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OMN Vs SCO, T20 World Cup 2021: Scotland Maul Oman To Join Bangladesh In Super 12 - Highlights

After dismissing Oman for 122, Scotland chased down the target in 17 overs to register an eight-wicket win in their final ICC T20 World Cup, Group B match. Catch highlights here.

OMN Vs SCO, T20 World Cup 2021: Scotland Maul Oman To Join Bangladesh In Super 12 - Highlights
Scotland captain Kyle Coetzer plays shot during their their ICC T20 World Cup first round match against Oman in Muscat, Oman, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021. -

Scotland produced a clinical performance to maul Oman in their final Group B match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 in Al Amerat on Thursday. After dismissing Oman for 122, they chased down the target in 17 overs to register an eight-wicket win. The win helped Kyle Coetzer's side qualify for the Super 12 as winners of the group, ahead of Bangladesh who have earlier in the day booked a place for the tournament proper. Scotland will enter Super 12 as an unbeaten team from the first round, having previously defeated Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. And they will compete in Group 2 which also has Afghanistan, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and Group B runners-up. Josh Davey, who took three wickets for 25 runs, won the player of the match award. Coetzer played a captain's knock with a fluent 48 off 28 balls. But it was Richie Berrington, who took the honours of hitting the winning runs, a six. The day started with hosts Oman still in contention for a Super 12 spot. But with Bangladesh hammering Papua New Guinea in the early kick-off, the clash against Scotland became a knock-out game. Then, they faltered when it mattered most. Opener Aqib Ilyas (37 off 35) and skipper Zeeshan Maqsood (34 off 30) played some blistering strokes but their collective effort was not enough to post a big enough total to intimate Scotland. The Scots were an inspired lot. Almost everyone contributed. And with that, the Oman leg also came to an end. Catch highlights and cricket scores of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021, Group B match between Oman and Scotland here:


10:40 PM IST: Result

Mohammad Nadeem with his second over. Richie Berrington hits the fifth and sixth balls for a four and a six respectively to complete the chase. A thumping eight-wicket win with three overs to spare. SCO - 123/2 (17); OMN - 122 (20).

Scotland join Bangladesh in Super 12 from Group B.

10:34 PM IST: 13 In 24

Bilal Khan returns for his third over. A tidy one. Three runs from it. Scotland need 13 runs in 24 balls. SCO -110/2 (16)

10:26 PM IST: Monster Six

Khawar Ali completes his spell. 15 from the last over, including two sixes, both hit by Richie Berrington. First one off the third ball goes some distance. Some 99 metres over long on boundary. Khawar's figures: 1/27. Scotland need 22 runs in 36 balls. SCO - 101/2 (14)

10:21 PM IST:  Ireland Take Control

Zeeshan Maqsood returns for his third over. Four singles. Matthew Cross and Richie Berrington are unbeaten batters for Scotland. SCO - 86/2 (13)

10:08 PM IST: Coetzer Out

Khawar Ali removes Kyle Coetzer (41 off 28). Bowled. Three from his second over. Scotland need 48 in 60 balls. SCO - 75/2 (10)

10:04 PM IST: Coetzer Power

Mohammad Nadeem gets his first over. Kyle Coetzer hits the fifth ball for a six, a real biggie, over mid-wicket boundary. Some 93 metres. Nine from the over. In the previous over, Khawar Ali conceded five singles. SCO - 72/1 (9)

9:51 PM IST: Powerplay Over

First over for Oman skipper Zeeshan Maqsood. 12 from it with a six off the last ball, hit by his rival number Kyle Coetzer. SCO - 45/1 (6)

9:44 PM IST: Butt Strikes

Fayyaz Butt strikes for Oman. George Munsey (20 off 19) hits straight to Jatinder Singh in the deep. Matthew Cross is the new batter. SCO - 33/1 (4.4)

9:36 PM IST: Good Start For Scotland

Bilal Khan continues. George Munsey hits the first ball for a four. Kyle Coetzer then hits the last ball over the mid-field fielder for a four. Nine from the over. In the previous over, Fayyaz Butt conceded eight runs. SCO - 20/0 (3)

9:23 PM IST: Chase Begins

Bilal Khan with the new ball. Three runs, including a wide. George Munsey and Kyle Coetzer are the openers for Scotland. Target - 123.

9:08 PM IST: Innings Break

Josh Davey with the final over. Zeeshan Maqsood is finally out, for 34 off 30. Caught by Calum MacLeod. Bilal Khan is the new man. Three balls remaining. And Bilal is run out, for a duck. Khawar Ali is the new batter. Fayyaz Butt pulls the fifth ball and misfield at deep helps. A four. And straight to cover. Caught by Chris Greaves. Butt out for seven off five. Six runs and three wickets in the final over.  Davey's figures: 3/25. 28 runs and five wickets in the last five overs. OMN - 122.

9:01 PM IST: Penultimate Over

Safyaan Sharif with the penultimate over. Zeeshan Maqsood hits the third ball for a six, over square leg boundary. Ten from the over. Sharif's figures: 2/25. OMN - 116/7 (19)

8:54 PM IST: Seven Down

Josh Davey removes Suraj Kumar (4 off 6), caught by Brad Wheal at fine leg. 25 runs three wickets in the last five overs. Fayyaz Butt is the new batter. OMN - 105/7 (17.4)

8:44 PM IST: Six Down

Michael Leask on with his third over. A dot, then two singles. A mistimed shot from Naseem Khushi and Brad Wheal takes a very good catch at long on. Khushi goes for two off four. Suraj Kumar joins Zeeshan Maqsood in the middle. OMN - 96/6 (15.4)

8:41 PM IST: Five Down

Safyaan Sharif returns for his third over. And all happening. Zeeshan Maqsood launches a skier, but an eager Kyle Coetzer drops the catch while it should have been the bowler's take. Maqsood hits the third ball for a four to third man. One leg bye, and Sandeep Goud picks Chris Greaves with a flick at square leg boundary. He goes for five off eight. Naseem Khushi is the new batter. 41 runs and two wickets in the last five overs. OMN - 94/5 (15)

8:27 PM IST:  Four Down

Mark Watt gets his revenge. Mohammad Nadeem launches the second ball for a six, over long on, but ends up hitting the next straight to cover. Caught by Richie Berrington. He goes for 25 off 21. Sandeep Goud is the new man. OMN - 79/4 (12.3)

8:21 PM IST: Important Runs

Bradley Wheal returns for his third over. Mohammad Nadeem hits the first ball for a six, over deep mid-wicket boundary. A single, then Zeeshan Maqsood hits the third for a four to long off. 13 from the over. OMN - 66/3 (11)

8:12 PM IST: Ilyas Runs Out Of Luck

Michael Leask strikes first over. Aqib Ilyas runs out of his luck. Caught by George Munsey at long off. Ilyas goes for 37 off 35. OMN - 51/3 (9.3)

8:09 PM IST: Ilyas Living A Charmed Life

One busy over from Mark Watt. A couple of chances. First, Aqib Ilyas gets a four after getting a top edge off the second delivery at square leg boundary with the fielder overrunning in his bid to take a catch. Another top edge couple of balls later, and the fielder fails to time his jump. Six from the over. OMN - 50/2 (9)

8:00 PM IST: Powerplay Over

Safyaan Sharif continues. Aqib Ilyas hits the fifth ball for a four to long off. Seven runs from the over. OMN - 37/2 (6)

7:46 PM IST: Second Wicket

Safyaan Sharif also strikes in his first over. Kashyap Prajapati (3 off 7), caught by George Munsey at mid-off. Mohammad Nadeem joins Aqib Ilyas in the middle. OMN - 14/2 (3)

7:36 PM IST: Early Wicket

Bradley Wheal with the new ball. Aqib Ilyas takes a single off the first ball, then wicket. Jatinder Singh (0 off 1), run out. Kashyap Prajapati is the new man. Ilyas hits the last ball for a six, over square leg boundary. Eight runs and a wicket.

7:24 PM IST: Playing XIs

Oman: Aqib Ilyas, Jatinder Singh, Kashyap Prajapati, Zeeshan Maqsood (c), Khawar Ali, Naseem Khushi, Suraj Kumar (wk), Sandeep Goud, Mohammad Nadeem, Fayyaz Butt, Bilal Khan.

Scotland: George Munsey, Kyle Coetzer (c), Matthew Cross (wk), Richie Berrington, Calum MacLeod, Michael Leask, Chris Greaves, Mark Watt, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Bradley Wheal.

7:17 PM IST: Toss

Oman win the toss and they will bat first against Scotland.


Scotland: Kyle Coetzer (c), Richie Berrington, Dylan Budge, Matthew Cross (wk), Josh Davey, Ally Evans, Chris Greaves, Michael Leask, Calum Macleod, George Munsey, Safyaan Sharif, Hamza Tahir, Craig Wallace, Mark Watt, Brad Wheal.

Oman: Zeeshan Maqsood (c), Aqib Ilyas, Jatinder Singh, Khawar Ali, Mohammad Nadeem, Ayaan Khan, Suraj Kumar, Sandeep Goud, Nester Dhamba, Kaleemullah, Bilal Khan, Naseem Khushi, Sufyan Mehmood, Fayyaz Butt, Khurram Nawaz Khan.


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