Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Does Today's horoscope really work: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Our day starts with a lot of thoughts. Many times we feel, oh I missed it yesterday: I could have done it yesterday: I should not have done it yesterday! What can I do for a better day Today? These are human thoughts that come to any mind. Stress in our daily lives and aspirations for some good things that should happen in our daily lives is a natural mindset for almost all. Also, since our daily life actions eventually become the basis of our joy and sorrow for future life, we look for some general guidelines for our daily life. We have also seen many newspapers, magazines, and good astrology websites publishing Today's horoscope/daily horoscopes predictions. So there must be some importance of Today's horoscope and daily horoscope.

To understand more about Today's horoscope, up to what extent we can rely on Today's horoscope, and how to make the best use of these daily horoscopes/horoscope Today, we spoke to one of the best astrologers in India –Dr Vinay Bajrangi. He said Today's horoscope is different for all Zodiac signs, and we should understand how to make the best use of these daily horoscope/horoscope Today. Majorly Today's horoscope is a general indication & guideline for an average person of a particular Zodiac sign. Since these are based on a very high level of probability, one should use them for a general guideline and take small learning of some dos and don'ts for a particular day. Please do not make any major decisions based on this daily horoscope Today. Here are the excerpts of our discussions with him as to up to what extent we should rely on these Today's horoscope and the best way to look at the same?

 Can Today's horoscope help a person?

DVB - Today' s horoscope predictions can surely help you. You see things like Today's horoscopes, daily horoscope are a precious segment of predictive astrology. Lot of astrological inputs go in announcing these daily predictions for different Zodiac Signs. The only thing is we should what are these Today's horoscope, how to read them, and make the best use of these daily predictions. One important thing I would like to state here is that if the source announcing such a daily horoscope Today considers at least four planets and not just one or two planets, then Today's horoscopes predictions will help a person more. 

What is Today's horoscope?

DVB – Today's horoscopes are an astrological analysis and indication as to how planets would act/react on a particular day. This impact differs for the twelve different signs. It is mainly to declare how your day would be Today. Today's horoscope indicates how different planets may impact the different faculty of your life. And that is how you will see this daily horoscope for Career, finance, love life, family, and health mainly. Each planet, when transits from one sign to the other sign, give different results. You find one or the other transit of planets on a regular basis, and horoscope Today give you an idea as to what does each sign will have in store for the day. 

Astrology is a science, and predicting Today's horoscopes and daily horoscope is an art. I say "art" because a lot of planetary combinations, including transits of various planets, need to be seen for delivering daily horoscopes. That is where one should try to get aligned to a good astrology website or other sources delivering these Today's horoscopes. Read Today's horoscope on my website, which I don't say is the best, but you will feel the difference. 

What is the importance of Today's horoscope?

DVB – There are two ways to look at the importance of Today's horoscope. One, what should a person avoid doing on a particular day & second, what one should try to do on a specific day. In a nutshell, these Today's horoscopes indicate some dos and don'ts for a particular day if there are options available to you. It is like if you have to travel, go for an interview, go for an outing with friends, meet your loved one, make some investment and similar daily life actions. Here if the option is to do it Today or some other day and you feel you can alter your decision based on Today's horoscope prediction, do it. It may give you some benefit but certainly not a big loss if you only defer it from one day to another. These Today's horoscopes do not mean that you never do it but only tell you to do it on a different day. As explained above, different planets have a different impact based on their daily position, so one can get benefit from these daily horoscopes' predictions. I am not saying that you change such decisions forever because that needs a detailed reading of your horoscope from such an angel. So this is the importance of Today's horoscopes. People having faith in astrology do rely on Today's horoscopes more, but others also read such daily predictions with interest, sometimes just to talk in their circle or maybe for entertainment's sake. That is how you would notice extremely powerful social media platforms are also announcing Today's horoscope predictions on a daily basis. 

How accurate are Today's horoscope?

DVB – You see, we should not question: how accurate are Today's horoscope? Such predictions are announced by reputed sites after doing a lot of hard work. This you can say is one of the promotional activities also but it needs a thorough study of nine planets, twelve houses in a horoscope and delivered for twelve signs. Therefore any website announcing Today's horoscope would ensure its accuracy. If such a prediction was made for person-specific and all the combinations of Vedic astrology were applied by a good astrologer, the accuracy would be much better than when such predictions are made for all persons of a particular Zodiac sign. 

How to rely on Today's horoscopes?

DVB – I think I replied already. Look for any source that considers at least four planets for delivering such daily horoscope predictions. Here one important point is that we should try to read Today's horoscopes predictions based on Moon Sign if you ask me according to Vedic Astrology. Why I say this: you see, there is nothing wrong in reading such daily horoscope predictions based on Sun Sign as the Westerners do. But in my opinion, reading a daily horoscope based on the Moon sign according to Vedic astrology will have better accuracy.

 Again, let me clarify: Moon stays in a sign for two and a half days covering all those born in these Sixty Hours compared to Sun, which stays in a sign for about thirty days. So people born in those thirty days means about Seven Hundred twenty hours would be much larger, impacting the probability percentage. Rest is all a matter of belief to choose between Sun Sign and Moon sign for reading these Today's horoscopes predictions. 

 In my opinion, if you really want to rely on Today's horoscopes, get aligned to a good website delivering such predictions for some time. Read your Today's horoscope predictions for a few days, see the impact on your daily life & make it a routine to read it every day to plan your day. 

 Is Today's horoscope different from horoscope?

DVB – Oh, sure, Today's horoscope is different from horoscope. First, let me tell you horoscope is the one allotted to you at the time of birth. Horoscope is based on the position of all nine planets on the date, time and place of birth of a person-specific. It remains unchanged throughout the life of a person covering all life events until the time person breaths. Today's horoscope is only for a particular day and is based on three or four planets. Today's horoscope for Career, love life, finance, family life, and maybe health cover only a few aspects of life. Today's horoscope gives a general idea that too for some specific areas of life as explained, but the main horoscope is the guide map for all aspects of life and is the primary document that governs a person's whole life. 

 In my opinion, reading the weekly horoscope to know what next week has for you, co-relate it with your daily horoscope prediction can really help you if you know how to make the best use of all these daily and weekly horoscopes. 

 This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi in the series of revealing many similar facts of Vedic Astrology. One can read more articles on Vedic Astrology on or contact his office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.