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How To Get Correct Horoscope Predictions : Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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How To Get Correct Horoscope Predictions : Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Astrology is a common science but then why do different astrologers give different horoscope predictions? Are the basic guidelines of Vedic astrology different, or the methods to interpret these guidelines are different? We contact an astrologer for correct predictions & many of us plan our life decisions based on these horoscope predictions, so; how to ensure that we get accurate horoscope predictions? We spoke to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a Vedic astrologer in India, in this series of Outlook initiatives to update our readers on how one can get accurate horoscope predictions? He cleared the following doubts about Horoscope and Horoscope predictions. Here are the excerpts of the interview with him. 

What is a Horoscope or birth chart?

Dr.VinayBajrangi: The basis of Indian Vedic Astrology is Kundli or Horoscope, whatever name you may call it. Like fingerprints, every individual has a unique Kundli/Horoscope. Those who wonder what those diagonal lines and planets in a square mean, these represent the sky and positioning of the planets at the time of birth of a native. A personal Horoscope is the graphical representation of the sky at the time of birth of any individual. The influence of every planet on the native is dependent on the distance of that planet from the native. Through the Horoscope, we analyse the distance of that planet, the position it is in, the association with other planets etc. All these attributes decide upon the qualities that the planet is going to impart to the native. A capable astrologer assesses these attributes and foretells the life events of a native. This fore-telling is the Horoscope predictions.

Question: Why people with the same Horoscope may live a different life?

DVB: Actually, you are referring to the Lagna chart or the D-1 chart. Those born in a time gap of two hours may have the same Lagna chart, but Vedic reading is not only about the D-1 chart. For any life prediction, the Lagna chart is read along with its supportive charts. There are as many as twenty-seven supportive charts of the Lagna chart that are read in tandem with each other. These charts are entirely different for each individual, and the life of an individual depends on these charts. Therefore, some people may have the same Lagna chart, but their finer charts are entirely different; therefore, they lead different lives. 

You should know that twins born with a gap of even a few minutes can have different birth charts altogether. It is because some astrological placements move very quickly, and there must be a particular minute when the ascendant changes. The degree of planets keeps changing every four minutes. Now, if that specific minute falls between the birth gap of twins, the birth charts change significantly. Further, the divisional charts (the essence of any accurate predictions) can be different at different Orbit. 

Theoretically, two horoscopes may look alike, but two persons may not have identical horoscopes for deeper astrological purposes. 

Question: Are all the twenty-seven charts to be read along with the Lagna chart for accurate prediction?

DVB: The number of charts to be read depends on the type of reading one requires. The readings are classified as physical reading, past life reading, spiritual reading, karmic deficit reading, subconscious reading, devil reading, super-conscious reading, and supra-conscious reading. To classify the scope of these readings is beyond the scope of this conversation, but still, I would say that at least three charts along with the Lagna charts are read in tandem. Here I would like to add that once someone takes these kinds of readings, he can experience incredible transformations. Just go to my website and read what does full life reading by date of birth means. You will take a minimum of 30 minutes only to read and understand what does it really mean?

Question: How accurate are the past life readings? And what is the benefit of it?

DVB: A person gets his Vedic Horoscope the time one is born. And at this time, the path of his journey on this earth gets defined. How come one is shown a particular path without which a person cannot live even for ten seconds on the earth. Therefore, allocation of the birth chart is all because of his previous life karma, which can be read from the Vedic Kundali of the person. It is understood through the Kundli predictions the type of life he underwent in the previous birth and the efforts required to change the negative things to more meaningful things in this birth. It is a very simple theory of Sanchita, Prarabadha, and Agami Karmas but not very easy to under and practice. The person who does not believe in learning from past life readings leaves little chance of karma correction in the present life. I feel past life readings are an inevitable part before making any horoscope predictions in Vedic Astrology. 

Question: How to ensure we get accurate predictions?

DVB – Basic Vedic astrology rules remain the same, and the accuracy of the predictions depends on the person analysing the Horoscope and making the predictions. It is all a professional world, and luckily, we have extensive exposure and transparency to check many parameters before we depend on any able astrologer to lay hands on a birth chart. I can only tell you a few points that any good astrologer must consider before making any horoscope predictions: 

  1. Person must have some essential mathematical qualifications. 
  2. There are theories of 18 Ancient sages behind Vedic Astrology. But any good must have basic knowledge of at least Bhrighu and Parashara and clear hands-on KP and Nadi Shastra. Though very modestly, I will say, I have the expertise on all these 18, but I use them only while doing full life readings of a person.  
  3. Must know how to verify your birth time before any chart analysis and making predictions. If required, should know how to synchronise birth time. 
  4. Must know how to co-relate your past life with the planetary combinations. It is essential to know the ascendant of the person.
  5. Must consider relevant divisional charts than depending only on D-1 Chart. Let me tell you; there are as many as 300 charts. But all charts need to be referred only as per the purpose for which you want the predictions. 

This makes a person a good astrologer by design and not by default. Then one can use own wisdom to check:

  1. Practical experience of that astrologer.
  2. History and experience what people feel about them?
  3. One can also check the 3rd party’s references and presence in the other social media of this astrologer. 
  4. Try to interact directly with the astrologer on whom you want to rely for horoscope predictions and not juniors or assistants in the office.

What do you say about online Horoscope? 

DVB – Online Horoscope available are reliable provided you have accurate birth details, select a source that considers Moon sign for Vedic astrology predictions, considers at least four planets, and has good followers. Online Horoscope for record and generalised results is perfect. I also provide daily Horoscope on my website. However, for any horoscope predictions on specific areas of concern/anxiety, I recommend one should interact directly with the astrologer based on what I have said earlier, then only you can get correct horoscope predictions. 

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of the best astrologers in India, who has been contributing similar insights on Vedic Astrology in this series of astrology articles. One can know more on his website or connect with his office on + 91 9278665588 or at 9278555588 / [email protected]