Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

Amit Shah Hails Centre’s Decision To Increase MSP Of 6 Rabi Crops

In a series of tweets, Home Minister Amit Shah has hailed the government’s move as instrumental in helping farmers.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah File Photo

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday hailed the centre’s decision to increase the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for buying six Rabi crops and said those opposing the Narendra Modi government's agricultural reform initiatives are actually opposed to the happiness of farmers.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, Shah claimed that by increasing the MSP of wheat by Rs. 50 per quintal, of gram by Rs. 225 per quintal, of barley by Rs. 75 per quintal, of lentils by Rs 300 per quintal, of mustard and rapeseed by Rs. 225 per quintal and of kusumbh by Rs. 112 per quintal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a meaningful effort towards doubling the income of the farmers.

"Every day and every moment of the Modi government has been devoted to the welfare of farmers and poor. Today, by increasing the MSP of six Rabi crops, the central government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister has reiterated its same resolve. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Narendra Singh Tomar for this," he tweeted.

Shah said those who are looking to reclaim their lost political ground by "provoking" farmers, had purchased only 1.25 lakh metric tonnes of pulses while in power between 2009-14, while the Modi government has purchased 76.85 lakh metric tonnes of pulses in 2014-19.