Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

A Delhi-Based Startup That Digitally Fabricates Hassle-Free Flat-Pack Furniture Delivered At Your Doorstep

Owned and run by an Army veteran, Kaalzua is registered under the startup India initiative and belives in a greener future.

Kaalzua offers digitally crafted, flat-pack furnishing solutions to modern-day problems. Exhibiting judicious employment of resources, Kaalzua furniture is prepared by an excellent combination of human expertise and smart technology. Further, these quotidian products are prepared so that they can be easily assembled without any screws, glue or welding. These unique qualities of digital fabrication and hassle-free flat-pack make the brand the future of the global furniture industry.

Owned and run by an Army veteran, Kaalzua is registered under the startup India initiative. Kaalzua believes in a greener future, and therefore, the brand has moulded the digital manufacturing process to accommodate different sustainable materials other than wood. Moreover, the design philosophy at the startup is such that it dissuades the rut of the fast furniture industry by guaranteeing longer shelf life. All these aspects make the brand the new eco-friendly and sustainable model of the furniture industry.

The startup offers solutions to modern-day problems. Shifting furniture across the city to a new location can be a tough job. Unscrewing, transporting and setting up furniture can take many hours and lots of effort. At Kaalzua, flat-pack furniture is designed keeping in mind these problems. The furniture products of the brand can be assembled in seconds through a simple DIY process and, therefore, can be easily unpacked, transported and set up in a new location. Kaalzua also aims to deliver a minimalistic but utilitarian experience to the demands of the city lifestyle.

At present, the furniture products are available on the e-commerce platform . The startup has also partnered with major online retail stores. With its strong online presence, Kaalzua plans to soon expand into experience centres. Working in the realm of Industry 5.0, Kaalzua offers both massive scalability and customization. Now, very soon it will be possible to fashion your furniture as per your specific needs. This unique aspect makes Kaalzua the new future of the furniture industry.

Solving the Rut of Fast Furniture

The current furniture market in India is stuck in a rut of fast fashion that pays no heed to sustainability or shelf life. Look, and appearance are the main criteria on which the furniture industry has been running for so long. Kaalzua proposes to break free from this trend by offering a combination of aesthetics, comfort and sustainability.
Another age-old convention in the furniture industry is the heavy reliance on human resources. This extreme dependency leads to the wastage of resources. Kaalzua steps out of this conventional model and offers furniture that humans design with the assistance of technology. This way, the company manages to achieve judicious employment of resources.
While digital fabrication and 3D printing technologies are being adopted in different sectors, they fail to guarantee good quality and lack customization. Kaalzua is the pioneer of using this technology in the furniture industry that both guarantees the best quality and offers a range of options.

Charioteers that run the idea of new age furniture.
Kaalzua is a power-packed team of executives and advisors who have worked closely with multiple businesses right from the inception stage. The executive team got on with their research and development in the midst of the pandemic, bringing together the varied expertise ranging from marketers to designers. And laid the foundation for the startup.
Shubham Vaidya is the co-founder and CDO of the startup. He is an award-winning architect, Master in Industrial design from SPA, New Delhi. He is the brainchild behind the inception of Kaalzua. According to him, “The urban life in the city is always on the move and so should the furniture be, packed in a suitcase and carried easily.” Kaalzua was set up to provide digitally fabricated flat pack furniture that complements the city lifestyle with this thought in mind.
Colonel Sanjay Vaidya is the co-founder and CEO of Kaalzua. He is an M.Tech electronics, Army veteran and former technical officer with the United Nations at UNIFIL. An expert in the execution and operations of startups, he contributes to the core functioning of the startup. The team also includes industry leaders from the Global Experts Panel of Forbes, a finance expert who has worked with the government of India and a range of advisors who have worked with different startups.

Bring home a piece that is technologically crafted.
Kaalzua has already launched a range of quotidian products that can be bought on their online store. Aasan- a seating with Indian roots is designed specifically for long hours of work. The stool is crafted from the best quality Birchwood and comes in a flat-pack design assembled in seconds. Kuba- a digitally crafted dock for cell phones, and Lek- a set of three whiteboards, are other furnishing solutions from the brand to solve modern-day problems. Apart from these products, Kaalzua intends to launch very soon a full-fledged range of furniture products on that will ease your lifestyle. Be on the lookout for these new products because they will solve your problems and prove to be long lasting.
Kaalzua also intends to launch micro living-flat pack cottages. Now, not only your furniture will be digitally fabricated in a flat pack format, but also complete cottages. This idea is unique to Kaalzua and is in line with what Col. Sanjay Vaidya says “We are on a path to create innovative furnishing solutions driven by tech, to upgrade your living”. Therefore, Kaalzua is the modern-day furniture brand for the modern-day consumer, who resides in the city and always moves.