December 06, 2020
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Budget 2007-2008

At A Glance: Indirect Taxes

cigarettes, beedis, and set top boxes will cost more while low cost biscuits, food mixes, mouth fresheners, footwear, water purifiers and filters and umbrellas will be cheaper

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At A Glance: Indirect Taxes

Customs duties:

  • Reduction in peak rate for non-agricultural products from 12.5% to 10%.
  • Reduction in duty on most chemicals and plastics from 12.5% to 7.5%; on seconds and defectives of steel from 20% to 10%.
  • All coking coal irrespective of ash content to be fully exempt.
  • Reduction in duty on polyester fibres and yarns from 10% to 7.5% and on raw-materials such as DMT, PTA and MEG from 10% to 7.5%; on cut and polished diamonds from 5% to 3%; on rough synthetic stones from 12.5% to 5%; and on unworked corals from 30% to 10%.
  • Dredgers to be fully exempt from import duty.
  • To augment irrigation facilities and processing of agricultural products, reduction in duty on drip irrigation systems, agricultural sprinklers and food processing machinery from 7.5% to 5%.
  • Reduction in general rate of import duty on medical equipment to 7.5%. To make edible oils more affordable, crude and refined edible oils to be exempt from additional CV duty of 4%; reduction in duty on sunflower oil, both crude and refined, by 15 percentage points.
  • Reduction in duty on pet foods from 30% to 20%; on watch dials and movements and umbrella parts from 12.5% to 5%; to promote research and development, concessional rate of 5% duty to be extended to all research institutions registered with the Directorate of Scientific and Industrial Research; reduction in duty from 7.5% to 5% on 15 specified machinery for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.
  • Duty of 3% (WTO bound rate) to be levied on all private import of aircraft including helicopters; such import to also attract countervailing duty and additional customs duty.
  • Duty of Rs.300 per metric tonne to be levied on export of iron ores and concentrates and Rs.2,000 per metric tonne on export of chrome ores and concentrates.

Excise Duties:

  • Reduction in ad valorem component of excise duty on petrol and diesel from 8% to 6%.
  • Relief to deserving cases especially job creating sectors: exemption limit for small scale industry (SSI) to be raised from Rs.1 crore to Rs.1.5 crore; to encourage food processing sector, biscuits whose retail sale price does not exceed Rs.50 per kilogram and all kinds of food mixes including instant mixes to be fully exempt; reduction in duty on umbrellas and parts of footwear from 16% to 8%; on plywood from 16% to 8%; biodiesel to be fully exempt.
  • To provide access to pure drinking water, water purification devices operating on specified membrane based technologies and domestic water filters not using electricity to be fully exempt; exemption on pipes used for carrying water from a water supply plant to a storage facility to be extended to all pipes of diameter exceeding 200 mm used in water supply systems. Reduction in the rate of duty from Rs.400 per metric tonne to Rs.350 per metric tonne on cement sold in retail at not more than Rs.190 per bag; rate of Rs.600 per metric tonne on cement that has a higher MRP.
  • Specific rates of duty on cigarettes to be increased by about 5%; duty (excluding cess) on biris to be raised from Rs.7 to Rs.11 per thousand for non-machine made biris and from Rs.17 to Rs.24 per thousand for machine made biris; duty on pan masala not containing tobacco to be reduced from 66% to 45%; withdrawal of exemption for pan masala containing tobacco and other tobacco products given to units in the North Eastern States.

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