Friday, May 20, 2022

Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Among all the rooms that you have to carefully organize, the kitchen is probably the peskiest one.

Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Tired of always complaining about less space in a small house? Rest assured, you're one of the millions of people dealing with the throes of their tiny living area. While a small home can look cosy and comfortable, it can be incredibly frustrating to manage. 

You have to make sure not to buy things that are too big and find alternative ways to store the extra stuff. Among all the rooms that you have to carefully organize, the kitchen is probably the peskiest one. 

Unless you're the type who takes out most days, you need enough space in your kitchen to cook a good old home-cooked meal. From tucking the spices away into neat little cabinets to organizing all the pots and pans, you have, things can easily become cluttered. 

If you live with roommates or family, the challenge is even more difficult. With more mouths to feed, a small kitchen can pave the way for a lot of hassle when it's not managed properly. However, none of these sanctions moving out into a bigger home as long as you're clever about it! From buying nifty items to renting out a storage unit through SSO, you can declutter the kitchen immediately. 

These clever kitchen hacks allow you to make your kitchen feel much bigger than it is! 

  1. Get a movable kitchen cart

If you have Pinterest installed on your phone, you already know amazing movable kitchen carts are. These often have two or more sections and sometimes even a tray that is perfect for placing those extra things you can't put on the countertop. 

The great part is that these look incredibly aesthetic. You can easily buy them online for a low price and set them up within minutes. Thus, the best way to utilize the cart to its fullest is by stationing it in an area where you can easily roll it out. This can be next to the fridge or the stovetop, depending on what suits you best. 

  1. Set up DIY shelves

Who says that you can only have shelves in the living room? While cabinets are great, shelves are better! These extend the area on the wall where you can put everything from spices to utensils. 

It would help if you had a few sturdy wooden planks, some attachment accessories, and a drill. Setting up kitchen shelves isn't difficult; in fact, even amateurs can handle the job pretty well. However, if you have the budget for professional assistance, that's always appreciated. 

  1. Invest in a shelf riser

Just as a two-story house is better than a single one, shelf risers in the kitchen can create a room where it's not supposed to be. These are available in a variety of different sizes on the market and can be purchased for a few dollars at online stores like Amazon. 

So, next time you're arranging a set of mugs on the counter, top it up with an assortment of glasses carefully perched above on the shelf riser. 

  1. Install a pegboard

A cluttered countertop is never a sight for sore eyes. Rather, it can successfully deter you from entering the kitchen ever again, and if you're trying to stay away from takeout, that's something you cannot allow to happen. 

However, you can always solve the problem with a nifty pegboard. Instead of putting everyday crockery in cabinets or on countertops, you can hang them instead. Not only is this extremely utilitarian, but it spices up your kitchen's allure. 

  1. Organize some jute baskets around the kitchen

You obviously cannot lay kitchen items on the floor; not only will you fall over now and then, but you also succumb to a health hazard at some point. With just a few jute baskets, however, you can organize the little things in your kitchen to clear out space. 

Sealed items like cans and bottles can easily fit into the basket, and you can even put them under the kitchen sink. Plus, you don't necessarily have to get the jute variety. Simply make sure that the basket's material is sturdy enough to hold itself erect so the things you put inside don't fall out. 

  1. Bring your wardrobe cabinet into the kitchen

As quirky as it sounds, this hack pays off. If you have a lot of kitchen staples that you can't find space for, put your wardrobe to good use. Of course, this can only work if the shelves are empty, but it certainly checks all boxes in clever self-storage for the home. 

You can drag the wardrobe closer to the kitchen or into the lounge, and it won't even look out of place. It might even tie the whole space together, so when you have guests over, they'll think you're trying out a vintage aesthetic for the house. 

  1. Buy an extendable kitchen table 

Space in the kitchen doesn't just have to be about the things you store. Enjoying a good meal in the place where you cook is equally important, but what if you don't have enough space for a table? Don't worry; you can always use an extendable one instead. 

These nifty creations are perfect for when you don't feel like taking food to the couch. Such that, you can pull the table out during lunchtime and fold it back in as soon as you're done! 

  1. Leverage self-storage for home 

If your apartment is exceptionally tiny and you simply can't get around making space, renting self-storage for a home offers a viable solution. Everyone tends to accumulate a little extra stuff once they've been in a house for long enough. Naturally, you don't always have the heart to throw things away. 

In such cases, investing in a storage unit at STORED or SSO can be the answer to all your problems. Maybe you have a few chairs in the living room that are eating up space near the kitchen. While giving them away should never be in the picture, you can still temporarily put them elsewhere. 

The great part about companies like STORED is that they come to you themselves. You have to book a unit online, select a date, and pay. After that, they will send their servicemen to your home for a free collection. SSO offers great discounts on all storage options and is the perfect comparison platform. 

Later on, when you wish to retrieve some items or even keep track of everything inside your unit, it won't be a problem. Most importantly, investing in a storage unit won't break the bank!