Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Yearender 2021: Top 10 OTT Releases Of The Year

Due to theatres being inaccessible, major high budget projects were released on the OTT platforms, making its viewership surge to the highest in the year 2021.



While the world was recuperating from the circumstances the covid-19 virus caused, art and films managed to create their own space even during the challenging times. Due to theatres being inaccessible, major high budget projects were released on the OTT platforms, making its viewership surge to the highest in the year 2021. We bring to you the top 10 OTT releases of this year …… 

10. Emily in Paris (season 2) 

A Parisian fantasy series starring Lily J Collins, that didn't fail to impress the viewers. It was what the fans called a complete package with a unique take on feminism and women’s independence. A career-driven woman who lands a job opportunity overseas takes us along with her on her journey to self-discovery. The show gives us the perfect taste of ‘slice of life'. It is accurately entitled with the feel-good genre.  

9.  Cinderella  

Debuting renowned singer and pop star Camilla Cabello as an actress, it was reviewed to be a musical worth glueing your eyes to the screen. Although the attracted audience was niche, it was claimed to be a children's favourite as the fairytale takes a twist on some of the most loved characters in the history of fiction and fairytales and how the perception around them has evolved with time.  

8. Shershaah  

This film managed to awaken all the patriotic sentiments that reside within the Indian audience. The film revolves around the life of Indian Army Captain Vikram Batra, who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest award of valour for his actions in the 1999 Kargil War. Featuring actor Siddharth Malhotra in a double role, the film takes us on a sentimental ride, familiarizing us with the sacrifice a young man made for his mother nation and also most accurately providing the historical context without much reverence.  

7. Shadow and Bone  

Contradicting the notion and the perception of fantasy-based shows failing to create a mark, shadow and bone pierced through the skin to every fiction loving viewer's heart. The story revolves around a sinister witch who forces a plot against a young soldier after she reveals a magical power that may unite the world. From the stunt choreography to the vivid cinematography, CGI effects and the heavily engaging plot, everything keeps the viewers on the hook.  

6. Sex Education (season 3) 

The production houses marketing strategy did work for a reason, a norm-breaking show that has created a revolution by itself. After 2 successful seasons, this season managed to convince and please its viewers with its out of the box concept. Following the story of a young sex therapist, who tackles everyday situations where prejudice regarding gender roles, norms, inequalities and also sexual identities are disguised and how he deals with the current state of sex education in high schools, it is informative yet an entertaining watch.   

5. Stranger Things (season 4)  

It's not unusual for this show to be included in top show lists over all these years. A mega-hit returned with another bang, as usual making its mark and manifesting itself to be one of the biggest hits across various age groups this past decade, if a perfect blend of science fiction and thriller exists, then it is stranger things that walks the pavilion. The story revolves around how eleven and her friends manage to tame and fight off beasts from the upside-down, losing or gaining too much to just quantify. A dynamic plot satisfying the viewers in every way possible, this show manages to leave the audience with a part of itself every time somebody watches it.  

4. Hawkeye  

One of the biggest and grandest films released on the OTT platform this year, the marvel multiverse fans were nothing less than elated. Following the story of one of the world's favourite avengers hawkeye or clint barton, it takes us on his journey post the aftermath of the war. A perfect combination of action and adventure with breathtaking stunt choreography and CGI, the series takes marvel to the max level.  

3. Money Heist  

A show that proved that great stories can break down the language barrier, set in Madrid a professor recruits 8 people naming them behind their respective cities to retrieve a huge cash amount requiring them to enter the Royal Mint of Spain. It is said to be one of the most magnificent and fresh avant-garde crime dramas of the decade .. it's interesting plot twists and dynamic characters managed to keep the audience hooked and interested till the end. 

2. Bridgerton (season 2)  

Based on Julia Quinn’s novels set in the competitive world of Regency-era London’s town during the season when debutantes are presented at court. It was something about the show’s demeanour and the vibe that caught everybody’s eye even though it's a period drama -- the heavy language, the form of expression everything made the show worth watching. Critics say that the show's aesthetic storyline doesn't overshadow its vibrant characters.  

1. Squid Game  

This show is truly a game-changer when it comes to crime and thrillers. Like Money Heist,   the language didn't seem to be a barrier, the volume of the storyline and how the character progression takes place is so unique and different in their own way, it's no surprise that this show became the most popular international web series in 2021. The way the story was depicted was flawless and the actors were truly breathing in and living the games.