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Buy Gemstone By Date Of Birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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Buy Gemstone By Date Of Birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi unveils Vedic Astrology secrets

Wearing a gemstone could be fashion, passion, or a fantasy that it can bring good luck. If luck was to come only by wearing gemstones, some section of society will probably never have a stroke of bad luck. The biggest fans of gemstones sometimes face the biggest miseries of their life. In Ancient stories, we see many wearing clusters of gemstones in fingers and around the neck. So, must be some reasons people wear gemstones. Then the question is: should one wear a gemstone at all or not? If yes, then which gemstone to wear and how to select the best gemstone? It is a common thing to see people having gemstones on the fingers or in a pendant. But then do wearing gemstones really help, and can a wrong gemstone bring bad results also. To get some insights, we spoke to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi in this Outlook initiative series to unveil Vedic Astrology secrets for our readers. His first reaction was: gemstones can only be a booster for different aspects of life but not the elementary tool to get rid of any problem. He replied to many common questions and also how to select the best gemstone. He also said if you fantasize too much about the effects of a gemstone, you are caught on the wrong foot. Take it only as the icing of the cake and not the cake. 

What is Gemstone Calculator by date of birth? 

One can find free gemstone calculator on many good astrology sites. These gemstone calculators give indications if you use your correct birth details. You can get correct elementary info regarding gemstones. They can play a decisive role in one’s life if you have the faith. But there is a lot of difference between belief and blind belief. There is no harm in believing in a gemstone calculator, but this belief should not be a blind one. Once you have decided to use a gemstone calculator, use it; the fallouts can be pretty reliable. Here the foremost thing is to use gemstone calculator from a website with an astrology background. Secondly, consult a good gemologist, preferably with an astrology background, before putting any gemstone. It is always better to consult a gemologist, preferably a gemologist with an astrology background. You see, any good gemstone costs a few thousand, so I see no harm if you pay a small consultation fee before investing in any gemstone. Mind you, a wrongly selected gemstone can be harmful than what you think will do good to you. 

How to know which gemstone will suit a person 

This question is not that simple as it looks. One can put some bucks and faith on wearing a gemstone based on Kundli. These can make the situation better but cannot turn the tables completely. The most suitable way to know and wear Gemstones is to consult a master astrologer. I will not recommend wearing gemstones by name. The suitability of a gemstone does not mean that it can change your luck. They can make the situation relatively better for the people who are wearing a suitable gemstone. If you are looking for marvels in your life, no gemstone will be suitable for you.

I can tell you 1/4th people who come to me would be wearing wrong gemstones. And my foremost advice to them is to remove those stones.

Can we wear stone by Zodiac Sign

Yes, one can wear stone by Zodiac Sign. I will give you an idea to wear stone as per Zodiac signs on the basic rules of Vedic astrology. But this is only indicative. Mind you Zodiac sign is determined at the time of birth of a person, but a person of each Zodiac sign will have situations in the practical life. Therefore, you can rely on wearing any stone by Zodiac Sign as broader guidelines. But let the actual life situations be evaluated by an expert before you decide to wear any stone by Zodiac Sign. On broader prospects, you can know which stone suits which Zodiac Sign:

Aries - Coral is the lucky stone for Aries.

Taurus - Opal can be good for the Taurus people.

Gemini -Emerald is a better stone for Gemini 

Cancer - Pearl brings luck to the Cancerians.

Leo - Ruby is a fine stone for Leo natives

Virgo - Opal is the best for Virgo people.

Libra - Opal can work well for Libras.

Scorpio - Coral is the best for Scorpions.

Sagittarius - Yellow Sapphire is the Best Gemstone for Sagittarius.

Capricorn - Blue Sapphire can work well for Capricorn people.

Aquarius - Blue Sapphire is the best for Aquarians.

Pisces - Yellow Sapphire is the best for Pisces.

Still, one should select Zodiac Gems using an online gemstones calculator but finally wear it after consulting an able astrologer. 

Do birth gemstones really help

Astrological stones cannot change the fate of an individual but can curb the impact of adverse planets. They can soak the energies from concerned planets. Birth gemstones really help & can hoist your present status. They cannot churn up miracles. There are Karma correction methods and simple Vedic remedies to get you out of trouble. Birth gemstones can help a person provided one wears it based on a specific area of concern in life. By birth means when you are born but suitability of gemstone by birth date or Zodiac signs depends on how you progress in life. 

How to select gemstones by date of birth

Each horoscope has supportive planets or weak planets. So, gemstones work on strengthening the weak planets in your horoscope.

You should also discern that every planet consists of the lordships of two signs or Zodiacs. Like Saturn, the lord of the 9th house can have the Lordship of the 8th or 10th house. Now, if it has the Lordship of the 8th house, one should not wear Stone for Saturn. This is apart from the fact that Saturn has the dual Lordship of the the ninth house also. 

So, it starts from identifying the weak planets, the Lordship from the chart, and then selecting the stone by date of birth. This I have only given example of one planet, same rules apply to the gemstones by date of birth for the different planets in a horoscope. 

I do not say that gemstones by date of birth are not beneficial. The ancient gemstones are pretty enthralling, and there are many mythologies behind them. There are different gemstones for various aspects of life. Wearing a gemstone without considering the pros and cons is utterly irrelevant. I am not of the extremist viewpoint about Gemstones. One has to be balanced in his approach when going for gemstone and exercising discretion before making the final call. You must avoid being forced by an astrologer to wear gemstones. You should trust an astrologer when they endorse a gemstone based on the ethics of Vedic astrology.

Gemstones are used to strengthen the tricona trines (1-5-9) without escalating the negative houses, also called the TrikBhav, as it is probable that the strengthened planet may entail a dual Lordship. 

By not wearing the right gemstone, you can adversely affect the positive results. It can have an irreversible impact if you blindly believe someone’s recommendation of wearing a gemstone. There are many technical aspects to be examined to select gemstone by date of birth which I would not like to deliberate here lest people misinterpret.

Things to know before wearing a gemstone?

There are many misconceptions about selecting and wearing gemstone, and many times, some astrologers also can make a mistake. I will tell a few things one should know before wearing a gemstone. 

1. Gemstones do not hinge on a Dasha (period).

2. It is not advisable to wear gemstone only for a weak planet. 

3. Any horoscope seldom allows two or more gemstones.

4. One should not wear any gemstones merely to strengthen the weak planets.

5. The planets can influence your horoscope in three ways: friendly planet/ enemy planet or giving mixed results.

6. Enemy planets should never be reinforced. It is unsuitable to use gemstones for the enemy planet.

7. Do not use someone else’s gemstones. This can be problematic.

8. Wrong metal should be avoided for gemstones, as it can hit you hard.

9. Gemstones are only meant to strengthen friendly planets.

10. Do not fall for lustre and beauty of the stone if you are buying it for astrological purposes. Buy gemstone only with Lab test certificate, lest it could be treated one. Don’t forget a 1.25 Lakhs Blue Sapphire can do the trick more than Rs 25 lakhs. Search on this about a famous Indian Actor, you will get the reply.  

So, if you are really keen to spend money in gemstones, consider spending small money (fee) to for selecting best gemstone for you. Ask the person to analyse the strength and weaknesses of the planets and their Lordship, keep above points in mind.  A gemstone should be astrologically refined rather than a piece of fashion, says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. If gaining wealth, money, and success were possible through gemstones, then every person in this world would have worn some or the other Gemstone, and nobody would have been lacking. Read similar insights on Vedic astrology on his website, write on [email protected] or connect with office on +91 9278 66 55 88 / 9278 5555 88.