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Little Men, A Great Cause

Special Issue: Reliving 50 years of independent India with Khushwant Singh, Mukul Kesavan, Vikram Chnadra, N.J. Nanpuria, Manjula Padmanabhan, Jay Ullai, Sanjeev Saith, Gautam Bhatia, Arvind Das and many more...

Little Men, A Great Cause

The Vox Populi
Gandhi visits Srinagar and insists the people, not the ruler, should decide the future; Nehru submits the list of the first Cabinet of free India to Mountbatten

Khushwant Singh
Swaraj Is My Birthright

FOR a nation learning to walk, Nehru was guide, philosopher and king

N.J. Nanporia
The Rites Of Passage

Shastri and Gulzarilal Nanda, the men who wouldn't be 'king'

Arvind N. Das
Journey Into Twilight

MIDNIGHT'S Child came of age in India in a strange world

Iqbal Masud
For Whom The Bell Tolls

Sectarian ambitions and the AK-47 create an era of insecurity

Vinod Mehta
The Age Of Paradox

Consumerism and the TV revolution go hand in hand with Hindu revivalism

Mukul Kesavan
Cine Qua Non!
If we have one shared turf of experience, it's Hindi cinema. And since all the radio ga-ga over Pataudi's swishing blade, cricket's been our unofficial adhesive

Soutik Biswas
Indiapolis: Memories Of Space
A long love affair with his camera and trains led champion dilettante GARNEY NYSS to travel all over India the '40s and photograph Indian cities. result—a dusty black-and-white portfolio of the Indian metropolises, meticulously preserved.

Vikram Chnadra
A Kama Chakkar
In the Great Indian Tea Ceremony, you might see something very strange going on under the ghoonghat across the table, but must neversay anything in public

Gautam Bhatia
Look Back In Awe
Trips down memory lane become the predicament of a nation entering puberty

Sanjeeve Saith
Constructed Histories: A Question Of Violence
Jallianwala Bagh, Chauri Chaura and Sabarmati revisited

Inder Malhotra
Storm Toss'd
The light did shine at midnight, but there's been enough darkness at high noon.

Manjula Padmanabhan
A Cosmic Taj
Frittered into sundry insular herds, many of us have nothing to celebrate

Tarun J. Tejpal
In Our Time
The older generation is tired, the new does not connect. Freedom is a given.

A Wounded Civilisation
Was the free India envisaged in 1947 a delusion? How is 1997, in form and essence, a different set of realities? The icons speak...


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