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Business Ideas

During these hard Covid times, when most are struggling to run their businesses smoothly, astrology can guide people to opt for the right business which eventually pays.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

When businesses are totally unstable, ideas for new business & reviewing business decisions on critical matters of existing businesses are quite obvious. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi replied to the most sought-after questions relating to business from an astrological angle. Following is excerpts of the conversation:

Can astrology help giving business ideas to person?

Yes astrology can help giving business ideas. Out of the twelve houses of the horoscope, four houses, in particular, are dedicated to business. These houses give sufficient business ideas from your birth chart provided the person reading the birth chart if capable of reading it effectively. I have seen people opting for wrong businesses and later closing them down with significant losses. They swayed to some idea and started a business, but since the Bhav/houses and the planets responsible for running the business were not in sync, the business fell apart. First of all, the native should have good business yoga, and after that, it should be checked with which kind of business this yoga will fructify the most. This method of correlation gives sufficient business ideas that succeed.

Is business start-up ideas different from business ideas in general?

Generally, those going in for business for the first time differs from those already in business. There is a sea difference of temperament and handling ability of a critical situation. Those seeking business start-up ideas, are checked for the adverse transit of the planet over their natal Moon. The business start-up ideas are interpolated with the duration of the enthusiasm is going to stay.  e.g., A person is discouraged from starting that business, which takes longer than the time the excitement of the person lives. A meticulous study of the supporting natal chart decides this.

Does astrology offers ideas for small business as well?

Yes! An able astrologer is apt to offer small business ideas from birth chart. Housewives, students, those who want to do side business often want small business ideas. A horoscope has clear indications of small business ideas that can be read. I have saved many natives from losing their hard-earned money by giving them useful clues for the small business they could profitably do and also stopped many from doing anything. These people I stop either have an adverse transit of loss-making planets or do not have the acumen to do business. 

Does astrology offers ideas for new business also?

Definitely astrology offers ideas for new business also. Sometimes, a businessman is stuck in the maze of his old business, and neither has the time nor capability to look beyond what he is doing. I have seen several horoscopes, especially their finer parts like D-12 and D-60 (Dwadasmansha and Shastiamsha). These charts reveal that the native could have earned more, had he been in the right business as per birth chart. Therefore, it is imperative to let new business ideas come in as it could be their most profitable business.

Can astrology advise on online business ideas also?

Online business is Rahu in astrological terms. Rahu knows no barriers same as online business. Prominence of Rahu in horoscope supports online business ideas. If Rahu is placed favourable in a birth chart, person will benefit doing online business. The online business ideas will come from the chart from where it will be read that what kind of online business will suit most. A very talented and respected Yoga teacher failed in his online venture. Therefore, checking the horoscope for doing online business is necessary.

Are Business ideas for women different in astrological terms?

Yes! A woman horoscope is a different from of a man. The focal planet in women horoscope is Mars, whereas, for men, it is Venus. A meticulous business selection is made after studying the horoscope for women so that they benefit more in the so-called man’s world. Therefore business ideas for women are different.

Conclusion - Doing business is an attraction but reading business Yoga in a birth chart is an art. One needs to see which planet supports business success and which planet leads to business losses. My next article in this series will be on Career Astrology.

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