July 29, 2021
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Changing facets of overall education industry amidst the ongoing Pandemic

Attributed to Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity University Online

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Changing facets of overall education industry amidst the ongoing Pandemic
Changing facets of overall education industry amidst the ongoing Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every sphere of the country, including education. It has realigned the way education is imparted and absorbed. Even before COVID-19, there was already a high growth and adoption of education technology, with global focus shifting towards online education. Whether it is language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning platforms, there has been a significant surge in usage of technology since COVID-19.

In past few months, the technological advancement has taken a leap which was otherwise expected in years. Education at all levels had to move online in matter of days. The learners across had to adopt and adapt within weeks. This has removed all inhibitions attached to online learning and raised lot of interest in online learning, to acquire new skills and to move ahead in the formal learning path as well. Digital education is increasingly merging into the mainstream mode. The National Education Policy also emphasized on the importance of blending the online and traditional modes of education.

These unprecedented times has stimulated a need in everyone to constantly learn something new. With the economic uncertainties, the pressure on the workforce to perform more with higher value and contribution has become the common expectation. In recent times, the need to skill, reskill and upskill has been foremost.

Over the last few years, we have shaped our programs for a global audience and all our programs are taught by leading faculty from the best universities in India and the world as well as by leading professionals from all walks of life. Interests generated in our paid programs grew three-fold during the period. Enrolments in UG and PG courses being the frontrunners in generating these interests. During free learning month initiative for professionals and K12 learners, there were 250,000 learners initiating learning and about 50000 certificates being imparted.

 We see Learning in blended mode with live, recorded, and physical classrooms. Amity Online has introduced live lectures from global faculty of eminence to students across programs. This brings learning to the forefront and students are ready for global careers. Thanks to technology, educators and learners are getting opportunities to interact with peers from around the world.

Amity Online, has accepted the new normal and have aligned programs to provide maximum benefit to the students that the advancements technology has made available. With our online programs, students get the best of both worlds - the comfort & flexibility of online education, with the equivalence that is acquired through an on-campus, conventional Degree. We are working together with our students to get the future leaders ready, so they contribute to the vision of seeing India as the knowledge superpower.

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