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Datar Security Service Group Plans On Creating Its Everlasting Legacy In The Securities Industry

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Datar Security Service Group Plans On Creating Its Everlasting Legacy In The Securities Industry

DSSG has been offering trained and qualified personnel to the security and manpower industry for more than 15 years and has established itself as a market leader. With the industry set to go under major transformation in the coming years, DSSG is well prepared to protect the society and the nation.

Datar Security Service Group began with the simple vision of providing manpower solutions to both the government and the private sector in India. Our Chairman Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd) who received Shaurya Chakra for an act of gallantry in Punjab in 1993, foresaw an opportunity in the private security services sector after realizing its critical role towards maintaining safety and security of our citizens and their assets. He believed that the private security industry can act like an extended arm of law enforcement agencies by helping the police and army focus on their critical operations instead of non-critical ones.

When DSSG first began its operations, some startling revelations came to the fore like the unorganized state of the industry and absence of a standardized regulatory system for wages as well as lack of training. Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.) with his business acumen and strict adherence to the principle of integrity which he followed throughout his life right from his days in the army sought after providing his employees with the right wages as well as training. He began with an office in New Delhi with a handful of employees who were trained under his personal supervision for important techniques like identifying suspicious behaviour indicators, securing both premises and property by active guarding and patrolling, knowing appropriate measures during emergencies as well as serving the clients without interfering.

Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.), Chairman of Datar Security Service Group, one of the leading security companies of India

Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.) says and we quote “In any organization it is very important to imbibe the right values at the start so that as and when the company grows new people follow the same learning that the existing ones are implementing daily. It was my mission to have a great culture in the organization which embraces diversity, honesty, strong work ethic as well as respect for both colleagues and client as it is the people who make the company instead of it being the other way round”

After serving various organizations of Delhi with better security personnel as they were well trained in comparison to the ones supplied by the unorganized sector and less expensive than the ones supplied by the organized sector DSSG slowly started to establish itself.  However, we got our first big break by getting a contract with Engineers India Limited (EIL) of 110 security guards for a period of 3 years. Other clients of the energy sector also came on board with DSSG establishing strong ties with Oil India Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited to become a force to be reckoned with.

Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.), Chairman and Founder, Datar Security Service Group

Over the years DSSG expanded its client base across different industries like agriculture, construction, transport, education, healthcare and banking by providing exceptional manned guarding services. As the business expanded, Adel Singh who was still studying joined his father’s business which was now present in over 9 locations to help in overseeing and managing its increasing operations.

During the coronavirus crisis when most companies were laying off their staff DSSG did not lay off a single employee and at the same time went along with the appraisals as scheduled. This success should solely be attributed to our Group CEO Adel Singh as it was because of his vision we were able to see out this tough period. He independently researched about the industry last year and the numbers before taking it up to the board and chairman who were impressed with his initiative and gave him the nod of approval to take the project forward. He quickly communicated the information to the whole team to align them with this new objective which is why soon after the company won its first tender to operate and maintain toll on a major stretch in the country. This opened a new source of revenue for the organization which allowed DSSG to stay its course during the tough situation created by the pandemic. The next step is to get more involved in the infrastructure sectors by providing them total manpower solutions as it is too big an opportunity to miss.

The first-round table conference with our security personnel helmed by the Founder and Chairman Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.)

“The private security industry in India is well on its way to become the second largest employment generator after the agriculture industry. According to forecasts the industry is set to touch 1.5 lakh crores (USD 23.1 bn) by 2022 with the focus on making unskilled labour more skilled. Currently manned guarding is the largest segment in the security services industry because of its high visibility and efficiency in security of both premises and individuals. It also takes care of the key concerns of most clients like preventing unauthorized access and guarding property against destruction and damage. Moreover, India is all set to witness a huge surge in infrastructure construction like that of airports, shopping malls, metro stations, IT parks among others which will create a huge demand for trained security professionals that we plan on supplying”. – Adel Singh

Moreover, the pandemic brought new challenges for DSSG’s personnel as they were stationed at Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital wherein free screenings for COVID-19 were carried out as well as Ambedkar Nagar hospital, a dedicated COVID-19 treatment facility with 200 exclusive beds. Our personnel performed their duties very well by reminding patients to maintain social distancing as well as took proper precautions like wearing masks and using hand sanitizer for which they received special training. Also, at the time of crisis the country saw a spike in the number of criminal activities which was why our security agents were more alert than ever while serving valuable clients like Canara Bank ATMs, National Book Trust of India as well as the Education department of South East Delhi.

Recognizing the importance of their service our guards stationed at Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital were honoured with the ‘Excellency in Guard Services’ award on the eve of Independence day. The award was presented to them by the Medical Director Dr. P.S. Khatana and MLA of Rithala Constituency Mr. Mohinder Goyal for performing their duty diligently and staying vigilant at all times. Apart from performing their duties well our guards assisted the hospital staff wherever required as they saw a rising number of patient admissions during COVID-19 to help in whichever way they could.

Adel Singh, Group CEO, Datar Security Service Group

The exceptional service provided during these times should be attributed to our well known training modules used to prepare our personnel which are among the best in the industry.
We provide the same type of training to both our men and women security personnel in our gender inclusive training centres that provide key instructions on remaining vigilant and alert on premises at all times. In our corporate offices as well we have a healthy gender ratio which is key to having a positive work environment and balance. Moreover for our new tolling operation we have reserved 30 percent of the staff position for physically handicapped and female officers which is aligned with our mission of women empowerment.


Paving the way for the future

DSSG has been in the industry for the past 16 years and is well aware of the changes the security industry is currently going through. There is set to be a spike in the demand for security personnel for various private and public utilities infrastructure projects that are set to make our cities better connected as well as smarter. In order to meet this growing demand we are scaling our business operations capacity by investing heavily in training centres as well as manpower.

At DSSG we realize how important it is for women to be part of the workforce for the nation to progress and grow which is why during COVID-19 we partnered with iVillage, a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for rural homemakers. Our association with iVillage helped us procure masks from the skilled village workers and distribute it to most affected members of the society along with food supplies which enabled us to do our bit during the pandemic. We want to keep taking such initiatives which have a positive impact on society as our women personnel have made us proud on countless occasions by performing their duties at some of the highest institutions in the country including Airforce Station and Army Institute of Law in Punjab as well as Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, National Law University, District Court and Delhi University in Delhi.

Moreover, we know that every organization today relies on their data that they have managed to acquire over the years with their hard work and want to protect it at all times from both cyber and physical theft. After sensing this rising security threat perception among every organization, we have assembled a special team to understand this business and come up with an execution strategy that can be implemented with ease.

With more and more private and public offices looking to remodel their infrastructure for better electronic protection the demand for security and surveillance systems like access turnstiles and CCTV’s is set to increase. DSSG aims to sync its manned guarding services with integrated electronic security solutions right from installation, operation to maintenance of electronic devices that will be indispensable to organizations in the coming years and will facilitate round the clock protection through e-surveillance.

Moreover, after the Galwan valley incident and our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi’s repeated call for India to be self-reliant we have our eyes set on Drone surveillance in highly sensitive areas. This includes places where our troops are deployed as well as around army and air force headquarters and other buildings in different cities like embassies, historical monuments and areas that are more prone to terrorist attacks.

Since most of the manpower we provide is recruited from the country itself we are extremely aligned with the vision of our Prime Minister to make India more self-reliant. As for the drones and other electronic security equipment we will  manufacture, a facility in the country will be finalized near areas which are rich in the raw material we will require. This will help in generating local employment which will empower our own people so that DSSG is remembered for its goodness by the ones we really care about.