May 14, 2021
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For The Record: IAC Allegations

Is The Government Encouraging Hawala?

Texts of various documents released by IAC, alleging how the government, particularly the FM under Pranab Mukherjee shut its eyes to VIPs in the list of roughly 700 people having bank accounts in HSBC, Geneva

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Is The Government Encouraging Hawala?

IAC's Six Key Demands:

    • Arrest HSBC top officials under Prevention of Money Laundering act.
    • HSBC operations in India should be immediately suspended.
    • India must get details of Indians with accounts in HSBC, Geneva.
    • Those in the list of 700 must be raided, their statements recorded.
    • Those in the list of 700 account holders should explain source of income.
    • Arrest those found prima facie guilty of using Hawala route.

Is Government Encouraging Hawala?

Annexure 1: Statement of Perminder Singh Kalra

Annexure2: Statement of Vikram Dhirani

Annexure 3: Statement of Praveen Sawhney

Annexure 4: Media Release What Did US Do in Similar Situation?

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