Saturday, May 21, 2022

How To Easily Share High-Quality Images Using QR Codes?

Image quality may not be important for some, but for people who solely depend their business on images, like photography and advertising, excellent image quality is a must.

How To Easily Share High-Quality Images Using QR Codes?
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In this modern time, sending images and other content has become convenient with the help of online messaging apps. However, sharing these images repeatedly on messaging apps resizes the images resulting in loss of image quality.

 Image quality may not be important for some, but for people who solely depend their business on images, like photography and advertising, excellent image quality is a must. Quality images are important, especially in marketing campaign materials such as billboards, magazines, and posters, to name a few.

 Share your photos conveniently without losing the image quality with the use of QR codes. With this technology, photographers and advertisers will no longer have to worry about distorting the image quality when sharing images. 

 About QR code and how it works!

 A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read and scanned using smartphone cameras. QR codes embed URLs and other contents which redirect people into a digital dimension of information.

 This feature-rich tool offers countless opportunities for various industries today. They are commonly utilized in the business industry as a marketing tool. They are also used to provide creative and innovative services. In today’s latest technological advancement, anyone can use an online QR code generator with a logo to create personalized QR codes.

 Share high-quality images creatively with QR codes

 Sharing numerous photos can be time-consuming and may load up your chatbox with images. With the help of an image QR code, you can now share various high-quality images by just sending the code to people.

 Here are some notable ways on how you can share high-quality images creatively with QR codes:

 Share your images from Dropbox/Google Drive album

 Instantly share your album by converting it into a QR code. Sending an album file might be too large, which obviously slows down the speed of sending the entire album.  You can upload your album in online storage as Dropbox and Google drive then generate a QR code using its URL.

 You can also display this QR code on printed materials and connect your offline materials to your online album on Google Drive or Dropbox. Providing a printed link to your receiver can be troublesome and is prone to typographical error that links broken.

 By simply scanning this QR code, the receiver will be instantly redirected to a Dropbox or Google drive album without the hassle of typing the link.

 If you think that the images on your album are resized when embedded into a QR code, well, it is not. The size and the quality of your images are retained; how amazing this QR technology is?

 Create a QR code for your Image Gallery

 One of the great features that an efficient QR code generator has is that it provides a solution that allows you to make and customize your H5 landing page.

 With this H5 editor QR code solution, you can create a landing page for your images and make an image gallery QR code. You can also layout your images and add some text as well.

 With an image QR code, you will be able to share your all images faster by just sending a QR code.

 PDF QR code with your images

 Another way to store multiple images in one file is to put them into PDF. PDF is commonly used in file-sharing since it is mobile-friendly and retains the file format. After you layout the images in PDF, you can generate a PDF QR code by simply uploading the file through an online QR code generator.

 5 easy steps to generate a QR code

 Generating a QR code is easy. Follow the steps to start generating a QR code:

 1.       Use an online QR code generator software as QRTIGER.

2.       Select the QR code solution that you want to generate

3.       Fill in the needed data

4.       Generate and customize your QR code design

5.       Test QR code readability and download


Showing images of your products or services in public is one way to promote your business. It is, therefore, crucial for the images to be of their best quality.  Sending images for advertisement printing using messaging apps may result in loss of image quality, share easy access high-quality images using QR codes.

 The QR technology gives a new and creative way to improve and simplify processes.

With this tool, you can now share your images conveniently for advertisement printing without worrying about losing the image quality.