Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

Aman Gupta Talks About Metaverse And Sheds Light On Web3

He owns 'Growth Agency' and has proved his mettle as a branding specialist

Aman Gupta Talks About Metaverse And Sheds Light On Web3
Aman Gupta Talks About Metaverse And Sheds Light On Web3 -

Experts a few years ago had hinted about the tremendous changes and developments the world of the internet would bring along. No one knew that this indeed would someday become a reality and also the need of the hour. People, brands, businesses, and industries have been changing and embracing the same to walk in sync with the times and trends of the world, which is a wondrous sight to behold.

Aman Gupta, a well-known branding specialist and Instagram growth expert, who is also one of the top Indian digital entrepreneurs, has come forward to throw some light on a few things that have attracted his attention the most and which he believes must be known to others as well.

Aman Gupta, the Founder and CEO of "Growth Agency," says that Metaverse and Web3 are two words that almost all are talking about currently. But, what that is exactly is what he wants to make people understand. On asking what metaverse is, Aman Gupta says, "In simple words, it is a great combination of several technological elements.

These elements include augmented reality and virtual reality and where the users can 'live' inside a digital universe. It is all about the virtual world, where people envision that users will play, work, and stay with friends through various concerts, events, conferences, and virtual trips worldwide. It supports persistent 3D virtual environments through personal computing and VR and AR headsets."

Adding further, Aman says, "It is a means of manufacturing immersive digital spaces for various human activities." We also asked him to shed some light on what exactly is Web3, to which he explained that the web has evolved so far in so many years and is often partitioned into three separate stages like Web1, Web2, and now Web3.

For those unaware, Web1 was all about using the desktop browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. and involved consuming content spread across the world wide web. Then came Web2 where one could use their smartphones, use social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. which are centralized and create content. Then finally we have Web3 which connects to decentralized apps with your digital wallet and users can own the content they create and consume. Web3, just like the previous ones, has decentralization at its core. It has been enhancing the internet, including great characteristics like self-governing, verifiable, distributed and robust, permissionless, with native built-in payments, and so much more.

The Web3 applications run on blockchains and decentralized networks or even a combination of the two. It is all about decentralized data architecture, AI-driven services, and edge computing infrastructure. In the future, Aman Gupta says that being online will become a more indispensable part of everyone's daily life.

Hence, it can be predicted that Web3 will only take this forward and create a more friendly and convenient experience for users on the internet. Talking about how Web3 will be seen in the future, he says that people would want to stay competitive with their website and would consider using the Web3 as it enables a future where machines and distributed users would interact with data, value, and several other counterparties through peer-to-peer networks without any third party involved.

This will result in a composable human-centric and privacy-preserving computing fabric. Aman Gupta advises others to be a part of the modern-day internet space and take the world to a whole new level with inspiring innovations and greatness.


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