Friday, Aug 12, 2022
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Bu Abdullah Group Chairman Honoured For His Humanitarian Works

Dr. Bu Abdullah, a famed Emirati businessman, philanthropist and social activist, was working on all humanitarian grounds for the welfare of mankind.

Dr. Bu Abdullah, a famed Emirati businessman, philanthropist and social activist, was working on all humanitarian grounds for the welfare of mankind. He has applied all his available resources to enable the masses in need & organise them to achieve more and flourish. Dr. Bu Abdullah is a decisive figure not only in the Gulf region but around the globe as well. His expansive knowledge in law and entrepreneurship sets him in the decisive role in raising the concerns of Non - Residents and ascertaining harmony among the NRIs in the Gulf region. He currently owns more than 270 companies in the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world with his company Bu Abdullah Group of Companies which includes:-

  • Bu Abdullah Real Estate
  • Bu Abdullah Business Consultancy
  • Bu Abdullah Investments
  • Bu Abdullah Group Auctions
  • Wafa Ali Al Hosany Legal Firm
  • Bollywood Events Company

His proximity with the government of UAE & the royal family of the 7 Emirates strengthening the ties between UAE & other Gulf countries. His regard is such that any influential person visiting the UAE would love to have a meet and greet with Dr. BU. He is forever resolute to extend his reach to such striking position, which he represents today. As far as community relations go, Dr. Bu Abdullah is a specialist in Industry and Business, but there is another area to which he has contributed tirelessly, serving humankind. Dr. Bu Abdullah and his Law Firm has been officially selected by the Indian Consulate to provide all sorts of legal advice and assistance to the Indian's living in the Emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah. He has always been at ground zero, serving the needy in his ways and aiding society. India, Pakistan and the UAE has seen him actively participating in many national, charitable & humanitarian activities, and he further promises to deepen his efforts. His altruistic contribution in the field of business, humanity and services towards the nation and expats' community has created a plethora of opportunities, growth & impact in the society.

Work along the humanitarian grounds when the majority of Pakistani citizens had lost their jobs in the UAE due to the coronavirus and were waiting for help. In this regard, Ahmed Amjad Ali, Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Dr Bu Abdullah presented them with a gift of 10,000 gloves, 10,000 masks and sanitisers to the Pakistani community coming to the Dubai Consulate to solve their problems.

The Indian Consul General felicitated Dr. Bu Abdullah and presented a souvenir as a token of appreciation to him. He was recently featured on the Icons of Maharashtra cover page Dr. Bu Abdullah featured on the cover page of a new limited edition coffee table book which has been launched lauding achievers from Maharashtra based in the UAE. The book was launched by Hon'ble Shri Ramdas Athavale Ji (Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt of India) along with other business people from Maharashtra with a mission to bring together a diverse group.

Along with being a Guinness world record holder Dr. BU received a special mention in the World Book of Records UK for his humanitarian services by Mr. Jitendra Matlani (Vice President - WBR), and Dr. Bu Abdullah was invited as chief guest at the India-UAE Business Conclave 2021 Award along with H H Sheikh Obaid Al Maktoum, former MP K.C.Tyagi and former Union Minister Rajeev Shukla accompanied by top business tycoons of UAE contributing to the growth of Indo Arab business relations.

Dr Abdullah is a firm believer in giving back to the society that helped him be and attain the position he is in today. He actively participates in all sorts of charities and social causes may it be the pandemic or any NRI having legal troubles or general troubles of the needy; this is the way he plans to keep on going forward in his life.