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Child Astrology: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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Child Astrology: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

A child in a person’s life is one of the most pleasant aspirations after marriage. Many get a child of their dream in time; many have to wait & struggle, and some even remain childless. So can there be some fundamental reasons for the disparity between these sets of people? Yes, there are some fundamental reasons, and one can know about them all using Child astrology. And since Children involves high esteem of emotions, sometimes even non-believer in astrology tend to take help from Child Astrology. The overall child astrology can be distinguished into two parts: before and after the child birth. However, there are some dark sides also of Child astrology. Here I would largely blame astrologers less parents who practice on this dark side of Child astrology. I am not here to debate who gives right or wrong predictions in astrology and why? But since children involve more emotions than anything else, for both believers and non-believers in astrology, I am prompted to reveal a few essential factors of Child Astrology.

Having a child is a blessing and taking care like a good parent is not something new that I need to tell. But what happens when we show over-anxiety about the wellbeing of a child. In this narration, I will try to pin a few crucial points regarding Child astrology, be it before or after the Child birth. I will not try to complicate it by giving technical astrological explanations lest people start drawing conclusions unnecessarily. But I will only refer in brief to the main aspects of Child astrology. 

Know reason for delay in child birth from your horoscope

One can know the reasons for delay in child birth from a horoscope. For delay in child birth astrology, we review some specific houses in the horoscope and the position of specific planets in those houses in your horoscope. The 5th house is the main house to see the blessing of a child in a horoscope. Other houses to be seen are the 2nd house (house for family) 11th house (house for gains and fulfilment of desires through children). We also see the 9th house, though not that significant, as it works only as a facilitator. We have to see the position of the main planet Jupiter, the main significator for Progeny, along with that of Venus, Sun and Mars in couple’s horoscopes. Sometimes, past life flawed Karmas and Nadi Dosha also attribute to delay in child birth. Most of such things can be seen when we match the horoscopes for marriage, but even if one has missed it at that stage, astrology can let you know all such reasons for the delay in child birth. Then comes when should one plan conception for the child?

Plan child per birth chart/Horoscope

One can know the best time to plan a child from the horoscope. A little knowledge of how to plan a child per birth chart can materialise your efforts to get your child in a better way. We all know that there are friendly planets and harmful or aggressive planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. A good astrologer can see the position of friendly planets in your 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 10th house and surely guide you to a favourable time to plan conception. Similarly, one can know about “not good time” to plan a child. A careful analysis of these combinations can let you know the specific days and even the specific hours to plan a child of your dream. You can read its technical aspects on my website. If there is a need to go for C Section, astrology can also help you know about the best day and timings for the C Section.

Child gender prediction in astrology

Astrology is such a depth Science that it can even tell you regarding the gender of the child. But this is not only unethical as per the basic rules of Vedic Astrology but illegal also so needs no further explanations. As parents, one can have the anxiety to get prediction for child gender, but the person giving such prediction is more to be blamed here. So, I dither when find people offering Chinese method or offering calculators for giving child gender prediction. And that is first where I said there are dark sides of child astrology.

Not able to have natural child

The delay in childbirth can be due to circumstances or the planetary positions. But in some cases, the delay in starting the process can also result in complications in child birth. In todays’ time, too much focus on career or even personal likes and dislikes can also cause delay or deny childbirth in its natural process. In many such cases, couples, for whatever reasons, are not able to get blessed with their natural biological child and have to resort to methods like IVF. Here also, an expert astrologer can guide you with a proper guide map and schedule (like a perfect itinerary) when to plan IVF. Couples opting for such a measure must be doing it as a last resort; therefore, taking astrological guidance can make good sense here. One can know the best date for IVF according to birth chart.

All explained till above relates to the subject of when and how to plan the child. What precautions one can and should take while planning a child. But what if none works and the couple have to adopt a child. Sometimes, there is no option but to go for child adoption.

Child adoption in your horoscope

Child adoption could be due to the failure of a couple to get their own child for whatever reasons explained above. But one should understand if the above factors played their role in denying a child to the couple, will adoption of child be a good decision? In astrology, if we focus on the 5th house to review the possibility of child birth, the same house is reviewed with a different angle to see if adopting a child will be a good option for you.

Now once that you have a child, your own produced or an adopted child, you become parents. Then you become anxious to know about the future of the child. Now, this is a very tricky point that I will touch upon.

What does your child’s horoscope says.

A child comes into this World with a definite fate. Parents should be concerned about the upbringing of the child but should not be over-cautious. Many would like to know all about their child’s horoscope at a very early age. This is where I have a definite opinion: a child’s horoscope has two essential aspects to note.

Getting a child’s horoscope made. Yes, one should get a child’s horoscope made as soon as possible. There is no need to visit any astrologer for this; you can get it from any good astrology website these days, including mine. This is also because the horoscope assumes great significance as the child grows in life. For example, you will need a child’s horoscope when selecting education stream, career options, marriage partner, and many other aspects of life. So, one must get child’s horoscope but only for the record.

Do not expose your child’s horoscope. Get a child’s horoscope made, but for God’s sake, please do not discuss it with an astrologer till the child attains the age of 12 years, unless there are sore health issues or absolutely abnormal behaviour. Else don’t get surprised if you return to learning about many Doshas (blemish) in your child’s horoscope. You may even be told that the child will always remain sick or bring hindrances in your life, or can even be a death threat to the family members. Once it happens, you stop behaving like good parents, start indulging in rituals and intervene in the Almighty’s’ natural process. So please do not do it.  This is the second point where I say the dark side of Child astrology.

The basic rule of Vedic Astrology is that if there are any negative planets or doshas in any horoscope, it comes from the past life deeds. One can correct them through good Karmas in the present life and I don’t expect a child to know all this before the age of 12/15 Years. So how will a horoscope analysis be useful before this age unless child has severe health issues or unusual behavior. I am so confident on this that I have even upheld this on World Wide forum QUORA also. Just a small open advice here that if the Child is born in Mool Nakshatras, perform a small Mool Shanti Pooja and close the thought box. Though you just Google and will find many born in Mool Nakshatra have become World famous.

So this is all about how to make the best use of child astrology. One can read astrological explanations of all the above mentioned aspects on my website on Astrology for child. Still, any doubts, connect with me on my website, write a mail to [email protected], or call my office on +91 9278665588 / 9278555588.