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Dr. Kislay Panday: An Intrepid Advocate For Justice

There is no place for mediocrity in the legal profession, and only the best and the strong survive–is the objective that drives Dr. Kislay Panday to keep striving to raise the bar of excellence for achieving higher goals.

Dr. Kislay Panday: An Intrepid Advocate For Justice
Dr. Kislay Panday: An Intrepid Advocate For Justice

A persona that comes across as one that is doggedly pursuing a higher purpose in life, the young Dr. Kislay Panday, is among the leading and respected lawyers of the Supreme Court of India. Based in the national capital-Delhi, he is heading Managium Juris­–The Law Pleaders & Consultants, the world’s 2nd largest law company. In the many legal battles that he has fought for getting justice to the deserving, his righteous stance has withstood even the most intimidating circumstances. His incredible prowess in the legal arena has won him wide acclaim and media attention.

A landmark case, where the RJD MP Shahabuddin was tried and convicted in the criminal conspiracy and murder of journalist Rajdeo Ranjan, proved to be a turning point of Dr. Kislay Panday’s legal career. Pitted against a battery of high-profile lawyers defending the heavy weight political leader from Siwan, the confident Dr. Panday stood his ground that eventually ensured that the accused was put behind the bars in Tihar. His many arguments and appeals during the trial also led to ground-breaking legal observation and implementation of right to fair trail not only for the accused but also for the victim. The public debate and feeling ran high. This was also the first brush of the dynamic lawyer in a big way with the media, both electronic and print. It was the beginning of many more high-profile legal cases such as the Bulandshahr rape case, the PWD scam that had AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal under the scanner, getting justice for the victims of demonetization and the Dewan Housing Corporation Limited, where public money to the tune of Rs 50,000 crores was allegedly misappropriated. The list is growing and so is the legal acumen of Dr. Panday with each case. The swelling number of clients stand testimony to the trust they repose in the young and dashing legal turk/luminary for handling even the most complex cases adroitly for which they are willing to readily pick up the high premium tag for his consultations and services.

A law graduate from Allahabad University, Dr. Kislay Panday, on the insistence and support of his father, an eminent lawyer himself, took up a career in law and rose to prominence in this profession within a short span of time. Hard work and unflinching passion for the profession have also gone into the making of him into a successful lawyer. Well-versed in the Indian law, which is a combination of the civil law system practised in the US and the common law of UK, he has complete faith in the laws of our land which according to him are competent in itself to mete out justice to the aggrieved. Sadly, ignorance about the legal systems for seeking redressal is the undoing of the society for which Dr. Panday is actively involved in spreading awareness by organizing legal camps and participating in other platforms of mass communication.

Sought-after for his proficiency in cases related to Financial Transactions, Banking Disputes, Property Disputes and Company Matters, Dr. Panday’s wide national and international exposure serve as an added asset. He is associated with several national and international bodies such as International Lawyers Association, Global Lawyers Association, World Council of Consultants, International Bar Association, World Confederation of Jurists, Commonwealth Lawyers Association, Indian National Bar Association and several others. A thorough professional, he believes in upholding the highest ethics as desired by any vocation. To establish this kind of a work culture, he is of the opinion that non-practising and dormant law degree-holders have to undergo a periodic standard review by an independent body for unbiased evaluation. This would not only encourage and attract the best of talents and those who are willing to conscientiously give their best, to take up law as a profession, but ensure a place among the crème la crème.

His reputation as an aggressive lawyer with exceptional skills in courtroom arguments precedes this brilliant member of the legal fraternity, which not only makes him one of his kind legal practitioner, but so also does his law firm Managium Juris LLP. So much so that corporates hire the services of the law firm on a reverse retainership to ensure that his establishment does not appear on behalf of any litigant to fight their case in the court against the retainer. There is no absolute contention on his fierce stance in upholding justice.

A postgraduate in Sanskrit from Varanasi, this eloquent person is a staunch believer in the justice deemed by nature, which keeps him level headed and a champion of the society’s less privileged and the weak. Dr. Panday’s many acts of benevolence are carried out through Infova Foundation; a non-profit organisation. He also has immense compassion for animals, missing no opportunity to shelter and take care of them.

Dr. Panday, who has a Doctorate in supernatural powers, an ardent admirer of Chanakya and Lord Sri Krishna, whom he idolizes, is guided by their principles in dealing with life. “Every living entity in the universe has an equal right to live life with dignity and partake the bounties of the natural environment,” says Dr. Kislay Panday, a strong message which forms the basis of his pursuit against the wrong doers and saving the innocent seeking justice.


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