Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
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‘Love In Kalimpong’ Shows The Enchantments Of Nature And Refreshing Love

Highlighting the scenic beauty of the mountains, the movie is an ode to the blossoming of true love amid the enchantments of nature.

Set to be shot in the exquisitely dressed panoramic valley views, Buddhists Monasteries, Churches, and Tibetan beauty of Kalimpong, ‘Love in Kalimpong’ is a romantic and musical short film. Highlighting the scenic beauty of the mountains, the movie is an ode to the blossoming of true love amid the enchantments of nature. Freshwater reservoirs, pieces of stunning British architecture are all inspired by colonial times which add a statement to the film.

Produced under the banners of Chai Stories Films LLP and Blackeye Entertainment LLP, ‘Love in Kalimpong’ is a story that signifies how coincidently two people meet and end up falling in love unexpectedly. The heart of this story stages on the beats of fusion music and thoughtful words that are inspired by the innocence and purity of Kalimpong.

Winner of Miss Sikkim 2018 and Sunsilk Mega Miss Northeast 2019, Rajeswari Chakraborty could be seen playing the role of the lead actress in the short film. She has already graced the screen once in M Deen Raj’s Telugu Film but would now be marking her debut in short films. Belonging from the mountains themselves, Rajeswari has the charm to resonate with the character she is cast for. Understanding the plot inherently, she is found to be a perfect fit to play ‘Iris’, the lady. To polish her skills, the actress is currently undergoing workshops to capture the essence of the film in a go.

Raghav Diwan, who was earlier spotted in a web series, ‘18+ Jobseekers’ would be playing the role of the lead actor. Having a background with 100 short films already done, Raghav has set the bar high. Being fascinated by the exotic beauty of the place, he thought it to be the best place for shooting a movie. Raghav also hinted that apart from ‘Love in Kalimpong’ he might also bring along a few more projects from these mountains capturing the aura in its best way.

The short film is being directed by the commendable director, Prithviraj Das Gupta, renowned for his first feature film, ‘Green Blackberries’ which became a part of Indian Panorama in the 51st International Film Festival of India and was premiered at Dharamshala International Film Festival 2020. He has directed and edited several other short films as well.

Through ‘Love in Kalimpong’ he wants the audience to connect with the beauty of nature, the exotic flowers, the fragrance of the mountains and develop a dwelling though to see them in real. He plans to reflect the Kalimpong culture on the screen through a musical journey. The film will be shot and released soon across various streaming platforms.