August 09, 2020
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"India grieves with Nepal"

Indians shocked, express grief and apprehensive about developments.

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"India grieves with Nepal"

After the shock and grief had been expressed and a state mourning for three days announced over the massacre of several members of the Nepal royal family, the Vajpayee Government was monitoring  the tragic developments in the world's only Hindu kingdom. The immediate concern is that the kingdom may be in a for a prolonged 'period of uncertainty', with unpredictable geo-political fallout.

As soon as the news of King Birendra's death was confirmed, the Prime Minister Vajpayee, spoke to his Nepali counterpart G.P.Koirala. An emergency meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security was also called.. The somewhat truncated CCS was of the view that preliminary evidence did not suggest any "conspiracy'' and that the tragic events had to be put down to the crown prince's agitated state of mind.

However, since Prince Gyanendra has been declared only "an acting king'', India's concerns would be that the uncertain situation is not exploited by unfriendly powers to crank up an anti-India mood.

Earlier, Jaswant Singh, Minister for External Affairs, had placed on record that "the Government and the people of India are stunned and deeply shocked at the tragic and untimely demise of His Majesty the King of Nepal, Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the royal family''. The statement added: "As a close neighbour and friend, India conveys its heartfelt condolences to the mourning nation of the Royal Kingdom of Nepal and to the members of the royal family. Our heart goes out to them and the Queen Mother in this hour of grief. India grieves with Nepal."

Later, the Union Cabinet met at the Prime Minister's residence and passed a condolence resolution. "As a neighbour and close friend," it said, "in this hour of Nepal's grief, we share the feelings of immense sorrow of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, members of the Royal Family and the Government and people of the Kingdom of Nepal. We pray that the mourning nation and its citizens be bestowed the strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss. India stands by them in this hour of national grief.''

Briefing reporters after the Cabinet meeting, Mr. Singh noted that as per the earlier plan the President, Mr. K. R. Narayanan, and the Union Home Minister, Mr. L. K. Advani, would have represented India at the royal funeral but since then Nepal has expressed itself unable to invite any foreign dignitary. Therefore the Indian presence was marked at the Nepal embassy in New Delhi.

Earlier, BJP expressed shock over the assassination of Nepalese King Birendra and several members of the royal family and said the people of India will stand behind the people of the Himalayan kingdom in their hour of grief.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi also expressed deep shock and distress over the assassination of the king and queen of Nepal describing it as an "overwhelming tragedy" that had befallen the Nepali royal family, its government and the people of Himalayan kingdom.

"I have cherished memories of my many meetings with their majesties, the late king and queen of Nepal. That makes this tragedy even more painful for me", she said in a condolence message.

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