Monday, Aug 15, 2022

Tata Harrier vs Mahindra XUV500: Which SUV Offers More Space?

Tata’s Harrier is the new SUV on the block. We find out if it offers more space than its arch-rival, the Mahindra XUV500

  • Tata’s Harrier is bigger than the XUV500 in all exterior dimensions other than height.

  • The Harrier’s cabin is considerably wider at the front but the XUV500’s front seats are more generous.

  • XUV500 offers more shoulder room and seat base width for second-row passengers although the Harrier offers more kneeroom and under-thigh support.

The Tata Harrier is a competitively priced mid-size SUV positioned right against the Mahindra XUV500. In this comparison, we will compare the Harrier’s cabin space with the XUV500. While manufacturers quote exterior dimensions for all vehicles, it is the space these SUVs offer inside that we are actually interested in. But just in case you don’t already know how they measure up on the outside, have a look below.

From the above table it is clear that the Harrier is bigger than the XUV500 in all dimensions other than height. However, how well do these figures translate to space inside the cabin? Is it advantage Harrier all the way or will the XUV500 be able to claw its way back into the competition? Find out below.

Front-row space

The Harrier is longer and wider than the XUV500 on the outside and, therefore, its cabin is also wider in comparison. But it’s the XUV500 that offers more leg and knee space in the first row. The XUV500’s front seats are also more generous in size although the Harrier’s front seats have a taller seat back, which might offer some extra comfort for those with a taller torso. The XUV500’s front row will be more spacious for most occupants.


The second row of the Harrier offers better knee room for its occupants along with better under-thigh support thanks to its superior seat base length. The seat back is also taller than the XUV500, meaning people with a taller torso will be more comfortable. However, the XUV500 is wider, has better seat base width and thus should be able to seat three abreast more comfortably. It also offers more headroom for passengers.


The Harrier is a 2-row SUV, therefore, we have compared the space in the front two rows only, although the XUV500 has a third row as well. According to our measurements, the Harrier will offer a more spacious experience if you plan to have not more than four people in the car on most occasions. However, if seating five in the first two rows is your priority, the XUV500 appears to be the better pick.