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Daily horoscope today

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Daily horoscope today

Many may not believe in astrological reading but the fact of matter is that the most searched word on the search engine is the daily horoscope or horoscope today. The most read news article in a newspaper is also the daily horoscope today or the ‘daily Rashifal’. Outlook India spoke to Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, the top astrologer in India who revealed many minute details of ‘Daily horoscope’ and more importantly the essentials one should know before relying on daily or today’s horoscopes. Here are excerpts of the interview:

Question: Do daily horoscopes really work and how accurate are daily horoscopes?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: The predictions written in a daily horoscope are based on one or at the most two planets whereas the ‘Kundli’ or a horoscope is formed by many more planets and other elements than just these one or two planets. For accurate predictions all these planets and elements have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, the predictions of a daily horoscope are not that accurate or fine-tuned. These ‘daily horoscope’, or ‘todays horoscope’ can just give you a head start for the day, please do not plan something big or substantial after reading the ‘today’s Rashiphal’.

Question: Then why people read daily predictions or daily horoscopes?

DVB: It has more of a fun element then any seriousness attached to it. Reading it can give a positivity to the reader and he/she can feel good about the day. The ‘daily Rashiphal’ that I write on my website is a little more accurate as I write these daily horoscopes for today taking into consideration four planets compared to many others who consider only two planets. This is a pain taking such a process but I do it for my readers. Those who bank on a daily horoscope should get hooked to my website for a little more accurate reading of horoscope today. I don’t say don’t read daily horoscopes today but do not plan any major decision of your life from these today horoscopes.

Question: Should one read sun sign or moon sign?

DVB: It depends upon the inclination of the astrologer who writes the horoscope. A Vedic astrologer will always write the horoscope based on the moon sign whereas an astrologer who follows Western astrology will write the daily horoscope based on the sun sign. The reader should be well aware of the methodology the astrologer has undertaken. For example, in my website you will find that I have categorically defined that I my basis of Daily Horoscope or Rashifal prediction is based on moon sign. If the readers do not know their moon sign, they can use free calculator on my website to know their moon sign. You see Sun remains in a sign for one month so all born in that one month will have the same Sun Sign. Moon remains in a sign for about two and half days so the no’s of persons in one moon sign will be far less than persons born in a month It is a simple mathematics calculations therefore it is better to follow Moon sign than Sun sign for better accuracy. The reading done on the basis of moon sign is far more accurate than the reading done on the basis of sun sign.

Question: What is online horoscope and is it different from daily horoscope?

DVB: Horoscope is the chart that gets prepared by inputting date, time and place of birth of one person. It is unique for every individual as all the above three parameters are highly improbable to be the same for any two individuals and that too, of the same gender. Horoscope online or taken personally is person specific & is different for each person. Whereas the ‘daily horoscope’ or the ‘daily Rashiphal’ or ‘horoscope today’ is a generic reading that gets derived from the placement of just one or two planets for a particular ‘sun-sign’ or a ‘moon-sign’. And it is for all born in that particular sign. Therefore daily horoscopes work on a infinite probability factor  

Those who do not have their unique horoscope can opt for the online facility of obtaining one but only with their correct birth date, time & place of birth. I caution here that if you have an iota of doubt on accurate birth details, get your birth details rectified first. You can go for a birth time rectification but only through a master astrologer.

Question: Is the online horoscope accurate?

DVB: It all depends upon the software that the online portal is using. If the web portal is using a reliable software the online horoscope could be accurate. But it should not only show the Lagna chart but should have minimum required finer charts also. Have an experience of my website where you can find your online horoscope which will be accurate. Apart from it being accurate it will showcase all the relevant charts, sub-charts and all the elements that could be needed for making a prediction. I have been working on the user experience of my website and I think is has turned out to be very amazing especially the personal home page for every user.

Question- Which can be a good astrology website?

DVB: You would see many websites as the best astrology sites. All have their own merits. However, my perception for a good astrology website is that it should offer you information of substance & atleast with some basic inputs about a birth chart than straightway asking you to buy some or the other product. Some basic information about the native will give a better confidence level to further rely if that is a good astrology website? Over the years I had been contemplating on the idea of providing an astrology-portal to the users who can by themselves figure out many things related to their horoscopes without actually dealing with any astrologer in person. Apart from proving them the most accurate daily horoscope based on moon sign, I also provide the daily love horoscope, daily finance horoscope, daily career horoscope and daily health horoscope. I also talk about the lucky number and the lucky colour for the individual. Mine may not the best astrology site but through this website one can have a most detailed online horoscope that too absolutely free.

For the benefit of the users, I have also placed at appropriate places many calculators like the gem’s calculator, Rudrakash calculator, Manglik calculator, Kaal Sarpa Dosha calculator, Numerology calculator and love compatibility calculator. I focus on giving recommendations than dealing with such things as merchandise.

Questions: What other kind of free astrology calculators your website has?

DVB: My website explains almost all the problem that a human can face in his life time. What ever problem my website explains, it has a astrology calculator for the users to evaluate the situations for themselves. For example, if a person is facing some problems in his married life, he can see through the astrology calculator the extent of the problem he has. The most remarkable astrology calculators are the career building calculator which helps you in deciding the career you should be opting for. The Vastu calculator which can explain the extent of the Vastu Dosha your premise has and that with Vastu compliance without much demolitions & re-structure. I can say for sure that once you happen to visit my astro-portal, you are sure to book mark it for future references.

Question: Can you say your website is the best astrology website? DVB: There are many websites on astrology. Some offer some services whereas some offer some other services. I am modest to say my website may not be the best astrology site yet it speaks comprehensively of all domain of the human life. And observing this, I had decided to make a portal which would be comprehensively covering all the domains of the human life and should have something for the users to know for themselves that too for free. Best astrology website is the one which focuses more on giving recommendations & information than making it more merchandising as I said earlier. Navigate it once and you are bound to get addicted to it for the better. 


Question: It is very nice to know about the astro-portal that you have developed. Does it have joining fees?

DVB: This web portal has no joining fees. It is absolutely free. All the features in it, like the online horoscope, daily horoscope, the astrology calculators etc are absolutely free. Go ahead and use it. But let me also clarify that if you have any specific issue related to a particular trait, please go for a birth chart based analysis be it me or any other good astrologer.


Question: What should one do for a bad horoscope?

DVB: Many people come to me and ask my judgement on their horoscopes. For all those people who wish to get their horoscope rated and for those who consider their horoscope bad, please understand that no horoscope is good and no horoscope is bad. I am very critical on this question & would reaffirm that each horoscope has both negative and positive planets & no horoscope is bad or good. What we got in horoscope depends on what we did in previous birth(s) & what we do in present life manifests our horoscope of next life till the stage of salvation. Yes, through the horoscope one can understand all the problems, pitfalls one can face in his life. He/she should device ways to navigate through those pitfalls and if one has or develops that ability, he/she is bound to shine in life. So focus here than terming any horoscope good or bad.

The karma that one does, activates/deactivates the planets and the houses in a horoscope. Through effective reading of a horoscope one can easily see that what kind of houses and planets one has activated or deactivated. After these readings, suitable methods are devised to reactivate the good ones and deactivate the bad ones. This process if done in a good time frame is sure to give results that one desires. Mind you transits and Dasha play a significant role in astrology and if you lose good transits, even good results elude you for life. So consult the astrologer who knows how to guide you with impact of planetary transits.  

But please come of the disillusionment, no horoscope is bad. It can be made a bad one if proper activations of its good trait is not done.

 So the mantra is to understand your strengths and to know your weakness through the relevant planets. Work on them so as to activate the strengths and deactivate the weaknesses and if one is able to do it then one is sure to rise to heights.


This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi – one of the top best astrologers in India, who has written comprehensive narration regarding daily horoscope on his website and many similar insights on relevance of astrology in present times. One can read more on his website of contact his office on +91 9278665588 or 9278555588.