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Business By Date Of Birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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Business By Date Of Birth: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Planets and planetary position play a role in all aspects of human life, the same way in business success also. But if Business success were to come totally from the planets, the astrologers who know how to negotiate with the planets would have been on the list of most successful business people in the World. Still, incidentally, none appears in such a list. A person getting into business ventures applies best of efforts, skill, and resources in a business, but why is a person highly successful in a particular business and the “same person” fails in other businesses? Why do some businesses suit a specific person but not others equally? That means there have to be some fundamentals to decide business success. So, we spoke to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of the top Vedic astrologers in India, in this series of insights on Vedic Astrology for Outlook India readers. He says apart from the planets, other astrological combinations, INTENT of the person is another significant factor in getting success in business. All these factors can be seen from the birth chart of the person. Here is the gist of our discussions with him.

How to decide doing business by date of birth?

Dr Vinay Bajrangi: The decision of doing business by date of birth means a thorough analysis of your horoscope and the position of planets in different houses therein. Apart from planets, a person’s INTENT, resources, skills, efforts, and surrounding circumstances also play an important role in business success. And all these factors of doing business can be seen from your birth details. I will elaborate with some live references but maintaining anonymity.

One person (Mr. A) was highly successful in many businesses, got a rich business in inheritance, and acquired many other businesses in different segments but suddenly started crumbling when he ventured into another business with a new business associate(Mr. B). Now was that business bad - No, there was nothing wrong with “this business” because many others (Mr. C & D) scaled tremendous success in the “same business.” What could have gone so different between these different sets of people? That is where your birth chart plays the role. Business according to date of birth means analysing the intent of the person, type and commodity (mainstream) of business, timings to start a business, with whom to do business, and with what resources to do business (own/borrowed resources) play deciding role in your business success. Let’s start with identifying whether a person is born to be an “employee or employer”? 

How to decide between job and business by date of birth

There are defined guidelines to decide between job and business by date of birth. The first and foremost to examine is whether your horoscope supports you as an employee or employer. Mr. C was doing well as an employee but did exceedingly well when he got into the business in the same line. Many persons in the category of Mr. C switched from job to business and became highly successful. Mr. C further joined hands with Mr. D and further added to his fortune. But Mr. B was not destined to be a businessman and spoiled not only his career but devastated the business of Mr. A also. Let me tell you, Mr. C succeeded in a business where both Mr. A & B failed miserably.

So if you decide between job and business by date of birth with proper evaluation, probably you have won half of the marathon. But it is not an easy decision by itself. To decide whether you should do business or not, we have to see Ascendant to examine the basic capabilities of a person to deal with all traits of life, attitude, confidence and capabilities to deal with the persons with whom the particular individual will interact.

10th house and its Lord which is the centre to determine the basic profession of the person. Mr. C had the support of doing business more than the job.

3rd house and its Lord to assess courage, initiative, risk and speculative capabilities required in a particular profession. An employer needs more of all these factors than an employee. 

5th house and its Lord to assess knowledge and intuitive powers. You would agree a businessman needs more of it than an employee.

7th house and its Lord to assess success in business partnership.

9th house and its Lord to examine money circulation, distribution, the dignity, foreign travels and favours from Govt.

11th house and its Lord to assess luck, fortune and the gains a person will have in life.

So whenever you want to decide on doing business, please get these astrological combinations in your birth chart assessed. It is not that you do business as per astrology but one should take guidelines as to what do the astrological combinations in your chart support. Don’t forget; it is better to be a successful employee than a failed businessman if you are destined to shine as an employee. You can count people at the top of the World as employees and failure stories of many business people.

Other factors to consider when doing business

Decide what business will suit you- One has to examine the strength of the different planets in your birth chart as each planet supports different businesses. Mr. A was successful in many businesses but tumbled down in a specific business.

  1. When to do business – All times are not good for all businesses. Dasha and Gochar of the planets can affect the success of a particular business. Probably Mr. C decided to do business in better times than Mr. A & B. Though the business remained the same.
  2. With whom to do business - Business partnership does not suit all. Partnership/association in business between Mr. A & B became a failure story. On the other hand, the partnership between Mr. C & D became highly successful and still counting. Mind you; business was the same.
  3. Whether to do business with own resources or borrowed funds - Many people manage businesses more with loans, public and institutional money, but many get trapped due to loans or borrowed finances. We have examples of both categories. Another Mr. E failed in the “same business.”
  4. To join or not to carry on parental or family-owned business. We know many business houses have gone under the carpet when the new generations got involved in the business. Mr. A was successful in carrying out the family business, but not Mr. B. 
  5. Implement new business ideas–Each business has a definite time to flourish. Many established business ideas have lost their sheen, while many new business ideas have shown tremendous growth in recent times.
  6. Time to expand business – All times are not equally good for expansion. Planets, mainly Saturn and Mercury, play an important role in deciding the best time to expand a business. I am not making any big claim and have nothing to do with the recent noble Covid situation but I had written in my article in HT City dated 10.11.2019 that globally, there would be health issues. Now you see the situation of the health industry.
  7. Whose name business to do – A very seldom known point in business decision. A lucky business name matters a lot, so select auspicious name of your business. Here comes another tricky point: Many come to me asking can I do business in my wife’s name if my chart does not support business, do not do it as you cannot play with the planets and destiny.

Now, I will reveal the hidden point in this whole narration: what was the “common business” / “same business” in question with all these five people. The common business between Mr. A, B, C, D, and E was the Airlines business; the rest is all a matter of facts. So decide carefully between job and business, take care of the other factors for doing and getting business success. I will not give more technical points of Astrology here as each horoscope needs interpretation from a specific angle, but you can read it all on my website business astrology . Still, let astrologers do the assessment; you focus on your business. To know more, connect with me on or my office nos +919278555588/9278665588