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Full life reading by date of birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

We hear many varieties of astrological predictions starting from daily horoscope predictions, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscope predictions and sometimes even 10 years or 25 years predictions. But then we wonder if Vedic astrology is such a proven science, can someone give the readings for the whole life and predictions for the detailed events, sorrows, and happiness one will face during the course of life. So we spoke to one of the best Vedic astrologers in India – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi in this series of Outlook initiative for insights of Vedic Astrology for our readers.

 He says the full life reading by date of birth for full life event’ predictions are entirely different from a regular horoscope analysis and totally different from booklets like 5 or 10 or 25 Years’ life predictions. Such a reading is so comprehensive that even if a person does not know the correct birth details, you get to know your accurate birth time. Let me also tell you that the full life reading is so comprehensive that only a few Vedic astrologers in the World can do it, and rest be assured, such a reading cannot be for free in any case. I myself need to prepare myself for a few days before giving such a reading.


What is a whole life reading by date of birth?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi - The whole life readings by date of birth helps a person to know all about the past, present and future life. So, for people who are really keen to learn from the past life deeds to improve the present life and lay the foundation for the next life, whole life reading is like a Ram Baan. It lets you know the purpose of your present birth and plan your life in line with it. This starts with learning from the past karmas and moulding your life in a spiritual way or coming face to face with your consciousness and planning your life accordingly. Ultimately the purpose is to uplift your karmas towards salvation. This is based on the fundamental theory of 18 ancient sages to read your Karmas, consciousness, and many more factors which you might not have even heard of before you know what “Ultimate Life

Reading” is? Here you will understand the following things:

1. The fundamental cause of your birth, 

2. The role given by the almighty to you for accomplishment, 

3. The spiritual pane you are in, 

4. The karmic deficit you have been carrying since previous births, 

5. The subconscious mind influencing the physical attributes, 

6. The Devil  who have befriended you and are trying to deviate you from the path of salvation, 

7. The true friends you have been overlooking. 

8. The super-conscious level reading and modifications 

9. And the supra-conscious reading and modifications. 

Bowing my head to Sage Parashar, the doyen of Vedic astrology and ultimate Astrology Guru, I will categorize and read your life in the following formats of Vedic understanding.

I would like to categorize the whole life reading by date of birth and predictions into five major categories as explained below:

Shadvargas reading

It means a complete reading of you(the native), your wealth, your initiations, your luck, longevity, and your misfortunes. In this reading, an astrologer will start reading the D-1 Chart, which is the mother of all aspects of your life but needs conformity with the respective divisional charts.

Hora chart - to the signification of your 2nd house such as wealth, prosperity, happiness, intelligence and your power to discriminate. This is the first level of consciousness to ascertain the physical attributes of the person.

Decanter Chart (D-3) - the Upachaya house is referred to see the growth, fulfilment of desires, initiations, enterprising, courage and communication power of the native.

Navamsa (D-9) Chart – to read factors that decide your luck and reveal your character and spiritual strengths.

Dwadasamsa Chart (D-12)- is the last division in the first cycle of physical awareness. Your predecessors, their longevity, comfort, and the amount of happiness you will get from them and their role in your karmic accomplishment are seen through this chart.

Trishamsa Chart (D-30):- for understanding all diseases and evils, Bhadhaks and weakness one has to suffer due to past karmas. This chart is the sixth chart of the third cycle, known as the cycle of the subconscious plane, and an essential part of whole life predictions. Reading of the Shadbalas, one gets to know the strength (Bals) of planets in these six important charts. Another very important aspect of this reading is that your birth time gets verified and, if required, rectified in Shadvargas reading. Getting the whole life reading and predictions without accurate birth time can be an irreversible mistake.

Saptvarga Reading

This extends the reading of all the above charts and their significations further to include D-7 Chart Saptamsha with a primary focus on the 5th house, the chart for progeny.

Dasavarga Reading

In this reading, we include a group of ten charts in tandem to examine all traits and significations of past, present, and future life.

The charts that are examined here are D-10, the chart for profession, choosing the right career and profession be it as Employee or employer, in social work or politics. D-16 chart, which is the second harmonic of the 4th house to know happiness through the mind. It lays emphasis on enjoyment with wealth rather than just focussing on accumulation. Many have all the wealth and riches but are deprived of their actual enjoyment. Next in this reading, we include D-60 to evaluate happiness and sorrows in general. This is the only chart that reveals the supra-consciousness of the person.

Shodasavarga Reading

Here, we include six more charts apart from whatever is included above. These are D-4 to see luck, liabilities, happiness from the family, and life contentment. Next is the D-20 chart to read your existence distinct from your physical being, your spiritual pursuits attained from your last birth, and that you will pursue in the present birth.

Next in the reading is D-24 to understand your learning from your elders and then evaluate “siddhis” of the native. D -27 is read to assess your ability to cope up with stress and emotions. Then we analyse D-40 to understand your eternal likes and dislikes, D-45 to read your intrinsic character.

 Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading

The ultimate full life reading by date of birth: is the final chart reading any Vedic astrologer can do for whole life events’ predictions. This reading in addition to reading all charts included in and up to Shodasvarga reading, takes into account ten other charts.

These charts include D-5 to assess your authority in dealing with different aspects of life.

Then D-6 Chart to assess your health and ability to fight with the diseases. It enlightens a person to protect from falling into the trap of early diseases.

D-8 Chart to assess the timings, place, circumstances, and causes of your death. The circumstances that led to deaths in the previous life(s). This chart also helps a person know the chances of getting sudden & secret wealth.

D-11 to assess money that you get deserved or undeserved including money from gambling, illegitimate black money, and speculative gains.

D-72 to micro-analyze your 8th house to examine the events that can lead to the end of your present birth and make predictions for future birth.

D-81 which is the ultimate marriage chart and to examine factors haunting you in the present life and how to rectify the same.

D-108 to check sexual capabilities and desires including the inclination towards same-sex indulgence. This chart also helps to rectify the birth time to microseconds.

D-144 chart for your forefathers to evaluate the sufferings they might be going through and how to uplift their quality of life.

D-150, also known as Chandra Kala Amsha, the seed of your destiny. Each sign is divided into 150 divisions, and the quality of seed of every planet is seen through this chart to suggest remedial measures.

D-300, also known as Ardha Nadi Amsha, where each sign is divided into 300 parts. It enlightens you to change the self within you.

 You would find fellow astrologers normally going up to D-60 but starting from D-1 and reading up to D-300 is required for something known as full life readings by date of birth which can neither be done by a novice nor can be free. You cannot get such a reading auto-generated or within hours. It is an arduous job for even the best astrologer in the World but is the ultimate marvel of Vedic Astrology, says the top best astrologer in India with many similar insights on Vedic Astrology on his website His contact details: or office phone nos +919278555588/9278665588.