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Ganpat Banthia, The Humanitarian From Rajasthan, Has Devoted Himself To Bringing Smiles On The Faces Of Poor

Ganpat Banthia, The Humanitarian From Rajasthan, Has Devoted Himself To Bringing Smiles On The Faces Of Poor
Ganpat Banthia, The Humanitarian From Rajasthan, Has Devoted Himself To Bringing Smiles On The Faces Of Poor -

In the times when people are concerned only about themselves and their family members, few human beings always keep humanity above everything else. For such noble souls, serving society, especially the poor and needy, is the biggest aim of their lives, and each breath they take is devoted to the welfare of others. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia is a humanitarian who has been lending support and help to those facing such problems as poverty, unemployment, sickness, etc. Belonging to Balotra, Rajasthan, Mr. Ganpat Banthia is a multi-faceted person, a successful businessman, a famous politician, and a very active social worker. His father, Shri Champalal Banthia, was a freedom fighter who went on to serve the people of Barmer as an MLA and belonging to a politician’s family helped Ganpat Banthia in understanding the problems of people in a better manner, especially of those who hail from the weaker section of the society. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia is the founder and managing director of various businesses – cosmetics, manufacturing of all cement allied products, and repairing transformers and electric poles. He has set high standards while serving as an executive member in Bharatiya Janata Party (Rajasthan). He maintained that standard when he was Chairman of ITI college (Siwana) and, Chairman of “Shri Champalal Banthia Charitable Trust” (an NGO). He is also Secretary of CEPT trust & Laghu Udyog Mandal (Balotra), President Laghu Udyog Prakost Jodhpur region, Vice President business cell of Bharatiya Janata Party Rajasthan and founder member of Laghu Udyog Bharti, Balotra, and this has further increased his stature in the society. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia believes in the statement, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”, and the best thing about social work that he likes is the challenge that he faces in recognising the real problems then finding solutions for them. Mr. Ganpat Banthia is the founder and President of Shri Champalal Banthia Charitable Trust and is playing an instrumental role in transforming the lives of many poor and needy individuals. 

The trust is mainly dedicated towards the welfare of widows, deaf and handicapped people. It ensures that widows become self-reliant and they don’t need to depend on anyone for their livelihood. For this purpose, stitching machines are provided to them to work even from their homes. Mr. Ganpat Banthia and his trust help deaf people by providing them with hearing machines and hand pedalled cycles/wheelchairs/artificial hands or legs/crutches, etc., are provided to disabled people as per their requirement. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia’s trust is also involved in other social work activities such as planting trees, providing food to the cows and dogs, etc. Moreover, they did commendable work during the COVID-19 pandemic by distributing masks, PPE Kits, sanitisers, ration kits to the poor. Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, the former Home Minister of Rajasthan, is also a member of the trust, plus Mr. Ganpat Banthia has a team of 1000 members associated with him who work under his guidance for the betterment of society. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia believes that successful social activists have a vision. They work to achieve their goals of social welfare with hard work and determination. They are never afraid of obstacles that come in their way. He feels that whenever a person gets gripped with doubts, he should believe in himself and his intuition to get his doubts cleared. 

Mr. Ganpat Banthia firmly believes that a person should continuously improve himself rather than finding flaws in others and targeting them for his imperfections. 

The efforts made by Mr. Ganpat Banthia for serving society are certainly praiseworthy, and he deserves all the love and appreciation of the world. 

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