December 02, 2020
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List of Recipient Organizations

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List of Recipient Organizations

Abhivyakti Media for Development / Nashik Maharashtra produces video films and campaign material in support of a wide range of peoples movements and social groups

Adharshila (through Veer Khajia Nayak Manav Vikas Pratishthan) / Sendhwa Madhya Pradesh is an alternative school for adivasi children, with a focus on life skills and knowledge of the environment, on excellence in teaching as well as extra curricular activities.

Adivasi Mukti Sangathan / Sendhwa Madhya Pradesh is an organization that works in Sendhwa, Badwani and Khandwa on the rights of adivasis to their forests, lands and river.

Akhra (through Biju Toppo) / Ranchi Jharkand has been instrumental in introducing film as a tactical device for political resistance in Jharkand – in particular the use of video as an important tool in the fight for social change

Aman Ekta Manch / New Delhi is a citizen’s initiative for peace and communal harmony that came out of the carnage in Gujarat in 2002. The group works towards the relief and rehabilitation of victims of communal strife.

Beej Bachao Andolan / Tehri Uttaranchal is a group of farmer-activists, who emerged out of the Chipko Struggle to save Himalayan forests from the axe of timber contractors. They have been fighting to preserve the biodiversity of local agriculture against the onslaught of global forces pushing hybrid crops and monoculture.

Bharat Dogra / New Delhi is an independent journalist who produces the feature "News from the Fields and Slums" and brings out stories of peoples movements and local struggles, and a number of other contentious issues in

Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Sangathan (through Swabhiman Mahila Prashiksha Sansthan)/Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
is a women’s group that emerged in the aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1992 to fight to secure relief, compensation, medical treatment and livelihoods for the victims.

Chalakudy Puzha Samrakshana Samithi (through A Latha) / Thrissur Kerala  has worked towards saving the Chalakudy river from a large dam, a cement plant and other risks to the river and people in the valley.

Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha / Chattisgarh has organized workers in the struggle for better wages, and for better working and living conditions in coalmines and ancillary industries of Chattisgarh for over three decades. It also runs a number of efficient schools, hospitals, a newspaper and a community based health program.

Citizens for Justice & Peace / Mumbai Maharashtra is an association of concerned citizens of Mumbai and Ahmedabad, formed in March 2002, to fight for legal justice for those affected by the state-sponsored communal carnage in Gujarat.

C K Janu (through Gothramahasabha) / Mananthavadi Kerala works with the Adivasis of Kerala, and has organized a movement for the return of their traditional lands, so that each household may at least have enough to build a house.

Communalism Combat (through Sabrang Communications) / Mumbai Maharashtra is a 10-year-old organisation formed to promote the values of religious freedom and pluralism, and to combat hate politics. Its publications have set the standards for well researched documentation (and passionate analysis) of many unaccounted communal carnages.

Delhi Forum (through Programme for Social Action) / New Delhi is a support group that provides an invaluable service, particularly in documentation and research, to a range of mass movements from all over India.

Eklavya / Bhopal Madhya Pradesh is a group working on educational pedagogy, and their work is known all over India for its path breaking and innovative methodologies of education and work with children. They bring out magazines for teachers, for children, and a science feature service.

Girishbhai Patel / Ahmedabad Gujarat is a civil rights lawyer with an outstanding commitment to human rights and social justice, and has been instrumental in bringing the discourse of Right to Life into tribal and people’s struggles.

Hans patrika (through Akshar Prakashan) / New Delhi is one of India’s foremost Hindi literary magazines, recognized as much for its contribution to literature, as it is for the politics of its editor, novelist Rajendra Yadav, and its many essayists and columnists.

Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan (through Madhuri Krishnaswami) / Badwani Madhya Pradesh works in the denuded and drought prone region of Badwani on the right to work and livelihoods, and has done excellent work on water conservation in the area.

Jan Hith Trust / New Delhi was created in 2000, to give fellowships and support to individual activists and small non-funded groups working for democratic and human rights and social change.

Jan Sangharsh Morcha / Bhopal Madhya Pradesh is a forum of progressive and mass based organizations of Madhya Pradesh, that have come together to fight privatization and globalisation and towards social justice.

Kanavu (through K J Baby) / Wynad Kerala is an alternative school for Adivasi children run by the writer-activist K.J. Baby in a remote corner of Kerala. The emphasis is on "seeing, feeling and experiencing", and educating children about their own history and land, and the wisdom of their forbears.

Kisan Adivasi Sangathan / Kesla Madhya Pradesh has worked in the hills of Kesla for the last two decades against displacement of adivasis. After a long struggle for fishing rights in the reservoir that submerged their lands, they created one of the most successful examples of fisher people’s cooperatives in India.

Koel Karo Jan Sanghathan / Ranchi Jharkand is an organisation of the people of the valleys of Koel and Karo. It has fought against the neocolonial control of resources in Jharkand, and has succeeded in stopping a destructive dam and protecting the Koel and Karo rivers.

Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra / Jaipur Rajasthan is a group that has attached itself to the Mahila Police Station in Jaipur, where it helps women in distress to access state and social support

Manthan Adhyayan Kendra / Badwani Madhya Pradesh is a research center that monitors and analyses water and energy related issues, with a focus on the effects of liberalization, globalisation and privatization of the economy.

Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan / Devdungri Rajasthan is an organization of peasants and workers in central Rajasthan. Since1990 it has campaigned for minimum wages, land and other basic rights. More recently it has fought for peoples right to information as a means of demanding transparency and accountability.

National Alliance of People’s Movements / Mumbai Maharashtra is an alliance of several people’s movements across the country, and an attempt to share resources and forge a common struggle on issues that face them.

National Campaign for People’s Right to Information / New Delhi was created in 1996 for the purpose of drafting legislation to enable ordinary citizens to access information and to support people’s rights to demand and use information for empowerment.

National Fishworkers Forum / Calcutta West Bengal is a struggle of traditional fisher folk of the country to safeguard their livelihood against the onslaught of local and global forces. In Jambudwip alone more than 10,000 people stand to be displaced from their habitat by the local Forest Department.

Navajeevan / Kottayam Kerala For more than 20 years P U Thomas has run a shelter for the destitute and mentally challenged, where he organizes food, shelter and support for patients too poor to afford it at hospitals.

Nishant Natya Manch / New Delhi is a radical street theatre group that has worked in the industrial and working class areas of Delhi for more than a decade. Their repertoire of songs, political satire and agit-prop have raised the spirit of countless rallies and demonstrations in India.

Orissa Rajya Krushak Sangathan / Bargad Orissa has been working since 1986 in the backward western Orissa region. It has waged a consistent struggle for the demands of small and marginal peasants, and has supported the struggle of landless labour, and of dalits and adivasis against displacement.

Pahal / Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh Edited by the well-known progressive writer Gyanranjan, Pahal has been an outstanding small magazine on cultural and political issues.

Pani Vikas Samiti Roopkheda (through Manthan) / Badwani Madhya Pradesh is working on people's planning for decentralized water alternatives in western Madhya Pradesh

People’s Union for Civil Liberties Rajasthan / Jaipur Rajasthan focuses on issues of human rights and civil liberties in the State of Rajasthan, bringing together individuals and groups, and providing support to victims of atrocities.

Prakritik Suraksha Sampada Parishad / Rayagada Orissa is a people’s struggle against large corporations doing unrestrained bauxite mining in the valleys in the Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi areas.

Right to Food campaign / Delhi is an informal network of organisations and individuals committed campaigning for the people’s right to food in India. It emphasizes that this right requires not only equitable and sustainable food systems, but also entitlements relating to livelihood security - the right to work, land reform and social security.

Sahaja (through Elizabeth Philip) / Kottayam Kerala is a womens center that has emerged as one of the articulate faces of feminism in Kerala. Their library and resource centre, "Women’s Estate" provides research and documentation support, and a place for reading and reflection.

Samata kendra / Jateswar North Bengal works primarily among dalit and adivasi people and fosters experiments with alternative education, health, agriculture and rural industry.

Samayik varta / New Delhi is a Hindi monthly political magazine. Since 1977 it has been one of the voices questioning the established models of development, and in the process articulating the need for new forms of radical politics.

Samyantar (to be received by Pankaj Bisht) / New Delhi is edited by Pankaj Bisht, who doggedly insists on the place for a "little magazine" that is entirely concerned with radical social and political engagements.

Sandharb / Indore Madhya Pradesh creates and disseminates media resources, and works with urban and rural groups through slide shows and booklets, and brings out a Hindi magazine on rivers and dams. Recently their main focus has been on the war in Afghanistan and the communal carnage in Gujarat.

Sarai programme / CSDS / Delhi at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, supports activities and fellowships for independent media practitioners, and explores innovative ways to bring new media technologies to "non-elite" neighborhoods.

Sarvodaya Press Service / Indore Madhya Pradesh is a feature service on environmental issues, and people's struggles for social and economic justice. With modest resources, over 40 years they have built an alternative media channel for around 250 small and big newspapers in the country.

School for Democracy / Devdungri Rajasthan is planned as a space in Devdungri, managed, supported and run by a coalition of individuals around the country, committed to the idea of making democracy more meaningful to ordinary people. Through the regular interaction between rural and urban, academic and practitioner, farmer and labourer, the school will provide the space for sharing of diverse thought, reflections, critical analysis, cultural expression for a just and equitable collective future.

Shramik Adivasi Sangathan (through Shamim/Anurag) / Betul Madhya Pradesh works in Khandwa, Harda and Betul districts in Madhya Pradesh on issues of tribal control over forests, wages and the large-scale incidence of disease and starvation in these areas.

Soochi mukhi (through Society for Environment Education Kerala) / Kannur Kerala is a monthly magazine in Malayalam, and for more than twenty years has informed the people of the state on environmental issues, and the consequences of ecological degradation.

Vadodara Kamdar Union / Vadodara Gujarat as a twenty-year-old union of factory workers in Vadodara city, it is not confined to traditional union activities, and works towards a secular, equitable and democratic society in an often-hostile environment.

Vanangana / Chitrakoot UP is a group that works on women's issues and campaigns against Sati, child abuse within the family, and other oppressive practices against women. It also works with dalit and adivasi women on building livelihoods and cooperative activities.

Vividha / Jaipur Rajasthan was formed as a feature service in 2001 to disseminate news of people’s movements and highlight issues of concern to the poor, by providing stories and analysis to small newspapers and publications located in small towns across Rajasthan. It already provides a service to over 50 newspapers.

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