opportunities to gain limo tokens by sharing one’s expertise, or by collaborating for various engagements, or any activity that can contribute to the growth of Limoverse. Those who undergo EPLIMO will have their genetic and metabolic data securely stored in private blocks, which they can give access to research and pharmaceutical companies and earn tokens.

Strict privacy and security protocols govern Limoverse, and it is built on a decentralised blockchain. This paradigm shift will re invent the spectrum of health and wellness and the crypto world.

5) Give us a sneak peek regarding your background?

My father, Sajeev Nair, is the Founder of Vieroots and Limoverse. He is a biohacking pioneer in India and has authored the best seller ‘The Making of a SuperHuman’. Vieroots has attracted eminent investors’ interest due to its unique solutions, and Bollywood Star and wellness Icons lie Suniel Shetty is an equity partner. Limoverse is already attracting prominent names from the startup investing world.

Vieroots has brought out highly research-based available nutritional supplements and brought out Biohacking devices with the intention of helping people to take charge of their health and well-being. EPLIMO was evolved over three years through the research team of Vieroots, and thousands of people have already modified their lifestyles using EPLIMO. Limoverse is the ultimate evolution in Personalized Health as this will empower health and wellness practitioners to provide their clients with personalised health care. A plethora of specialists, physicians, psychologists, counselors, fitness experts, gym trainers, dieticians, and experts in the health care and wellness world are connecting with us in the Limoverse.

The 1st phase is to be launched by the last week of December, and in the second phase, by April 2022, a fully operational Limoverse ecosystem and its blockchain will be launched.