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Kamal Jain's Insipiration His Grandfather "Manik Jain"

As Kamal Jain said in his first article that Kamal Jain wants to make MANIK WINGS MUSIC as an official label, now Kamal Jain wants you all to know how did this MANIK WINGS MUSIC come from.

Kamal Jain's Insipiration His Grandfather
Kamal Jain's Insipiration His Grandfather "Manik Jain" -

Kamal Jain's grandfather shop name was MANIK CLOTH STORES and Kamal Jain wanted to continue with the same name so he gave his label the name as MANIK WINGS MUSIC.

So now will tell you how this MANIK CLOTH STORES came into existence.

In 1963 Samarathmalaji Jain who was from Rajasthan came to khanapur and started to sell the clothes on road side and soon they got success in it. As there was growth in the business Samarathmalaji called his son Mangilal Jain to help and continue with him. Mangilal Jain was around 25 age when he came and joined the business with his father.

Before at the age of 18 Mangilal Jain had already left rajasthan and started searching for work. Mangilal Jain had also struggled a lot, he used to go villages to other villages to sell the clothes.

Mangilal Jain had a dream of opening a big shop of cloth. After seeing the good growth in business they took a small shop on rent and increased their cloth business. With their sweet behaviour he got many more customers. They were the first Jain to come and start the business in Khanapur. They now started selling so many new varieties of clothes. Seeing the response from the customers they were happy and finally they took a place and opened a shop and named their shop as MANIK CLOTH STORES and continued increasing the business.

After 2-4 years the whole family came to khanapur. Now Mangilal Jain took the responsibility of continuing the business further. MANIK CLOTHES STORES got famous all over the taluka. Later the responsibilities were shared by the two sons of Mangilal Jain that are Ramesh Jain and Gulab Jain. The business was increased further and taken over by Gulab Jain. Along with the cloth business they started with the Medical shop as Ramesh Medicals and was handled by Ramesh Jain.

Mangilal Jain along with the business was also involved in social work and same with their son's. Mangilal Jain Ramesh Jain Gulab Jain all three were involved in social work.

Mangilal Jain was a Trustee member in Swami Vivekanand School, khanapur. They were also involved in Ekal Abhiyan and other social things. Mangilal Jain bought all the other Jain members together and constructed Jain Shwethambar Mandir in Khanapur and had a great success in it. He also had a big helping hand in constructing Jain Mandir at Chapgao, khanapur. He also had a big great helping hand in renovating Moksh Dhamb at khanapur.

Mangilal Jain was very good at heart he never said no to any help. Mangilal Jain helped many poor people. Mangilal Jain aso supported his family in every condition.

Mangilal Jain was the Famous Cloth Merchant as well as a Social worker.

With the blessings of Mangilal Jain the fourth generation Ashwin Jain and Kamal Jain followed the same path.

Along with the Cloth business and Medical shop, with blessings of Mangilal Jain we started the Wholesale Medical business as Yogakshema Distributor's at Belgaum.

In the year 2014, the shop MANIK CLOTH STORES completed 50 years in Khanapur.

On 20 Nov 2021 at the age of 81 Mangilal Jain took his last breath and took his way to heaven leaving all of us alone.

Kamal Jain wants to tell that whatever his family is now, is all just because of the struggle Mangilal Jain had before till now. We all are so lucky and thankful to have Mangilal Jain in our life.


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