Saturday, May 28, 2022

Hitesh C Soni: Indian Lawyer Honoured With The Prestigious 'The Indian Achievers Award 2021'

Bombay-based law firm Hitesh Soni and Associates gained national recognition

Hitesh C Soni: Indian Lawyer Honoured With The Prestigious 'The Indian Achievers Award 2021'
Hitesh C Soni, Hitesh Soni and Associates

Hitesh C Soni, Founder & Chairman, Hitesh Soni and Associates, Mumbai, honoured with the Indian Achievers' Award 2021 for his outstanding professional achievement and contribution in Nation Building by Govt. of India recognised body 'Indian Achievers' Forum'.

Soni received this award in a virtual event and the Executive Director, Indian Achievers' Forum.

"We are very glad to present the Indian Achievers' Award to Hitesh C Soni, one of the most extraordinary legal professionals and founder of an emerging leading law firm - Hitesh Soni and Associates. As we all know, Soni, in the year 2017, founded this law firm with headquarters in Bombay. For a first-generation lawyer to establish a legal practice in Bombay at the young age of 26, he is widely regarded as exceptional in the field of law", said Harish Chandra, after presenting the honour to Hitesh C Soni.

Soni commented on this honour, saying, "I thank the entire team of IAF for bestowing this prestigious award. I dedicate this award to all those who believed in me."

Recently, he has been recognised as 'Most Reliable Law Firm' in the 2021 issue of Insights Success. They have highlighted India's most renowned and promising law firms, and Hitesh Soni and Associates made it to the list. Despite being very young in the legal industry, Hitesh Soni made it global and national lights.

The magazine editors have acclaimed Mr. Soni as the 'Erudite Visionary'.

Mr. Hitesh Soni went on to launch his own firm M/s Hitesh Soni and Associates in Bombay, after a year of completion of B.A. LL. B. (Honors) degree from Jodhpur National University. Despite being born in a business family in Mount Abu, Hitesh had dreamt of becoming a lawyer since he was 15. During his degree, he did a five-year-long permanent part-time internship.

With his constant persistence, clarity, efficiency, versatility and knowledge of ethical, legal practices, Hitesh Soni and Associates was founded in 2017. Hitesh is a first-generation lawyer who successfully established a legal practice in Bombay at 26.

He is acknowledged as an exceptional lawyer who has handled more than 200 cases in the Bombay High Court and various other courts.

Mr. Soni believes that one can start a business with money, but only one cannot thrive with money. As per him, the legal profession demands a legal mind, honesty, and consistency throughout. He adds by saying that, "If you're into this profession only part-time or for money, the legal profession is not for you." He conveys that the legal profession is all about patience, and if one fails to offer that, then this profession is not for him. Persistence and consistency are the keys to attaining the zenith of this profession.

Mr. Soni further shares the perks of being the first generation of lawyers. Since no one has been before you, he said that no ideal way of doing the work is imposed on you. Once you understand this and start paving your path, you will find utmost joy and freedom in the journey. You will make mistakes, learn from them, and evolve. This will hone your capacity and make you better than yourself every day.