Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022
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Entrepreneur Rohit Kumar Talks About Motivation Of Getting Ahead With Media Trendz

Rohit Kumar, also known as Rohit Kumar Singh, is an Indian entrepreneur and writer and CEO and Founder of Media Trendz. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was associated with famous Television news channels in different positions.

Rohit Kumar, Founder & CEO, Media Trendz

Rohit Kumar had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to leave the security of his journalism job to start his own marketing company Media Trendz. He didn't have many clients, but he did have some ideas on building the business into something that could be successful in the long run—if not immediately profitable.

Rohit Kumar, also known as Rohit Kumar Singh, is an Indian entrepreneur and writer and CEO and Founder of Media Trendz. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was associated with famous Television news channels in different positions. He has always been passionate about technology, web marketing and SEO, which made him join the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare as a Media Consultant and later start his first business venture on Web back in 2018. Since then, he has grown Media Trendz into one of India's fastest-growing media & advertising agencies.

Being a Journalist
In a way, I still am. I approach my marketing endeavours from a journalistic perspective. It allows me to think about how stories are told and put together—and then how those stories connect with people emotionally. I've found that journalists make really good marketers! We care about knowing our audience, what will resonate with them and what they need from us at any given time. This is crucial for building lasting relationships with our customers and fans across multiple media channels.

Turning Into An Entrepreneur
During those early days, I realized how exciting it is to tell someone's story in such a way that people relate to, and it leaves a long-lasting impression on them. Just like everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur but can't make up their mind, I started looking for a road map. What should I do first? How to build a brand? What are my goals etc.? Unfortunately, there wasn't much guidance available except a few books or articles that were very general or were not easy enough to follow by an aspiring entrepreneur. But finally, I got a chance to work as a Media Consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture, and this was the platform I was looking for to go ahead with and handle various things without any fear, followed what others were doing...what worked for them..and then slowly changed my gears and decided to go ahead with something big....my own company called Media Trendz.

What is Media Trendz
Media Trendz is one of India's leading media & advertising agencies, offering its clients an integrated 360-degree approach to managing their presence across the platforms. The firm has pioneered many unique, cost-effective solutions that increase visibility, enhance brand value and assist companies in their overall marketing objectives. Headquartered in New Delhi (National Capital Region), Media Trendz operates nationally across 22 cities with clients from Real Estate, Healthcare, Educational Institutions, Hospitality & Public Figures. Their key offerings include Communication Strategy, Media Planning & Buying services, Branding & Identity Designing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising Campaign management, and Digital / Social Media Solutions.

Motivation Behind Media Trendz
Rohit left his job as a media consultant to start Media Trendz because he saw an opportunity to do things differently in PR, branding & marketing, with communication only getting faster every year. He's now working to help businesses with their 360-degree marketing approach. Media Trendz is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for startups to established companies.

Challenges Faced In The Maiden Entrepreneurial Journey with Media Trendz
It's extremely difficult to get your brand out there and generate enough buzz to attract customers. For newly launched businesses, it's especially difficult because you aren't yet established in the market, but that doesn't mean you can't generate buzz for your business. Rohit says there have been numerous times when I faced challenges, but I took it as a learning opportunity to grow bigger, better, and stronger every time. Another thing that helped Media Trendz's founder Rohit Kumar was his already established media figure, which meant his social connections were relatively strong compared to other startup founders. This allowed him to leverage his network and spread awareness about Media Trendz. Lastly, Rohit says. Challenges are part and parcel of starting your venture. Those who have not met with failure will find it hard to succeed.