July 23, 2021
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5 Fashion Ideas For Your Next Instagram Post

Fashion Instagram can take a step further by adding shoppable posts that allow followers to have a comprehensive and interactive experience.

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5 Fashion Ideas For Your Next Instagram Post
5 Fashion Ideas For Your Next Instagram Post

For fashion accounts, Instagram is a great platform. This platform is based on stunning photographs that pause the scroll long enough to read captions. Fashion Instagram can take a step further by adding shoppable posts that allow followers to have a comprehensive and interactive experience.

Follower growth is one of the most crucial aspects of any Instagram account, as with any other social media platform. Following are the fashion ideas for your next Instagram post that will help to get more followers, whether you are an influencer, brand, or company.

Maintain Your Style

Being yourself is the best method to attract followers who will want to connect with you and become customers. If you imitate someone else’s style, your audience won’t get to see and know who you are. People can sense when someone is fake.

To avoid this, remain consistent, interact with your followers, reply to their comments, and share more relatable content.

The most innovative way is to create an account that is both unique and legitimate. You can give your followers a glimpse into who you are by sharing information about your life or just showcasing your fashion choices; in this way, your content will be more relatable.

Post a Combination of High and Low-Resolution Pictures

This tip is related to our concept of establishing a real, relatable online brand presence.  Some fashion Instagram influencers only post high-quality pictures where they look perfect, and when the photographer isn’t available, they miss out on some fantastic moments.

Stories give you the freedom to be more spontaneous and post the content that you won’t ordinarily share on your feed. Users expect stories to be natural, candid, and precise overall.

It is an essential tip if you are an influencer or creating a personal account. Instagram stories are the medium where you can post low-resolution pictures and posts. Moreover, You can share your fashion sense by posting pictures of your new iPhone 12 Cover or iPhone 11 Cover, showing your audience your taste in mobile covers.

Choose Your Theme

Both you and your followers will benefit from the theme of your fashion Instagram account. Based on this theme, you can easily focus on your content. Themes are excellent for making quick decisions and are a perfect tool for fashion Instagram users. A theme is necessary to provide character and personality to your outfit, whether it is a warm tone or dark look.

Thanks to this theme, your fashion account is more approachable to the viewers. It gives a glimpse to the followers of what they will get to see if they follow your account.

Viewers who visit your account will be able to see your grid and learn about your theme. If it appeals to them, they will quickly decide to follow you.

Make Use of Fashion Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to escalate the number of people who see your Instagram posts. In a single post, you can use up to 30 hashtags, and it is recommended to use all of them. Hence you have 30 free chances to be seen by your desired audience.

Using popular hashtags is an excellent way to share your lifestyle while also promoting your profession in the fashion domain. However, as there are many posts on Instagram, these trendy fashion hashtags make your posts lost in the mix. So it is better to use a collection of popular and small hashtags. Popular hashtags will attract a large audience, and small hashtags will draw more attention to your post.

Recreate High Engagement Posts

Fashion Instagram users frequently do this. From the posts with the highest engagement, you can understand what your followers want you to post. Thus monitoring your Instagram stats is very crucial.

By analyzing what is appealing to your audience and comparing it to what isn’t, you exactly know what to create and can forecast engagement on your future posts. If you have a particular post that got the most appreciation, consider recreating it with slightly different attire.

You already know that this type of content is popular among your audience, so you’ll probably get good engagement again. As a result, your account’s total engagement rate may improve.

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