Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022

How To Find Best Life Partner By Date Of Birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

In today's time, the complexities in getting married and then how to carry the marriage are increasing. It was not like this some decades ago, so there must be some identifiable reason for this. We have carried many articles on this subject of marriage issues. A very unique finding on this was that married life has a direct impact on a person's career. Today when the career has taken the lead in a person's life, both male and female, are equally curious to know what one should do to avoid such complications? And things seem coming to a fundamental point that if we can select the right life partner, we probably make a major breakthrough in avoiding most of such issues. 

So we extended our discussions with Dr Vinay Bajrangi, the top most astrologer in India, about finding the best life partner. He said most of these reasons are due to our own carelessness otherwise, it is very simple to find the best life partner according to date of birth, provided we give heed to this at the right time and the right stage. Here are the main excerpts of this chat about finding the best life partner according to date of birth using astrology. 

Q – How to find the right life partner according to date of birth?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – When we say how to find the best life partner according to date of birth, we refer to the horoscope. Horoscope is a manifesto to indicate and basis to form all decisions related to a person's life as one grows. For marriage, first understand that males are more curious to know about beauty, physical appearance & her future wife's compatibility with him and adaptability with his family. On the other hand, a female is found more concerned about well-being, career , longevity and look for a person who can protect her in future life. Knowing about loyalty in a relationship is probably the common concern for both. 

Let me tell you that answer to all such questions are embedded in your birth details, your horoscope. To start with, we read your D-1 chart, your Lagna, which narrates all about the person. Then we check your D-9 ( Navamsa) for molecular analysis and its confirmation with D-1 Chart. Then we check Upapada Lagna, the Arudha Pada of the 12th house, to gather information about the future life partner. Sage Jaimini originated this concept so you can understand it is authentic. Then we examine the 10th house, the house of the profession of the future spouse. Nowadays, reading this chart for a future life partner according to date of birth is equally important both for males and females. Here, co-relation of 10th house with 7th house (house for spouse and marriage) has become very important in the present times as married life has a direct impact on a person's career. And female is equally concerned about career these days. Then we also check Nakshatra of the Lord of 7th house, which indicates significantly about your spouse's career. 

To judge the financial status of the life partner, we check Lord of 11th house, and if it goes to the 7th house or if it has conjunction with the Lord of 7th house, it indicates that the spouse (more so a husband) will be rich. S(he) may not be a millionaire or billionaire but will be financially better placed than you. Then we evaluate the possibility of a Sreenath Yoga, which means the person will get a better fortune after marriage. It happens when the Lord of the 7th house is exalted in the 9th and 10th house to trigger a Raja Yoga after marriage. 

Then we see Lord of 7th house which, if strong, will give spouse from a wealthy & prosperous family and a weak 7th house Lord means life partner can come from a low status or low-income family.  

The same way, there are combinations to predict about physical appearance, beauty, colour , complexion and overall personality of the spouse. One can know about the loyalty or infidelity factor in a spouse's birth chart. We can see the direction from where the life partner will come or even the distance your life partner will come from. So I think if you can know so many things about your future spouse, it is simple to know how to find the best life partner by date of birth: your horoscope. I am not giving much technical astrology explanation here because you need a master to give predictions about your future life partner, lest people start drawing their own judgements. Still, one can read more on how to find best life partner by date of birth.

So if you know how to select best life partner, how will be the career and family background of your expected spouse: which direction, what distance the spouse can come from: how will be the physical appearance, colour, beauty& personality of the future spouse and finally how will the spouse impact your fate after marriage. I think the astrologer has done the job of helping you to select the best future life partner by your date of birth. With these inputs in your hand, you can refine your search for the best spouse for you using your own resources or matrimonial sites. 

Q- Can we know the reasons for problems in marriage from birth details?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – You think of the problems before and after the marriage, and your birth details have answers to all these problems in marriage and married life. One can know about a good time for marriage from your birth details. It guides you to accelerate your efforts for getting married in those times. There are times where marriage Yoga fructifies at its best according to your birth details, so encash in those times. If you miss that Golden period and keep trying in times when this Marriage Yoga will not fructify, you are only bothering yourself. One should try to gather all possible hints regarding the future spouse as explained above from the birth details. One should marry after matching the charts based on ten marriage compatibility factors again by birth details. This gives you clarity as to how will be the relationship post marriage with you and your family. In my opinion, taking brief counselling before marriage is one of the best tools one can use. Know all about the career, prosperity, character, loyalty of your life partner from birth details. 

In a love marriage, you probably know many of such things about the life partner, but it is still better to get the charts matched and if you don't want to do it, go for a pre-marital counselling session. In an arranged marriage, use the above steps while getting married. I don't say marry only based on what astrologers or astrology say, but your birth details can guide you so very well to know all about before and after marriage. So if there can be problems in marriage, your birth details can foretell all this. Once you follow these simple steps, you can know all reasons from birth details that can bring problem in marriage and married life. 

Q- How to have good marital life according to astrology?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi – How to have a good married life according to astrology is a wrong question. I will not try to give you the good or bad combination for good marriage life. These are widely available on many good astrology websites. I will tell you from a commoner's viewpoint. As explained earlier, astrology is not there to govern your married life. It only tells you what precautions and steps you can take before the marriage according to your birth details. Once you understand these factors, we come to a single point for a happy marital life, and that is conformity to relationship compatibility factors between the two life partners. This one can examine either through comprehensive chart matching for marriage or go for a pre-marital counselling session. Your birth details have adequate parameters to check these compatibility factors. If you can do it, I can assure you will have a wonderful marital life according to astrology or without astrology. 

These were some straight answers from Dr. Vinay Bajrangi where he co-related all marriage issues to selecting the right life partner and checking conformity towards relationship compatibility factors by each partner of life. One can read more about him on his website where he has explained many such things about Karmic way of using astrology. His office nos are +91 9278665588/9278555588.