Sunday, Oct 02, 2022
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Entertainment Industry Has Leapfrogged With The Help Of Digital Transformation

Today, we have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many other video service providers where we can view anything we want. We have a completely new world of entertainment and an extensive range of options to watch.

Digital Transformation has had an impact on almost every industry and all walks of life by bringing about a great transformation in recent years. The entertainment industry is no exception to this category.

In fact, the changes in this industry have happened so fast and are so evident that it looks entirely different from what it was twenty years back. This is great news for people who love to watch movies, series, shows and other such video content. We have been transformed through time, and now we live in a world of digital technology. It has changed how we used to use or experience entertainment.

Today, we have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many other video service providers where we can view anything we want. We have a completely new world of entertainment and an extensive range of options to watch. We are in a situation wherein it is impossible to imagine a life without any source of entertainment. All of us have smartphones through which we can stream any show or movie we like. In simple words, digital transformation has changed the face of entertainment. Let’s see how this industry has leapfrogged to an incredible extent.

The Drastic Growth of Online Video Streaming Services

Amidst the global pandemic wherein people are confined to their homes due to worldwide lockdowns imposed for long periods, the need for online video streaming services has seen a drastic growth. The entertainment industry is constantly looking for new ways to adapt to the digital landscape and give the best to its customers.

With the ever-increasing demand for internet services and high-quality video content, the conventional television subscription plans had to take a backseat. More than 70% of millennials are stream videos daily. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have seen a sudden surge in viewership across the world. Considering how people are quickly adapting to mobile apps to access various entertainment platforms, it is expected to see a spike in these online streaming services.

The Role of Viewership Habits

The online video streaming platforms are also doing their best to offer the best possible user experience to their customers. Researching the viewership habits of customers helps them to a great extent so that they can come up with the right shows for the audience. For example, Netflix created the political drama series ‘House of Cards’ after considering the viewership habits of its customers. It turned out to be a huge hit and went on for six seasons.

The video streaming providers have made streaming videos and movies very easy for people with the help of digital technologies like the Cloud, DevOps, and Microservices. They collect data related to viewership habits – like which scene was most watched in a movie, which part of a movie was rewinded or fast-forwarded – all such things help them evaluate what viewers like and what they don’t like.

All these options--like the ability to rewind and watch an action-packed scene, the ability to listen to your favourite dialogue, pause & watch later or simply binge-watching, has literally passed the power to the hands of the common person.

The Boom of OTT Platforms

The ongoing pandemic has led to a boom in OTT platforms. With COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing and lockdowns in place, people are not in a position to go to a theatre to watch movies. Though televisions are accessible, not all types of content get streamed here. OTT platforms are the go-to option for many to watch television shows, crime thrillers, real-life videos, comedy shows, politics and more without any kind of censorship.

OTT platforms have made it possible for each family member to get access to content based on their age, gender, interest and hobby. Netflix has even created categories like ‘Popular on Netflix’, ‘Trending Now’, ‘Top 10 in your country’ & ‘Recommended for You’. People can use these options to know what’s famous or what their peers or friends are watching.

Apart from this, customers get the option to watch ‘Movies Based on Real Life’, ‘Documentaries’ ‘Children & Family Movie’ & ‘Critically-acclaimed’ etc. Customers have the power in their hands – there are no limitations like only one television for the whole family and hence only one show at a time.

While many people have the feeling that this has divided the family, it all depends on how wisely they use this technology. It’s still possible to bond with loved ones who stay far away through options like Watch Party, which is available on platforms like Amazon Prime.

We have now seen how digital transformation has helped the entertainment industry leapfrog and redefine the real meaning of entertainment. Digital Transformation is changing the face of all industries & the entertainment industry has harnessed its true power. The customer is the king. The entertainment industry has really adapted this adage by creating movies, shows, as per customer choice & giving him a frictionless way to watch these.